Washington, DC

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Will D.C.'s Housing Ever Be Affordable Again?

Over the next decade, the city’s demographics will change dramatically, and housing policy will largely determine who gets to stay.

Living Off the Electrical Grid in the Middle of the City

Tired of steep electricity bills, one couple stopped power to their home in Washington, D.C., and made a drastic change.

Asbury Methodist Church

Can Old Churches Attract New Gentrifiers?

As Washington, D.C., fills up with a new professional class that’s affluent and mostly white, historically African-American congregations are struggling to stay relevant.

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How Can the Hospitals That Serve D.C.'s Poor Keep Up?

Even in a city with some of the best health-insurance coverage rates and a glut of medical facilities, residents just a few miles apart are projected to have vastly different lifespans.

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Why Should Only the Wealthy Get Solar Panels?

Washington, D.C., has embarked on an aggressive clean-energy plan, but a big challenge will be making sure it doesn't worsen existing inequalities.

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Where Books Are All But Nonexistent

In many high-poverty urban neighborhoods, it’s nearly impossible for a poor child to find something to read in the summer.

AP Photo/Jens Meyer

The Legal Policy That Makes Collisions Especially Harrowing for Cyclists

In four states and the District of Columbia, the contributory negligence standard bars most injured bikers from compensation.

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Why Cities Have to Care About Native Plants

Across the U.S., groups are working to fend off invasive species by helping local ones take root.


California Rises to 111 Degrees Warmer Than the Northeast

The West has broiled with incredible heat, while the East Coast looks forward to more snow.


D.C. Is Packing on Huge Amounts of Impervious Surfaces

The city has added “1 million cubic meters of pavement, buildings, and the like every year for nearly three decades,” researchers say.

AP/J. Scott Applewhite

A Guide to the Lesser-Known Cherry Blossoms in Washington, D.C.

An urban-forestry nonprofit has mapped the city’s gorgeous, but not-so-touristy, flowering trees.

(Sean Shanahan/Courtesy of Peapod)

Your Groceries Could Meet You When You Step Off the Train

A pilot collaboration between the D.C. Metro and Peapod places pickup “pods” in three stations.

Prince George's County Public Schools

Remaking High School for Immigrant Kids

In the suburbs of Washington, D.C., one school system has opened small campuses especially for recent immigrants.


How to Ride the D.C. Streetcar

A friendly PSA from the District of Columbia’s Department of Transportation.

Modern Mechanix

The Time Metal Thieves Hit the Top of the Washington Monument

Never put anything past a criminal with a desperate thirst for scrap.

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

A Case for Homeless Shelter Networks as Basic Infrastructure

D.C.’s promising new plan would equitably distribute such facilities across the city and serve more residents.

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

The Triumphant Return of the Chinatown Bus

Two years after a federal safety crackdown, the intercity option is carrying more passengers than ever.

Tom Lee/Mapbox

Mapping Snow Plow Activity in Washington, D.C.

Winter Storm Jonas has come and gone. Has your street recovered?