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How to Survive a Heat Wave

Hint: It helps to be young.


A New Life for Urban Alleys

Once blighted and overlooked, these small streets are transforming into community and sustainability hotspots.

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Why Cities Have to Care About Native Plants

Across the U.S., groups are working to fend off invasive species by helping local ones take root.

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Chicago vs. This Very Large Hole

What happens to a magisterial tower project deferred?

Courtesy of the CTA

A Brief History of Subway Etiquette Campaigns

We’ve always been pretty bad at being nice in transit.

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Some Bike Infrastructure Is Worse Than None at All

It’s time to put the sharrow to rest.

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Could Freight Hubs Become Eco-Villages?

A landscape architect proposes exurban shipping districts you’d actually want to visit (or live in).


Is This the Suburban House 2.0?

Australian architects make an intriguing discovery when they peel back the layers of a McMansion.

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What Do Drivers Really Think About Cyclists?

Not much, according to a new survey.

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Chicago Is Predicting Food Safety Violations. Why Aren't Other Cities?

A case study in applying data-based civic solutions to other places.

Barry Butler

The Year's Most Gorgeous Weather Photos Are From ... Chicago

Checking in on the winners of a National Weather Service contest.

Mapping Student Debt

Where Do Americans Have the Most Student Debt?

A new map tracks the growing crisis down to a zip code.

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District

How Chicago Turns Sewage Into Power

Chicago’s wastewater authority plans to slash its energy bill by using bacteria to convert sewage into natural gas.   

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Why Homeless Youth Need Lockers

In Chicago, a new initiative will give homeless youth a secure place to store their belongings.


The Great Lakes Could See a 'Waterspout Outbreak'

Ghostly, seaborne twisters are in the forecast into the weekend.

Chicago History Museum

Why Don't All Schools Look Like This One?

When it opened 75 years ago, Crow Island School revolutionized school design. It’s had many imitators since, but few can match its vision for experiential, child-centered learning.

Photography courtesy of Antuany Smith/Gensler

For These LGBTQ Seniors, Closets Are Just for Clothes

A look inside Chicago's first LGBTQ-friendly, affordable senior housing development, Town Hall Apartments.

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Coming Soon to America: One Fare Card for All Transit

It’s working in other parts of the world, so what’s the holdup in the U.S.?