Margo Elsayd

Why There's a Mobile Stoop Roving Around Washington, D.C.

One artist is taking neighborliness on the road.

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Meet the Man Who Saved Camden Yards' Old Warehouse

Not even the Baltimore Orioles wanted to keep the neglected B&O Warehouse—until Eric Moss came to town in 1987.

Alfredo Adan Roses/Instagram

Forget Crosswalk Buttons, Pound the 'Walkbump'

The fist-shaped crosswalk activator begs you to give it some love.

AP Photo/Frank Augstein

London's Worst Building

The Walkie Talkie has been named the ugliest British structure completed in the last 12 months, but there are reasons beyond aesthetics to dislike it.

AP Photo/Haraz N. Ghanbari, File

Turning Toxic Algae Into Squishy Goods

A new company hopes to put record-breaking biomass blooms to more functional use in consumer goods.

Christchurch Central Development Unit

In New Zealand, a Playground Designed for and by Kids

Earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 took a heavy toll on Christchurch, New Zealand. Now the city center is being rebuilt with a large new playground—one that local kids helped design.


This Crazy-Detailed London Map Took 10 Years to Draw

The artist Fuller loaded the city with historical details, cryptic symbols, and his own memories.

Wiki Commons / Library of Congress

The Gas Station Frank Lloyd Wright Designed for His Ideal Suburbia

Broadacre City never materialized, but you can still fill-up at the old Lindholm station in tiny Cloquet, Minnesota.

The Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan

Why Doesn't New Orleans Look More Like Amsterdam?

Meet David Waggonner, the architect who wants New Orleans to come to terms with the fact it is a delta city.


The Realism of Elena Ferrante's Naples

As the last novel in the author’s acclaimed Neapolitan series is published, a native sheds light on growing up there.

AP Photo / Eugene Hoshiko

Tokyo Has Scrapped Its 2020 Olympics Logo Amid Allegations of Plagiarism

A Belgian designer claims the logo copied his work.

Yale University

Let This Shape-Shifting Cube Navigate for You

A new haptic wayfinding gadget changes configuration to indicate direction and distance.


Introducing City Makers: Global Shifts

Our newest series on the key forces transforming urban life in the 21st century.

Ella & Pitr/Flickr

Norway Becomes Home to the 'World's Largest Outdoor Mural'

It’s a humongous girl, curled in slumber on a roof.

YouTube/Victor Gruen and Associates

When Fresno Was 'A City Reborn'

A 1968 film by Victor Gruen and Associates celebrates a revitalized downtown and a pedestrian mall that won’t be around much longer.


Hanksy Makes a Mural of Donald Trump as Poop

He was inspired to paint the New York piece after realizing “Trump kinda rhymes with dump.”

LightHouse for the Blind

This Tactile Map of Burning Man Is Awesome, No Matter Your Level of Sight

Jaded haters of the Burn, this innovative map might just change your mind.

Julian Love/Bellerby & Co.

A Look at the Painstaking, Intricate Art of Globemaking

There are only a few dedicated artisanal globemakers left in the world—and there’s good reason for that.

KMD Architects

Future Jails May Look and Function More Like Colleges

A look at the push to design correctional facilities for rehabilitation rather than punishment.