Seattle Bus Stops Now Feature Rain-Activated Sea Creatures

The ephemeral artworks celebrate the city’s newly extended “C Line.”


Seattle's Man in an 80-Foot Tree Finally Climbs Down

After magnetizing the city with his pine cone-chucking, whittling antics, Seattle’s tree-climbing dude is back on terra firma.

Peter Dejong/AP Photo

Everyone's Pretty Jealous of Seattle's 'Bike Batman'

With bike thefts rampant and often unreported, a lone vigilante might be the savior robbed cyclists need.

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NWS San Francisco/Monterery

Drought-Struck California Finally Looks Due for an Epic Soaking

El Niño could roar back to life in March, potentially dropping more than 100 inches of snow on the mountains.


Even in 1907, Seattle Couldn't Handle the Snow

“Horses ... had great trouble going from Second to First and several fell, breaking shafts and harness.”

Seattle Office of Emergency Management

Predict Your Risk in Seattle's Big Earthquake

The city released an online map tool for natural hazards.

Joe Wolf / Flickr

The 28 Transportation Fees Paid by Seattle Residents

From the gas tax to the state license service fee—in one chart.

Alta Planning

Seattle Is Improving Its Bike Trails With a Garage-Built 'Frankenbike'

The city and Alta Planning are using the high-tech cycle to assess safety issues like potholes and obstructions.

Dan Corson

Of Course Seattle's Newest Sculpture Resembles a Cloud

Fitting, given the city’s reputation for actual clouds and cloud-based computing.

Chelsea Nesvig

The Wet and Slightly Less Wet Microclimates of Seattle

It’s drier near the water, because the city’s weather makes no sense.


The Raging Future of American Wildfires

The risk of major blazes could increase 600 percent by mid-century, say scientists.


Almost Half of Americans Are at Risk From Earthquakes

That’s double a U.S. Geological Survey estimate made in 2006.

Ted S. Warren/AP

All of Seattle's Development Projects in One Map

An interactive tool just released by the city is a step toward transparency as building continues to boom.

AP Photo/Matt Dunham

Why You Don't Really Care About the Next 'Big One'

Terrible natural disasters will come someday, but most people have a hard time worrying about stuff that isn’t imminent.

Mathieu Thouvenin / Flickr

Indy (Gently) Nudges Developers Away From Parking, Toward Transit

The Indy Rezone plan gives breaks to buildings that provide bike, car-share, or bus access.


Seattle Plants Street Trees in a Substance Made of Car Tires

It’s reportedly easier to maintain than soil and mulch.


The Weather Service Warns Seattle of a Potential Historic Fire

Conditions are “quite similar” to those during the Great Seattle Fire of 1889.

Victoria Weather Vancouver Island

A Huge Smoke Wave Makes the Pacific Northwest Smell Like 'Burnt Toast'

Watch it swoop over the horizon with this time-lapse footage.