Feeding America

Hunger Transcends Geography in the U.S.

A new report shows that food insecurity is a problem in every single county in the United States. Some are much worse off than others.

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Moving to a New Home Can Break Old Habits of Car Commuting

New research builds on an old lesson: To get people using transit, it’s all about timing.

Great Big Story

Meet the Man Living Inside a Boeing 727

“It’s incredibly strong. It will last practically forever.”

Reuters / Mike Blake

These States Don't Want You to Get Solar Power

High legal barriers in 10 states make it especially difficult to put solar panels on rooftops.


How Hyperconnected Cities Are Taking Over the World

“Political geography is not determinant anymore, because cities are more important.”


Berlin Is Banning Most Vacation Apartment Rentals

The number of Airbnb listings dropped 40 percent in a month as the city prepares for new laws to take effect.

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Where Millennials and the Working Class Can No Longer Afford to Live

A new Trulia report looks at which cities have the highest housing burdens.

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A New Social Media Campaign Reveals London's High Rents and Shady Landlords

Want a moldy suburban apartment for $1,500? Then you’ve come to the right city.

Bill Rankin

A New Way to Map the Spread and Decline of Slavery in the U.S.

The historian and cartographer Bill Rankin visualizes the practice with a fresh approach.

Amy Fallon

In Uganda's Small But Fast-Growing Cities, 'One Planner Is Not Enough'

The coming decades will bring massive population growth, but resources to plan for that growth are scarce.

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Beyonce's Simple But Radical Porch-Front Politics

The squad-deep, front-porch perching exhibited in Beyonce’s Lemonade video is the kind of thing that can get you evicted in certain corners of New Orleans.

1966 Greater Charlotte Central Area Plan by A.G. Odell Jr. and Associates/Mary Newsom

A 1960s Rallying Cry for Charlotte's Downtown: It's 'Do or Die'

A video report shows how urban planners and leaders imagined revitalizing the city.

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The Extraordinary Lives of Istanbul's Street Cats

A new documentary follows some of the city’s famous felines as they navigate the ever-changing urban environment.

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Local Governments Are Paying the Price for Global Trade's Effects on Trees

The emerald ash borer hitched a ride overseas on wooden shipping crates. Now it’s eating into municipal budgets.

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The Diverging Economies of L.A. and San Francisco

A conversation with Michael Storper, the author of a new book on why San Francisco has outperformed L.A. in recent decades.

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Does the Color of Your Bedding Matter to Bedbugs?

Distressingly, it seems the answer is “yes.”

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It's Time for Cities to Get Serious About Flood Detection

Amid heavy flooding, Houston’s Texas Medical Center showcases what can be done with current technology.

Margo Elsayd

Decoding Racist Neighborhood Complaints Through Cross-Stitching

A group of artists is translating neighborhood complaints about dirt-bike riders into cross-stitch as a way of weighing in on the debate.

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Blame Geography for High Housing Prices?

It’s not just land use restrictions that are responsible for steep rents in cities like San Francisco and New York.