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No, California High-Speed Rail Money Shouldn't Go to Roads

Four reasons the zero-sum argument misses the point.

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Suburban Ride-Sharing Is Mathematically Impossible

Just about, anyway, says a sobering thought-experiment for transit start-ups.


Oakland's Wild Turkeys Don't Know Thanksgiving Is Coming

Introduced in the 1950s, they’re now overflowing onto city streets.


San Francisco Debuts Its Very First Elevated Bike Lane

The protected lane is meant to keep cars in their place and cyclists off the sidewalk.

Charles Hall

A Rare Photograph of Lightning Hitting the Golden Gate Bridge

“I couldn’t believe it,” says San Francisco freelancer Charles Hall. “I was like, Is this real?”

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Where San Francisco Stands on Airbnb and Affordable Housing

Divides over the city’s housing crisis rose to an electoral boiling point Tuesday.

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Do Anti-Bullying Laws Work?

A new study shows that anti-bullying laws are effective, as long as they have certain key components.

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A San Francisco Street Spat Inspires a Hilarious Music Video

Fisticuffs, a bullhorn, meter maids, brutal rhymes—this ditty’s got it all.


BART Updates Its Signs to Warn: No Vaping

Notices around the transit system warn of penalties for puffing on e-cigs.

Leap Transit

Leap Transit Is Dead. Long Live Public Transit

The demise of the private techie bus is a reminder that nothing will replace core transit systems.


This Bike-Wheel Light Animates Trippy Designs and Personal Photos

Ride safely and in acid-dipped style with the colorful Balight.

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From $250 Million to $6.5 Billion: The Bay Bridge Cost Overrun

A new book offers insights on how yet another huge mega-project soared way over budget.

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Mapping San Francisco’s Sidewalk Pooping Problem

Watch your step.

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Should Cyclists Have to Stop at Stop Signs?

A proposal to make San Francisco the first major city to adopt the so-called “Idaho stop” is under intense debate.

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The Case for Letting Teens Vote in Local Elections

Youth activists hope to make San Francisco the first major U.S. city where 16- and 17-year-olds can cast a ballot.


A Growing Problem for 9-1-1 Dispatchers: Butt-Dials

Getting rid of accidental emergency calls could save San Francisco more than $2 million yearly, says an official.


Coming Soon to Google Maps: Street-Level Air Pollution

A new partnership with Aclima will track air quality in L.A., San Francisco, and California's Central Valley.

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Newfangled Street Lights or Alien Transmission Towers?

San Francisco wants to build three of these 20-foot totems, presumably for intergalactic communication.