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Giving Penn Station Its Glory Back: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A round-up of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the last seven days.

Hector Mata/Reuters

L.A.'s Boost to Small Businesses

A new online portal will guide entrepreneurs through layers of bureaucratic red tape.

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California's Soberanes Wildfire Is the Most Expensive in U.S. History

The product of an illegal campfire, the active blaze has cost $207 million to battle.

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California Pushes to End Private-Prison Managment of Immigrant Detention Centers

The centers have become notorious for their dangerous conditions across the state.

Angel City Press

Photographing the Gorgeous Neon Lights of Old Los Angeles

A new book documents the city’s 20th-century obsession with glitz and glow.

Ruben's Elevator/Dress Code

The Last Elevator Operator in Los Angeles

A short film pays tribute to 75-year-old Ruben Pardo, who drives the elevator up and down a Wilshire Boulevard building six days a week.

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California's Light Pollution Fades Away in This Star-Dazzled Film

Lost in Light gradually transports you from light-blighted cities to sanctuaries for star-gazing.

Gina Cella

A Fast-Casual Chain Brings Healthy Meals to L.A.'s Food Deserts

Everytable has come up with a unique pricing model meant to make fresh food available at any income.

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A 1,400-Foot Journey Through L.A.'s Groundwater Supply

A new public art installation projects layers of soil along the banks of the Los Angeles River.

Inside L.A.'s Most Cavernous Bookstore

A short documentary tours the quirky interior of a bibliophile’s paradise.

AP Photo/Markus Schreiber

Where Books Are All But Nonexistent

In many high-poverty urban neighborhoods, it’s nearly impossible for a poor child to find something to read in the summer.


A New Life for Urban Alleys

Once blighted and overlooked, these small streets are transforming into community and sustainability hotspots.

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Los Angeles Dispenses Free Recycled Water to Its Residents

Amid the statewide drought, a new pilot program hopes to promote the local water supply.

L.A. Metro

Brutal, Bruising Ads About Train Safety From the L.A. Metro

Stay outta Safetyville.


A Huge NASA Fuel Tank Will Lumber Through L.A. This Weekend

The 65,000-pound Space Shuttle Program relic has come from New Orleans via the Panama Canal.

AP Photo/Reed Saxon

How Los Angeles Is Using Data to Tackle Street Cleanliness

A new system gives a numerical ranking to every block of the city’s 22,000 miles.

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The Diverging Economies of L.A. and San Francisco

A conversation with Michael Storper, the author of a new book on why San Francisco has outperformed L.A. in recent decades.


California Rises to 111 Degrees Warmer Than the Northeast

The West has broiled with incredible heat, while the East Coast looks forward to more snow.