Los Angeles

AP Photo/Markus Schreiber

Where Books Are All But Nonexistent

In many high-poverty urban neighborhoods, it’s nearly impossible for a poor child to find something to read in the summer.


A New Life for Urban Alleys

Once blighted and overlooked, these small streets are transforming into community and sustainability hotspots.

REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Los Angeles Dispenses Free Recycled Water to Its Residents

Amid the statewide drought, a new pilot program hopes to promote the local water supply.

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L.A. Metro

Brutal, Bruising Ads About Train Safety From the L.A. Metro

Stay outta Safetyville.


A Huge NASA Fuel Tank Will Lumber Through L.A. This Weekend

The 65,000-pound Space Shuttle Program relic has come from New Orleans via the Panama Canal.

AP Photo/Reed Saxon

How Los Angeles Is Using Data to Tackle Street Cleanliness

A new system gives a numerical ranking to every block of the city’s 22,000 miles.

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The Diverging Economies of L.A. and San Francisco

A conversation with Michael Storper, the author of a new book on why San Francisco has outperformed L.A. in recent decades.


California Rises to 111 Degrees Warmer Than the Northeast

The West has broiled with incredible heat, while the East Coast looks forward to more snow.

California Department of Water Resources

Despite El Niño-Fueled Storms, California Remains in a Drought

A survey of mountain snowpack has revealed below-average water content.

NWS San Francisco/Monterery

California's Snowpack Is Looking Much Healthier Compared to 2015

Drifts as deep as 16 feet rest atop the Sierra Nevadas.

California Department of Water Resources

California's Drought-Plagued Reservoirs Are Making a Comeback

The state’s two largest reservoirs have finally exceeded their historical averages.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

A Wild Otter Gives Birth at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Never has graphic biological content been so adorable.

NWS San Francisco/Monterery

Drought-Struck California Finally Looks Due for an Epic Soaking

El Niño could roar back to life in March, potentially dropping more than 100 inches of snow on the mountains.

Yi Chen/Flickr

Los Angeles Has a Huge Number of Stray Chihuahuas

Whether it’s because of their popularity or tendency to bolt out the door is anyone’s guess.

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Some Bus Riders Do Secretly Just Want a Car

But a sharp new study also shows that plenty of others truly prefer their transit trip.


California Hits Its Deepest Snowpack in 5 Years

It’s unknown if this mountain powder will help stop the drought.

Christipher Weber / AP

L.A.'s Blind Spot on Extreme Weather

Last week’s torrential storms showed how deeply unprepared Los Angeles is to help its homeless population deal with El Niño—and climate change.

John Peabody

The Sound and Fury of California's El Niño-Powered Storms

It’s been a week of savage weather on the West Coast.