New York

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Teach-Ins in the Time of Trump

After the election, universities are positioning themselves as sources of information about immigration rights.


Expect More Superstorms Like Sandy, Warn Scientists

Damaging storms in the U.S. Northeast are likely to become “more frequent and more powerful.”

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Loving Transit, Breaking the Law

A new documentary explores how a man’s obsession with New York’s MTA lands him in a legal gray area.

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The Curious Case of New York's Two Economic Centers

Why Midtown and Wall Street developed both separately and parallel to each other.

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Anatomy of a Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway

What it takes to deliver 10,000 birds to needy families.

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How Cities Plan to Fight Climate Change in the Trump Years

Local leaders learned how to take action when Washington couldn’t. Now they’re betting those efforts can survive an age of science-denying federal overlords.

Local Projects

City Museums Look to the Future

A new exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York places civic engagement at the forefront.

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New York's ATMs Teem With Nasty Stuff

Skin bacteria, mold, and parasites on ATM keypads can tell us a lot about New York’s habits and communities.

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New York's Plague of Blocked Bike Lanes

The city logged more than 200 complaints in the first week after adding a bike-lane feature to its 311 app and website.

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A Quarter Century at an Urban Carousel

Lucio Schiavone has spent 26 years with the gilded menagerie at this Brooklyn merry-go-round.

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The Case for Citizen Science on Coastal Waters

Classroom initiatives in New York and Miami prepare students for a changing world—and they’re good for the environment, too.

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New York Asks People to Report Bike-Lane Blockers

Cyclists and others inconvenienced by cars in bike lanes can complain about it online.

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The Ultimate Map of New York's Non-English Languages

From the French-creole communities in Brooklyn to the Laotian enclave in the Bronx.

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The Growing Mold Problem in New York City's Public Housing

The infestation worsened after Hurricane Sandy, and a Brooklyn-based advocacy group is calling for a solution.

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Free Mental Health Care, on Demand

A city-run hotline connects New Yorkers with local counselors.

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Why Are European Cities So Dense?

It’s not just because they’re old.

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Quantifying Everything About Urban Life

Over decades, the Kavli HUMAN Project will track 10,000 New Yorkers’ lives.

Orbital ATK

The Entire East Coast Could See a Rocket Launch This Sunday

The Orbital ATK rocket is carrying supplies and experiments to the International Space Station.