San Francisco


A Gamer Spent 200 Hours Building an Incredibly Detailed Digital San Francisco

This might be the most realistic video-game version of the city in existence.

San Francisco Can't Escape its Past in 'Vertigo'

History haunts the city by the Bay in Hitchcock’s 1958 film.

SF Public Works

San Francisco Workers Dig Up a Relic of the 1939 World's Fair

“It’s amazing what they did in the past.”

Colin Kaepernick Murals Pop Up in the Bay Area

The controversial 49ers quarterback gets some love from local artists.

Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters

Seoul Searching in San Francisco

I was born in Seoul, but raised in Nebraska. I didn’t reconnect with my roots until I arrived in the Bay Area.


San Francisco Makes a Guerrilla Bike Lane Permanent

Score a victory for the city’s anonymous league of cycling-safety advocates.


Pigeons Take a Ride on the BART Train

Too lazy to fly?

Nick Ut/AP

Oakland's Fruitvale Station Is Unofficially Renamed After a Police Shooting Victim

Somebody is “updating” BART maps with stickers honoring Oscar Grant, an unarmed black man killed by cops in Oakland.

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

Giving Penn Station Its Glory Back: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A round-up of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the last seven days.

Wallace Roberts & Todd

Is Sustainability a Dodge for Housing in the Bay Area?

Leaders in Brisbane, California, want to prioritize sustainability—and exclude homes—in a massive new development just outside San Francisco.

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Predictable Schedules Are the New $15 Minimum Wage

Following San Francisco’s lead, Seattle and New York City have introduced initiatives to regularize workers’ hours.


Anonymous San Franciscans Are Making Renegade Bike Lanes

After two cyclists were killed in hit-and-runs on the same day, the SFMTrA grabbed traffic cones and took action.

Illuminate the Arts

A Street Light Installation Reveals Train Traffic Under San Francisco's Streets

A nearly 2-mile-long installation would visualize the real-time passage of underground trains.

Ben Margot/AP

The Reach of the Bay Area's 'Tech Buses'

Privately run shuttles make at least 800 trips through San Francisco each day, according to a new report.

Robert Galbraith/Reuters

San Francisco Considers a Toll for the 'World's Crookedest Street'

With tourists crowding around Lombard Street, the city could also require reservations.

Evan Blaser/Flickr

San Francisco Begs People Not to Assault Muni Drivers

The city says it’s struggling with a “disturbing trend” in attacks on bus and train operators.

Eric Risberg/AP

With Youth Suicides Up, the Golden Gate Bridge Implements Crisis Texting

The number of suicidal youth coming to the bridge has increased five-fold in recent years.

AP Photo/David Goldman

It Looks Like the Soda Tax Paid Off in Berkeley

Consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks dipped 21 percent after a tax was enacted, a new study finds.