Floating Containers as an Affordable Housing Solution

Copenhagen tries out a novel concept for a bleak-looking future.

Jim Young/Reuters

Why Chicago Needs to Focus on Unsolved Murders: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A round-up of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the last seven days.

Igarapé Institute

Where the 'Fragile Cities' Are

A new data visualization reveals the urban areas around the world that are struggling to keep it together.

Rebecca Blackwell/AP

Rethinking the Refugee Camp

As displacement rises from crises around the globe, the need to provide meaningful and sustainable communities for migrants grows.

Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters

The Unequal Burden on Cities in Germany's Refugee Crisis

A new report nonetheless finds much to praise in their response.

Larry Downing/Reuters

Brokering the American Dream

A real-estate agent in Coral Springs, Florida, talks about what it takes to find buyers properties they can actually afford.

Kriston Capps/CityLab

Detroit's 'Alley Project' Creates a Street-Level Commons

“What are some alternatives for the young people on our block between the porch and the corner?”

Mike Blake/Reuters

The Trouble With 'Single-Family Homes': Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the past seven days.

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Yes, the Fair Housing Act Protects Non-English Speakers

It’s a proxy for denying access to housing on the basis of national origin, a new HUD guidance says.

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The Difficulties of Density

Despite its merits, in the U.S., density peaked in the 1950s and has declined since then.

Eric Risberg/AP

The High Cost of Living in a Sitcom House

If you want to live like a classic TV family, prepare to pay up.

Damian Dovarganes/AP

Most Americans Are Worried About Losing Their Housing

Some 75 percent of Americans fear they would lose their homes in a crisis, such as a job loss.

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Gorgeous Maps of an Ugly War

A Barcelona-based mapping company has visualized the ongoing conflict in Ukraine in colorful, complex cartography.


Which European Cities Have the Most Affordable Housing?

Residents may think they know, but a massive new report suggests a far more complex reality.


China's Latest Hip Houses Recall the Homes of Emperors

The country’s wealthy have long preferred Western-style villas, but they’re increasingly eyeing the luxurious courtyard houses of the past.

Pew Research Center

Where Latinos Live Now

A new analysis by the Pew Research Center takes a deep dive into the changing geography of this much-discussed segment of the U.S. population.

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Exit, London's Most Famous Nightclub

With the abrupt closure of Fabric, the U.K. capital does some soul-searching about its future.

Bebeto Matthews/AP

​​​​​​​As Black Travelers Turn Away, Airbnb Creates New Anti-Bias Policies

The new guidelines are a step in the right direction, but black leisure consumers may not wait around for the company to make things right.

Steve Helber/AP

The Reality of America's College Towns

Most of them aren’t bucolic, ivy-covered places.