San Francisco

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It Looks Like the Soda Tax Paid Off in Berkeley

Consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks dipped 21 percent after a tax was enacted, a new study finds.


The Bay Area Takes the Fight to Elevator Urinators

BART is installing a new kind of anti-pee floor coating, as well as a “bacteria-eating enzyme misting system.”

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California's Light Pollution Fades Away in This Star-Dazzled Film

Lost in Light gradually transports you from light-blighted cities to sanctuaries for star-gazing.

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Foraging in the Northern California Waterways

A new book makes the case for environmental reverence through ethical fishing.


San Francisco Wants You to Design Its Future Transit System

The city is asking for ideas on where to build future subway lines.

Piano Pound

A Drunken, Heartfelt Tribute to San Francisco's Unwanted Pianos

Piano Pound’s creator calls the free instruments a symbolic manifestation of decisions that current Bay Area residents face.”

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What Are License-Plate Readers Good For?

Automatic plate-readers catch few terrorists or violent criminals, but do plenty of harm to low-income communities of color.

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Where Foam Bans Stand in the Fight for Zero Waste

San Franciscans are clashing over whether to eliminate foam-based items like packing peanuts and egg cartons, or to recycle them.  

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Kayakers Spot Humpback Whales Hunting Off Alcatraz Island

The unusual frenzy of whales bursting from the waves lasted at least 45 minutes.


An 'Unprecedented' Number of Whales Pop Up Near San Francisco

Their fecundity might be due to a developing La Niña.


Oakland Go-Kart Rider Makes a Heroic Dash From the Police

This “is how we do it in the Town.”

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Could Supervised Injections Help San Francisco's Homeless Drug Users?

Cities across the U.S. are pondering legalized, sterile street-drug injection sites to fight the overdose epidemic.

Back on My Feet

Why a Running Club for the Homeless Is Heading to San Francisco

The nonprofit Back on My Feet, which promotes jogging routines to help stabilize the lives of homeless people, will launch in the Bay Area in the fall.

Dann Petty

A Gorgeous, Dreamlike Tribute to San Francisco's Fog

Step into a world of ghostly shapes and meditative music with Hey Karl.

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San Francisco Deduces the Exact Center of the City, for Some Reason

It took satellites and a $35,000 gadget to mark the geographic center, which is almost certainly wrong.


Mapping the Hidden Patterns of Urban Life

Terrapattern collects visually similar features from satellite images into one searchable platform. 


A San Francisco Building Sends Out Coded Messages About Displacement

Artists get a chance to reminisce about leaving the city in a new public installation.


San Francisco's Public Transit App Will Let You Rate Your Commute

Soon riders will be able to grade their journeys—and the etiquette of fellow passengers.