The Supreme Court Is Set to Decide the Future of Fair Housing

The court will soon settle a question about housing discrimination that has been with us since the ‘68 riots and white flight.

‘Dog Racism’ Is Probably Legal, Probably Bad

A Manhattan co-op board says it will DNA test dogs to determine whether their breeds meet guidelines for pets.

A Help-the-Homeless App That Isn't Just Lazy 'Clicktivism'

The creators of WeShelter “don’t want people to stop at tapping the button.”

U.S. Sprawl Peaked in 1994 and Has Been Declining Ever Since

A new study also suggests it started much earlier than you might think.

Why the Bay Area's $6 Billion Bridge Is Already Defective: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the last seven days.

Two-Parent Families Are More Common in Northern U.S. States

The very states where candidates are running on “family values” platforms have more single-parent families than anywhere else.

Cleveland Is Mapping Every Abandoned House in the City, the Old-Fashioned Way

Eight pairs of surveyors are covering every street in the city to determine exactly how many homes are vacant.


13 Portraits of Highrise Life, From Around the World

Each of these individuals shared their stories with the years-long HIGHRISE project, produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

The Big, Big, Big, Big Money Behind Tall Buildings

How super-luxury apartments became a major global investment tool.

How the 'Black Tax' Destroyed African-American Homeownership in Chicago

Predatory (yet perfectly legal) tax-lien sales were perfected in the city in the 1970s. The crisis continues today.

The Case for Raising Housing Vouchers for Higher Rent Neighborhoods

Rents vary more by neighborhood than by city, and housing-assistance funding should reflect that.

Amsterdam's Bold Housing Solution: 10 Artificial Islands

To create the islands, the Dutch use a technique called the “pancake method.”

What Would It Take to Keep Rental Housing Affordable in NYC?

Thirty years of free property taxes for landlords might do it.

The Slow Death of a Brutalist Vision for Buffalo

Architect Paul Rudolph had an ambitious plan for Buffalo's waterfront, but it was only ever partly realized. Today, proof of it is beginning to disappear.

The Peculiar Inequality of Singapore's Famed Public Housing

Most residents of the city-state live in tidy, subsidized highrises. Unless, of course, you happen to be one of the foreign workers who helped build them.

Race, the Supreme Court, and the McKinney Pool

A pending case will decide whether suburbs far beyond Texas can use income to bar poor, black residents from more than just their pools.

Unlocking the Potential in Toronto's Suburban Highrises

The Tower Renewal project combines green retrofits with an ambitious rezoning plan. Will it be enough?


Housing Through the Centuries

From painted caves to 3-D printed houses.