The Tent City Next Door

Last week, officials announced they would shut down a large homeless encampment across the street from CityLab’s D.C. office. Where all those residents will end up is still unclear.

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Why I Decided to Live on a Houseboat in London

As rents soar and technology makes life onboard easier, more Londoners like me are taking up residence on the city’s canals.


The Sound of Heavy Traffic Might Take a Toll on Mental Health

A robust new study strengthens the link between loud traffic noise and depression.

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Mapping America's Fight Against Excess City Parking

It’s gaining ground—from Seattle to Miami.

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10 Ideas for Improving London's Affordable Housing

From building atop canals to encouraging backyard cottages.

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A Majority of Black D.C. Residents Say Redevelopment Has Mostly Been a Bad Thing

Affordable housing is a major concern in a new survey of District residents by The Washington Post.

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A Special ID for Muslims Is Trump's Most Dangerous Idea Yet

The Donald’s Nazi-era suggestion is a cause for immense concern.

Gentrification Is Forcing a Real-Life Superhero out of Portland

The Guardian Shield, a masked neighborhood defender, was no match for a 22 percent rise in rent.


The Jonestown Massacre And the Seduction of the 'Racial Utopia'

The 37th anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre this week invites an examination of what the people it attracted were running from in the first place.

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Rand Paul's Call to Deny Housing Assistance to Syrian Refugees Violates the Fair Housing Act

The senator gets a lot wrong in his amendment to exclude Syrian refugees from federal housing assistance.


Do Not Pass Go, Do Pay Unaffordable London Rents in Monopoly

A playful approach to London’s horrifying real estate prices.

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Mapping the Continuing Culture of Disinvestment in Baltimore's Black Neighborhoods

If the city seems hardwired for racial strife and segregation, that’s partly because the banks have programmed it that way, finds a new study.

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Being White Makes It a Lot Easier to Get a Home Loan in Baltimore

That's a problem in a city where 63 percent of residents are black.

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Why the Wealthy Have Been Returning to City Centers

There’s no single reason, of course, but a hatred of long commutes might be a big one.

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How a Brussels Neighborhood Became a Breeding Ground for Terror

Investigators have identified Molenbeek as a launchpad for the Paris attacks and several others.

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The Scourge of Sexual Harassment in Public Housing

Complaints by women living in Baltimore public housing about sexual misconduct from housing authority officials signal a larger problem.

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America’s Increasingly Large Homes Are Making Us Less Energy Efficient

The average American single-family home is nearly 60 percent bigger than it was in the early 1970s, and full of much more energy-sapping stuff.

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'These People Won’t Stop Me Having My Normal Routine'

In the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, locals are bound by a strong sense of community—and defiance.

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After a Painful Eviction, Bangladesh Slum Dwellers Start Over With a 99-Year Lease

The new settlement offers a model of housing security for the urban poor.