Courtesy of Chicago Torture Archive

A Digital Archive Documents Two Decades of Torture by Chicago Police

Amid continued accusations of police misconduct, the force must contend with a digital rehashing of a sordid chapter in its history.

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Chicago's Most Famous Greek Dish Isn't All That Greek

Flaming cheese caught on in the mid-century Windy City.

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Chicago Activists Turn the Tables on Police Surveillance

A new tool called OpenOversight matches names and badge numbers with photos of police. But some fear it could put officers’ lives in danger.

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A Vision for a Chicago Unified by Rivers

As the 15-year Chicago Riverwalk project draws to a close, the city hopes to use its waterways to bridge neighborhoods.

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The Great Lakes Should Be on the Lookout for Waterspouts

There’s a decent chance these ghostly spinners will pop up Thursday on Lake Erie.

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Chicago as the Third Wheel on the Obamas' First Date

The writer and director of Southside With You talks about the city behind the future First Couple.

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Chicago's 'Predictive Policing' List Isn't Preventing Violence

A new study finds that the program has failed to prevent gun violence, but has helped identify perpetrators retroactively.

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How Chicago Youth View Police, From School to the Streets

In her new book, the sociologist Carla Shedd explores how kids' perceptions are influenced by the city’s hyper-racial segregation and carceral school policies.

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A Bar Crawl to Save a Chicago Bus Route

The newly reinstated #11 Lincoln bus courts ridership numbers with beer.

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How to Survive a Heat Wave

Hint: It helps to be young.


A New Life for Urban Alleys

Once blighted and overlooked, these small streets are transforming into community and sustainability hotspots.

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Why Cities Have to Care About Native Plants

Across the U.S., groups are working to fend off invasive species by helping local ones take root.

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Chicago vs. This Very Large Hole

What happens to a magisterial tower project deferred?

Courtesy of the CTA

A Brief History of Subway Etiquette Campaigns

We’ve always been pretty bad at being nice in transit.

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Some Bike Infrastructure Is Worse Than None at All

It’s time to put the sharrow to rest.

Courtesy of Hinterlands Urbanism and Landscape, LLC

Could Freight Hubs Become Eco-Villages?

A landscape architect proposes exurban shipping districts you’d actually want to visit (or live in).


Is This the Suburban House 2.0?

Australian architects make an intriguing discovery when they peel back the layers of a McMansion.

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What Do Drivers Really Think About Cyclists?

Not much, according to a new survey.