Youth Radio/West Side Stories

A Youth-Driven Interactive Map of Rapidly Changing West Oakland

West Side Stories is a primer for newcomers and a forum for longtime residents.

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China's Eco-Cities That Never Were: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the past seven days.

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How Global Warming Makes Overcrowded Prisons Even More Dangerous

As the world’s climate heats up, so do unconstitutional (and deadly) conditions in prisons.


I'm Obsessed With San Francisco's Bunk-Bed Craigslist Ads

The horror show that is acceptable SF living speaks to the real effects of the city’s extreme housing shortage.

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The Harrowing Conditions of U.S. Immigrant Detention Centers

A new government report details the rights violations in government-run and private facilities.

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One Thing HUD Can Do To Save Trailer Parks

If the agency required localities to provide data on mobile home parks and their closing, scholars could begin to understand “the social and spacial pressures that under-gird them."

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Victimhood Language and the Fight Against Affordable Housing

Communities actively working against affordable housing are being disingenuous—and setting themselves up for a legal fall.

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In L.A., Homeless Advocates Are Unimpressed With Their City's 'State of Emergency'

"Right now we have a Hollywood moment.”

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What a State-of-Emergency Declaration Means for the Homeless

Local governments are trying to do the right thing, but don’t put it past them to do the wrong one.

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Venture Capital Might Be Raising Your Rent

But zoning for less density is ruining your city.

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Bill de Blasio Is Still Bumping Heads With Black Church Leaders Over Affordable Housing

A (very) short history of the NYC mayor’s prickly relationships with the very people he should be listening to.

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For These LGBTQ Seniors, Closets Are Just for Clothes

A look inside Chicago's first LGBTQ-friendly, affordable senior housing development, Town Hall Apartments.

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Despite the Housing Recovery, Thousands of Homes Are Still Losing Value

Some markets need a recovery from the recovery.

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The Real Power of Public Housing

“The story of American public housing is one of quiet successes drowned out by loud failures,” writes the historian Ed Goetz.

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For Renters, a Bleak Future

America’s housing crisis will likely worsen during the next decade, with millions more struggling to make monthly payments.

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In California, People of Color Are Hit Hardest By Environmental Hazards

Race, more than income, is strongly linked to living near pollutants of all kinds.    

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The Other Affordable Housing Crisis

Mobile home park residents typically own their homes but not the ground beneath them. When land values rise, that’s a problem.

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When It Comes to School Choices, It's a Privilege to Have Fewer

While a range of options might seem like a plus, there are costs.