New York

Mapping Calories Burned Walking Around New York

A healthy alternative to waiting for the train.

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File

Why Most Northeast U.S. Intercity Travelers Still Drive

The price is just too right.

REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi

Where U.S. Metro Economies Are Growing or Shrinking

America's national GDP grew 2.3 percent in 2014, but not every city fared equally well.

A Hypnotic Animation of the World's Carbon Emissions

Greenhouse gases swirl in abandon in this NASA video.

Reuters/Jeff Zelevansky

Train Delay? Ask the MTA for a Late Slip

It’s like a doctor’s note for commuters.

Mike Reddy

Why New York Subway Lines Are Missing Countdown Clocks

“I honestly just wanted to know why the F train didn’t have clocks. I never expected it to be so complicated.”

Dian/Life is Porno

A Flipbook-Style Graffiti Mural Grows in Brooklyn

A mushroom morphs into an elephant in this spray-paint time-lapse by street artist Dian.

Schiffer Publishing

The Art of Encouraging Graffiti

A new book explores how building owners and mural artists are working together to deter unwanted tagging.

Jessica Leigh Hester

A Foodie Museum Is Cooking in Brooklyn

The new Museum of Food and Drink combines geeky food-science info with lofty social-justice goals.


An Anonymous Group Is Fixing Bike Lanes Where New York Isn't

The “Transformation Department” has challenged the city’s commitment to cyclists.

This Video of New Yorkers Stuck on a Subway Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

“I’m glad I was stuck with all you guys.”

Thomas Peter / Reuters

When Seniors Can't Count on a Place to Call Home

When assisted-living and nursing facilities close their doors, elderly residents—many of them ill and vulnerable—are often left scrambling.  

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New York's Middle-Class Squeeze

A new survey shows that city residents feel increasingly trapped by a government that favors the rich.

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The Robert Moses Vs. Jane Jacobs Opera Is Almost Here

It’s a love triangle—with both figures “vying for the love of the city.”

Expand Furniture

Expand Your Pathetically Tiny Apartment With a DIY Microloft

Achieve an extra 160 square feet in your tiny-ass home for only $3,115.

Adam Chang

More Painstakingly Illustrated New York Subway Tile Mosaics

The digital NY Train Project has reached Brooklyn.

New York City Health Department

Why the City of New York Wants to Talk to You About IUDs

NYC’s “Maybe the IUD” campaign aims to redress decades of misinformation about the contraceptive.


Tonight's NASA Rocket Launch Will Create a Psychedelic Cloud

The spectacle may be visible as far north as Long Island and south as North Carolina.