The Controversial Business of Hustling Recyclables in West Oakland

A documentary profiles residents who scavenge for metals and plastics.

@calacademy/Robin Agarwal

Invasive Asian Sea Slugs Are Discovered in San Francisco for the First Time

Dendronotus orientalis nudibranchs likely hitched a ride to California in ballast water.

REUTERS/Noah Berger

A Community-Minded Approach to Resilience in Berkeley

The Bay Area city hopes that strengthening neighborhood bonds will help the community bounce back from a disaster.

Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division/Mark Byrnes/CityLab

At Home Among the Stacks

How seeking out used bookstores helped me find my way through unfamiliar cities.

Mila Zinkova

A Stunning San Francisco Sunset Looks Like a Nuclear Nightmare

The mirage, complete with a sunspot, appeared in fiery grandeur over the Pacific Ocean.

AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

In San Francisco, Hog a Train Seat and Get a $100 Ticket

A new ordinance punishes manspreaders and luggage-hoarders, though police worry it could penalize the homeless.

Robert Galbraith/Reuters

$1 Million Won't Make You 'Financially Comfortable' in San Francisco

You need at least $6 million to be counted among the Bay Area’s wealthy, according to Charles Schwab.

Thomas Hawk, Medical Cannabis Club, 2005.

Oakland Will Host the First-Ever Museum Exhibit Devoted to Weed

Of course.

NASA/Joshua Stevens

The Recovery of California's Biggest Reservoir, as Seen by Satellite

NASA highlights Lake Shasta’s year-long progress from a virtual dust bowl to a healthy basin.

California Department of Water Resources

Despite El Niño-Fueled Storms, California Remains in a Drought

A survey of mountain snowpack has revealed below-average water content.


Huge Glowing Rabbits Are Coming to San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza

This public-art installation wins viewers over with a cutesy scene before revealing a more serious message.

NWS San Francisco/Monterery

California's Snowpack Is Looking Much Healthier Compared to 2015

Drifts as deep as 16 feet rest atop the Sierra Nevadas.

California Department of Water Resources

California's Drought-Plagued Reservoirs Are Making a Comeback

The state’s two largest reservoirs have finally exceeded their historical averages.


Now for Sale: San Francisco's Creepy 'Free Candy' Van

Frighten parents and attract the scrutiny of police with this “blood”-smeared treat mobile.

NWS San Francisco/Monterery

Drought-Struck California Finally Looks Due for an Epic Soaking

El Niño could roar back to life in March, potentially dropping more than 100 inches of snow on the mountains.


San Francisco's BART: This Is Why We Can't Stay Open All Night

A video from the transit agency shows all the track work that goes on after hours.

Eric Fisher

We're Changing Our Name for 'Obvious Reasons,' Says Oakland's Isis Spa

The long arm of the ISIS terrorist organization has forced a rebrand in the Bay Area.


Stop Dumping Your Car Oil Here, Pleads a San Francisco Mural

For some reason Bayview-Hunters Point is a magnet for petro-slinging polluters.