NASA/Joshua Stevens

How Industry Can Create Snow

Credit the “Wegener-Bergeron process” for making this rare blotch of human-induced snow.

Christiaan Kuun

Amsterdam's New Housing Frontier: The Unused Space Above Stores

The city is offering up to $26,000 to store owners to convert empty rooms into homes.


Amsterdam Designers Plan a Greasy 'Fatberg' for the Waterfront

A small island made entirely from grease would attract hungry seagulls and delight (disgust?) all in sight.

Emily Parry

Amsterdam Road Tests a Pollution-Zapping Flower

The “supercharged” honeysuckle called the Green Junkie could be a part of the Dutch city’s scheme to rid its air of carbon emissions.

Clark W. Day

The Outdoor Office Revolution Has Arrived Just in Time for Summer

Pop-ups in the U.S. and Amsterdam are bringing the workplace into the sunshine.

Mark Byrnes/CityLab

Which European Cities Will Grab London's Post-Brexit Business?

There are many contenders, but no clear winner.


The Netherlands Wants to Solve Its Middle-Class Housing Crisis With Smaller Apartments

But cities like Amsterdam are responding: What middle-class housing crisis?

Flickr/Steve Parker

A 'Night Mayor' Is Transforming Amsterdam After Dark

The Dutch capital’s concept is already spreading to other major cities.


The Dutch Love Cycling So Much That Their Bike Lanes Can't Cope

The Netherlands’ cycle lanes are overcrowded, says a new report.


The 'Tree Bag' Makes for Fully Compostable Fashion

The Dutch accessory uses coconut fiber, natural rubber, and bees wax.

Max Siedentopf

A Stealthy Amsterdam Artist Is Turning Clunkers Into 'Supercars'

Max Siedentopf is “improving” cars in the depth of night, one paper spoiler at a time.


6 City Instagram Accounts to Follow

These feeds offer a cleverly curated peek into cities around the world.

Courtesy The Sound of Applause

Learning to Live in Amsterdam by Learning to Ride Bikes

The director of a moving new documentary, Mama Agatha, talks about immigration, identity, and hope.

City of Amsterdam

A Comprehensive Map Archive of Everything Amsterdam

The collection covers a range of topics from the city’s historical development to the nearest public barbecue spot.

'Bikes vs. Cars' Wages the Wrong War

A review of Fredrik Gertten's new documentary.

Nuart/Jordan Seilers

Here Are the Tools to Hack into Your City's Public Advertising

But you probably shouldn't do that, says the artist making them.


The Netherlands Gets the World's First Solar-Powered Bike Lane

Leave it to the Dutch to make cycling even greener.

Jaroslav Moravcik/

Amsterdam's Weird Culture War

Conservatives want to power-wash the city of its intrinsic character—which includes pot shops and sex shows, but also a uniquely Dutch balance.