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Why I Decided to Live on a Houseboat in London

As rents soar and technology makes life onboard easier, more Londoners like me are taking up residence on the city’s canals.

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London's Proposed New Pedestrian-Cyclist Bridge Is Shockingly Sensible

The price is reasonable, the design is practical, and the link is one the city genuinely needs.

For the Love of the Force

Superfans Are Building a Giant 'Star Wars' Universe in Manchester

Take a tour of Jabba the Hutt’s palace, a life-size X-wing, and that weird cantina full of kloo horn-playing musicians.

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A Portait of Ancient, Cosmopolitan London

The city was surprisingly diverse 2,000 years ago.

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10 Ideas for Improving London's Affordable Housing

From building atop canals to encouraging backyard cottages.

Mapping Calories Burned Walking Around New York

A healthy alternative to waiting for the train.

A Hypnotic Animation of the World's Carbon Emissions

Greenhouse gases swirl in abandon in this NASA video.

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How London Fell Out of Love With the 'Garden Bridge'

First seen as symbol of a bright new future, the structure has come to reflect the city’s wider problems.

Chewing Gum Action Group

London’s Colorful Battle Against Gum-Covered Sidewalks

Another skirmish in the war against those gross, black splotches.

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How Immigrant Businesses on One London Street Adapt to Rising Rents

They split the costs and share the benefits of their small, expensive space.

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Gentrification Backlash Has Inspired Its Own Backlash

Not everybody in the new wave of urban development is backing down.

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Breakfast of Gentrifiers

How a London café that specializes in cereal became the latest flashpoint in the city’s ongoing gentrification debate.


Inside London's Fakest Tube Station

It’s like walking into a cartoon.

Transport for London

London Is Calling Its New Pedestrian- and Bike-Friendly Zones 'Mini-Hollands'

British streets meet Dutch street design.

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The Grassroots Campaign to Slow Down Traffic in the U.K.

The push for 20 mph speed limits has reached millions of residents.


How to Build a Metro-Sized Moving Walkway

Maybe they’re not just for airports.


This Crazy-Detailed London Map Took 10 Years to Draw

The artist Fuller loaded the city with historical details, cryptic symbols, and his own memories.

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Why It’s So Hard to Measure Residential Displacement

A new study of London is the latest to find mixed evidence for the downsides of gentrification.