Jersey City Mayor's Office

Jersey City's Innovative New Affordable Housing Plan Might Actually Work

The city wants to steer mixed-income development to all its neighborhoods with clever tax incentives.

Shawn Escoffery

New Orleans' Leading Affordable-Housing Developer Explains Its Lack of Affordable Housing

Pres Kabacoff clarifies the problems the city is having with accommodating its lowest-income families.

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How the Federal Government Built White Suburbia

Federal housing policies didn’t just deny opportunities to black residents. They subsidized and safeguarded whites-only neighborhoods.


The Realism of Elena Ferrante's Naples

As the last novel in the author’s acclaimed Neapolitan series is published, a native sheds light on growing up there.

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The Role of Public Investment in Gentrification

Neighborhoods don't transform only because rich people suddenly decide to move there.

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Millennials Aren't the Only Generation Moving Back in With Their Parents

More and more adults in every age category are staying or returning home. What will that mean for the future of housing?


Chicago Developers Are Pushing Back Against Affordable Housing Rules

Lawsuits threaten the city’s new inclusionary zoning laws just two months before they take effect.


Introducing City Makers: Global Shifts

Our newest series on the key forces transforming urban life in the 21st century.

University of California-Berkeley Urban Displacement Project

Mapping Gentrification and Displacement in San Francisco

The Urban Displacement Project tracks four stages of neighborhood transformation in the Bay Area.


'Show Me a Hero' Has Wrapped, But Check Out Its Real-Life Prequel

The 2007 documentary Brick by Brick: A Civil Rights Story chronicles ghastly segregation in Yonkers public schools just before the events in David Simon’s series unfold.

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A Summer of Anti-Homeless Rhetoric

In the midst of a heated presidential campaign, society’s most vulnerable people have become the latest punching bag.


'Show Me a Hero': Home At Last

The HBO miniseries’ tragic final act concludes with residents moving into their new homes.

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The Village That Will Be Swept Away

Residents of Newtok, Alaska, voted to relocate as erosion destroyed their land. That was the easy part.

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5 Ways That Black Women Suffered Due To Katrina

A new report examines how black women living in public housing were affected by Katrina and during the recovery.

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A History of New Orleans Public Housing, Through No Limit and Ca$h Money Music Videos

What was public housing like in New Orleans before Katrina? Videos from the city’s hip-hop scene tell the tale.

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Why Louisiana Fought Low-Income Housing in New Orleans After Katrina

For four years during massive rebuilding, the state imposed a moratorium on all new subsidized housing. The city is still paying the price.

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How Much Does Your Family Need to Get By?

A new tool compares housing, food, child care, and other household costs in 618 American metros.

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The Piano That Can't Play a Tune

How the restoration of Fats Domino’s Steinway grand piano reflects the trajectory of post-Katrina New Orleans.