New York

Marko Plahuta

Mapping Manhattan's Parking Tickets by Type of Car

Who knew Fords got ticketed so much in New York?

Friends of the Brooklyn Queens Connector

New York Has a Streetcar Plan That Isn't Totally Awful

That said, the Brooklyn-Queens waterfront connector is far from perfect.

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More Americans Are Going Hungry in the Suburbs

As poverty and hunger spread, charities must figure out how to serve dispersed pockets of need.

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The Triumphant Return of the Chinatown Bus

Two years after a federal safety crackdown, the intercity option is carrying more passengers than ever.


A NASA Supercomputer Has Simulated the Blizzard's Next Movements

An incredible data-crunching system predicts the storm’s future in incredible detail.


A Quick Guide to the U.S. East Coast Blizzard's Snow Accumulations

Forecasters say to expect up to 2 feet in places, especially around Washington, D.C.

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Are Retail Stores the New Community Centers?

Why so many boutiques are serving up their wares with a side of coffee.


New York Eyes a Huge Sculpture Made With 21,456 Coat Hangers

The Governors Island exhibit, which creates an “illusion of motion,” might also be the new best place to hang your shirts.

Jill Hubley

Mapping the Carbon Footprint of New York City Real Estate

Certain properties are sometimes responsible for high amounts of greenhouse gases.

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Every Musician Who Loves New York, Mapped

Simon & Garfunkel have replaced the Queensboro Bridge.

A Photographer Takes to the Streets to Snap Pictures of New Yorkers' Legs

Two limbs can tell a lot about a city.


'Kissing Booths' Are Coming to Times Square

The heart-shaped structures encourage public smooching for Valentine’s Day.

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How Permanent Supportive Housing Really Works

Programs like FUSE can help people who have cycled through jail and emergency rooms get off the streets for good.

James and Karla Murray

Photographing New York's Endangered Mom and Pop Stores

A new book, Store Front II, expands the quest to document family-owned businesses before they disappear.

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A User's Guide to Amtrak's New Rewards System

America’s passenger train switches to a fare-based redemption program in 2016.

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Photographing the People in New York's Old Penn Station

A new collection by Louis Stettner focuses on the travelers themselves—not just the iconic architecture.

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New York's Big Climate Plan Really Does Include Oysters

Tottenville, on Staten Island, will get oyster-friendly breakwaters and a dune system as part of post-Sandy rebuilding efforts.

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You Can Now Build Entire Skylines Out of Legos

Block by block, piece together the iconic skylines of New York City, Berlin, and Venice.