Keep Britain Tidy

London's Nasty Sidewalk Grime Inspires Lovely Environmental Art

Street artist “Moose” power-washed dirty sidewalks to create a portrait of imperiled ocean life.

AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

Cities Have Been Trying to Curb Dog Poop for Centuries

Excrement: messing up city streets since the 1800s.

Toby Melville/Reuters

London's Big Ben Will Fall Silent in 2017

The iconic clock needs a rest — and a makeover.

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The Sahara Desert Is Blanketing Europe in Dust

Grainy clouds wafting their way north have contributed to pollution woes in London.

London Cycling campaign

How Cycling Is Becoming More Equitable in London

A friendly approach and word-of-mouth are key to the Urban Cycle Loan program’s success.

Reuters Pictures/Gonzalo Fuentes

Paris Just Reached 1 Million Twitter Followers

Its nearest online rival, New York, doesn’t even come close.

Screenshot via Airbnb

A Novel Idea for Regulating Airbnb

A "renters rights" exchange could spread costs and benefits more evenly across city neighborhoods.


London's Mayor: Huge Tunnels Will Solve Our Congestion Problem

The city ponders its own version of the Big Dig.

Jay Patani

London's Suburban Real Estate Prices Are Skyrocketing

But in Central London, home values might have hit their peak.

Olivia Harris/Reuters

An Ode to the U.K.'s Red Phone Boxes

Before cell phones, these booths were places for making collect calls and collective memories.


How London Exceeded Its Entire 2016 EU Pollution Limit in Just One Week

Diesel vehicles are the main culprits, but other major polluters loom on the horizon

black shops with tiny white writing

The Latest Scourge of London Gentrification Is Black Stores With Tiny White Signs

You'll need to squint to make out what these self-consciously twee retailers are actually saying.

Andrew Reid Wildman / Flickr

Suburbs Are Urban Places, Too

A scholar argues that suburbs have complex urban qualities, but they are poorly understood.

AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth

The Cracks in Britain's Big Plan to Build 30,000 Affordable Starter Homes

For one thing, its definition of “affordable” is so optimistic as to be meaningless.

Ingolf / Flickr

How Hard Should Transit Systems Go After Fare Evaders?

Berlin has suffered a surge in scofflaw riders, but super strict enforcement also adds to overhead costs.

Courtesy Londonist

A London Tube Map Made Out of 1,563 Chocolates

Orange creams for the Overground, hazelnut caramels for the Metropolitan Line—a transit network has never been so delicious.

zolmuhd / Flickr

In London, the Rich Are Heading to the City and the Poor to the Suburbs

The U.K. capital is undergoing its own great inversion.

Dan Breckwoldt /

Why I Decided to Live on a Houseboat in London

As rents soar and technology makes life onboard easier, more Londoners like me are taking up residence on the city’s canals.