Urb-i / Google Street View

A Before-and-After Photo Archive of the World's Best Street Designs

It’s a walkable feast.

Tim J Keegan / Flickr

A Case Study in Reviving a Dying Downtown

Marcus Westbury’s new book, Creating Cities, describes the small-scale fixes that helped Newcastle, Australia.

California High-Speed Rail Authority

There's an Awful Lot of Parking Near This California High-Speed Rail Station

If a goal of the train is to reduce car-reliance, why does a new rendering show a big surface lot?

MIT AgeLab

Prototyping the Age-Ready City

At MIT’s AgeLab, researchers work on autonomous wheelchairs, neighborhood design for the cognitively impaired, and a host of other strategies to prepare for the “silver tsunami.”

Zastolskiy Victor /

How Modern Furniture Endangers Firefighters

Consumer goods are increasingly made of synthetic materials and coatings. The carcinogens they give off when they burn could be driving high cancer rates among first responders.

Lance Wyman

Wayfinding With Lance Wyman

A talk with the designer behind some of North America’s most famous subways, walkways, zoos—and pretty much any other place people need help finding their way around.

Grids Akihabara

When Tokyo Runs Short on Regular Hotel Rooms, Quirky Alternatives Fill the Gap

Hotels in the city are struggling to meet tourism demands. That’s where converted offices come in.  


America Is Going Crazy for Donald Trump (Piñatas)

From L.A. to New York to Mexico, people love beating the stuffing out of the GOP candidate.

Gracen Johnson / Via YouTube

How to Be a Chairbomber

An urban strategist shares the secrets of making a good public seat.

Edward Burtynsky

The Disturbing Wonder of Humanity's Impact on Earth

Edward Burtynsky pulls beauty from polluted mining pools, drought-ravaged landscapes, and bloated suburbs.

REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

A Revamp for Paris's Least Favorite Building

A redesign competition has been announced for Tour Montparnasse and its surrounding mall and plaza.

Lehel Kovacs

Go 'Around the World in 80 Days' With These Street View Postcards

Now you can circumnavigate the globe and retrace Phileas Fogg’s journey from your desk.

Megan Hoffman

A Park That Moves Around the City

Design students and a nonprofit theater group created a “park-in-a-cart” to serve the fast-growing city of El Alto, Bolivia.   

Uli Holz/Data Cuisine

A Sumptuous, Surreal Dinner of Edible Data Visualizations

Delicious dishes based on Greece’s economy, Switzerland’s dying honeybees, and Japan’s epidemic of male virgins.

REUTERS/Zachary Fagenson

The Mainstream Appeal of Outlaw Street Art

Shepard Fairey was commissioned to paint a mural in downtown Detroit. Now the city is prosecuting him for destruction of property.

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

How San Francisco Got Its New Rider-Friendly Transit Map

The design uses weighted lines to show which buses come more often than others.

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

The Subtle Shifts in Retirement Community Designs

Del Webb, the country’s biggest builder of “active adult” housing, is changing its formula to appeal to Baby Boomers.

jocelyndale / Flickr

Urban Trees Enhance Children’s Brains, Too

Even wee ones need a break from the city bustle.

Hiroshima Tourism Board

A Cat's-Eye View of Japan

Let a feline guide show you around the city of Onomichi.