Housing Through the Centuries

From painted caves to 3-D printed houses.

How Maps and Apps Create a Sense of Place: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on technology, cartography, and urbanism we've come across in the last seven days.

NIMBYism Is a Huge Drag on America's Economic Growth

Housing-supply constraints in three cities—New York, San Francisco, and San Jose—add up to a loss of more than 10 percent of U.S. GDP.

The Biggest U.S. Population Gains Are In Drought-Stricken Counties

Smart planning will be crucial to sustainable growth.

How an Indian City Emerged From a Plague and Became a Public Health Leader

Surat today is a model for how cities can stay one step ahead of disease.

The Long Shadow of Mumbai's Mushrooming Highrises

In the scramble to grow, builders have cut corners—harming residents and the future of the city.

Matching Affordable Housing with Affordable Working

A new movement seeks to extend the “co-working” model into small-scale manufacturing to benefit low-income workers.

Why the U.K.'s Tower Blocks Deserve a Vast, Visual Archive

There’s long been a polarized debate surrounding this type of housing, but that’s finally starting to change.


Watch 210 Years of Manhattan Densification in 2 Minutes

This visualization shows density peak in 1910, slip in the 20th century, then creep upward after 1980.

The Value in Following a Single Building for Years

How the wide-ranging HIGHRISE documentary film project influenced the lives of a group of Toronto tower residents.

Next Economy

Where Should Poor People Live?

Studies say that lower-income people do better when they live in affluent neighborhoods, but rich people don’t want them there. A few states are seeking ways around that resistance.

America Is Enjoying a Patio Boom

For all the growth in cities, new housing still looks incredibly suburban.

Charting the Emotions of Every Room in the House

There’s “romance” in the master bedroom … and in the master bath.

In Charleston, Historic Black Park Space Is Losing to Luxury Homes

The South Carolina city handed over protected park space to private developers under dubious terms. Now, residents are fighting back.

Tolerance and Intolerance in the City

A new study tries to determine what a “tolerant” city looks like.

Pressed for Space, Singapore Looks Underground for Room to Grow

A wave of construction below the earth’s surface aims to make room for the city above.

Here Comes Summer, There Goes Your Running Water

In Detroit and Baltimore, residents behind on water payments prepare to go without. Why aren’t utilities going after delinquent big companies first?


The Age of Every Building in Los Angeles, Mapped

A fascinating resource for lovers of city planning, made possible by open data.