The Life and Death of Local Institutions

Amid threats of closure, mainstays like Carnegie Deli in New York and the Kingfish in Oakland feel like essential parts of a city's culture.


The Bay Area's Massive Wetlands Restoration Project Is Working

Vast stretches of industrial salt ponds are slowly creeping back to natural, wildlife-friendly state.


San Franciscans Protest the Super Bowl With a Homeless-Themed Tent City

The activists want officials to spend football funds on poverty instead.

Mike Rosenberg

San Francisco's Super Bowl 50 Statues Are Being Utterly Annihilated

It looks like it’s going to take a small army to protect these things from vandals.

Hafernik et al.

Zombie Bees Are Real, and They're Stalking North America

Not to alarm you or anything.


The Bay Bridge Will Be Permanently Draped in Waterfall Lights

San Francisco’s skyline is about to get much more twinkly.


California Hits Its Deepest Snowpack in 5 Years

It’s unknown if this mountain powder will help stop the drought.

SF Citizen

San Francisco's Super Bowl Statues Keep Getting Vandalized

They’ve been painted, ripped apart, and had letters rearranged to read “SUPERB OWL.”

Jeff Boyce/NWS Sacramento

California's Record Hailstones Look Like Spiky Grenades

The three-inch wonders fell Saturday during a severe thunderstorm north of San Francisco.

John Peabody

The Sound and Fury of California's El Niño-Powered Storms

It’s been a week of savage weather on the West Coast.

AP Photo/Ben Margot

8 Bay Area Traffic Reduction Policies, Ranked

From congestion pricing to parking fees to transit incentives.


Please Don't Drive Through Berkeley's 'Not a Through Tree'

The prankster behind this official-looking sign really needs to take credit.

Peter Shelton

San Francisco Could Get a Disturbing Bridge With Glowing-Eyed Cats

The proposed “Catbridge” would be festooned with demonic-looking felines.

Daniel Hoherd

The Wondrous, Traveling Wildlife Park in the San Francisco Muni

Step aboard and see all the strange animals people bring on their commute, from parrots to rats to snakes.

Woody Pope/Shutterstock.com

Furious, Dive-Bombing Squirrels Injured 8 in the Bay Area

There have also been reported instances in which squirrels have jumped out of trees and attacked the victims.


Oakland's Wild Turkeys Don't Know Thanksgiving Is Coming

Introduced in the 1950s, they’re now overflowing onto city streets.

Charles Hall

A Rare Photograph of Lightning Hitting the Golden Gate Bridge

“I couldn’t believe it,” says San Francisco freelancer Charles Hall. “I was like, Is this real?”

Blake Ross

A San Francisco Street Spat Inspires a Hilarious Music Video

Fisticuffs, a bullhorn, meter maids, brutal rhymes—this ditty’s got it all.