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Paris Museums Are Papering a Subway Station With Cheeky Recreations of Famous Art

A new campaign aims to help infrequent museum goers feel more inclined to pay a visit.

AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

Cities Have Been Trying to Curb Dog Poop for Centuries

Excrement: messing up city streets since the 1800s.

REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

Paris Introduces Car-Free Sundays

Banning vehicles from parts of the city—including the Champs Elysées—is part of an ongoing effort to curb pollution.

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Paris Just Reached 1 Million Twitter Followers

Its nearest online rival, New York, doesn’t even come close.

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The Future of Paris Water Transit Might Be Driverless 'SeaBubbles'

The city has asked to be a test site for the “flying” pods, which could replace boats on the Seine.

Mairie de Paris

A High-Stakes Contest to 'Reinvent' Paris Fails to Impress

At least one local newspaper is questioning the city’s influence over a major architectural design competition.

Stéphane Malka Architecture

Rooftop 'Parasite' Homes Could be the Future of Affordable Housing in Paris

No, really.

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Many Paris Landlords Are Ignoring New Rent-Control Laws

Rents across the city are going down, but not everyone is complying.

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One Governing Body to Rule Metro Paris

The new Grand Paris council will unite local officials from city and suburb alike to make joint decisions that affect the region.

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You Can Now Build Entire Skylines Out of Legos

Block by block, piece together the iconic skylines of New York City, Berlin, and Venice.

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What to Expect at the Paris Climate Talks

Fairness, finances, and local action will all play a part in the COP21 talks.


Artists Hack 600 Paris Billboards With Climate Messages for COP21

A public apology from Volkswagen: “We’re sorry that we got caught.”

REUTERS/Aziz Taher

The Uneven Geography of Terrorism

Despite fear and anxiety in the advanced cities of the West, terrorism remains highly concentrated in a small number of conflict-ridden nations.

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'These People Won’t Stop Me Having My Normal Routine'

In the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, locals are bound by a strong sense of community—and defiance.

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The Paris Attacks Will Make Things Even Harder for Europe’s Refugees

Immigration opponents are already using the violence to justify exclusionary policies.

Paris Attacks: A Map of What's Been Confirmed

Multiple sites have reportedly been hit, including the Bataclan and the Stade de France.

James Kingston

Take a Head-Spinning Climb Up the Eiffel Tower

Evading tons of cameras and gun-wielding guards is just the first challenge of conquering Paris’ steely landmark.

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The Champs Elysées of the Future Will Have a Lot Fewer Cars

Paris is planning a pretty major overhaul of its main avenue by 2025.