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What a Refugee Chef Wants You to Know About the 'Day Without Immigrants'

Ryan McCaskey, the chef and proprietor at Chicago’s Michelin-starred Acadia restaurant, was evacuated from Vietnam as a toddler. Here’s why he shut down his restaurant in support of immigrant workers.

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The New, White-Collar Apprenticeship

Thanks to a push by the insurance industry, apprentices may be coming to an office near you.

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This Chicago Startup Is Easing the Headache of Applying for Food Stamps

In five minutes, mRelief helps users learn whether they qualify, and how to claim benefits.

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The 5 Kinds of Cities We'll See in the Populist Era

Will your city go into triage mode, double down on progressive policies, or flex its financial muscle in 2017?

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Why Co-Working Is Moving to the Suburbs

Shared work spaces are popping up far away from urban cores.

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The Chicago Chefs Making Fancy Cuisine Approachable

Saturday night dinners at El Ideas include a handful of bone-marrow breadcrumbs.

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How Chicago Became the 'City of Spectacle'

A new book examines how Mayor Richard M. Daley transformed the city into a destination.

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How Police Are Watching You on Social Media

Documents from Chicago's Cook County Sheriff’s Office reveal the undercover techniques law enforcement uses to monitor—and manipulate—social media users.

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Three Cities Where Santa Acts Like a Local

Holiday celebrations in Houston, Chicago, and Portland have a distinctly hometown flair.

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Why This Teaching Hospital Only Has Fake Patients

A Chicago community college has invested in new architecture and high-tech simulations to prepare its students for jobs in health care.

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A Digital Archive Documents Two Decades of Torture by Chicago Police

Amid continued accusations of police misconduct, the force must contend with a digital rehashing of a sordid chapter in its history.

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Chicago's Most Famous Greek Dish Isn't All That Greek

Flaming cheese caught on in the mid-century Windy City.

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Chicago Activists Turn the Tables on Police Surveillance

A new tool called OpenOversight matches names and badge numbers with photos of police. But some fear it could put officers’ lives in danger.

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A Vision for a Chicago Unified by Rivers

As the 15-year Chicago Riverwalk project draws to a close, the city hopes to use its waterways to bridge neighborhoods.

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The Great Lakes Should Be on the Lookout for Waterspouts

There’s a decent chance these ghostly spinners will pop up Thursday on Lake Erie.

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Chicago as the Third Wheel on the Obamas' First Date

The writer and director of Southside With You talks about the city behind the future First Couple.

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Chicago's 'Predictive Policing' List Isn't Preventing Violence

A new study finds that the program has failed to prevent gun violence, but has helped identify perpetrators retroactively.

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How Chicago Youth View Police, From School to the Streets

In her new book, the sociologist Carla Shedd explores how kids' perceptions are influenced by the city’s hyper-racial segregation and carceral school policies.