The Modern Urbanist's Guide to Life

In 2025, IKEA Thinks Your Kitchen Will Include Drones

Innovations and prototypes from IKEA's Concept Kitchen 2025, on view in Milan.

3 Ways To Corral Your Cords

How to prevent a jumbled mess.

What You Should Really Do After a Food Recall

(Hint: When in doubt, throw it out.)

How to Tell If Infrastructure Is for Exercise

For everyone wondering whether the bus is a good place for burpees.

Forget Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Just Listen to Wikipedia Being Edited

Zen out with hi-tech ambient sound.

Flip Through 50 Years of Historic New York City Landmarks

The new book Saving Place looks back on a half-century of conservation by the city's Landmarks Preservation Commission.

A Sleek New Home For Your Random Stuff

These grown-up dollhouses can shelter your cell phone and sunglasses.

Is Your New City Giving You Allergies?

Geographic and genetic reasons why you're sneezing more after a move.

A Better Way to Store Wet Umbrellas

This concrete cone keeps your umbrella and your floors dry.

How to Watch Porn Responsibly, According to Porn Stars

For starters, get out your credit card.

This Handlebar Laptop Stand Brings Cycling Style to Your Desk

Warning: Not for use on an actual, moving bicycle.

A Coloring Book for City Lovers

Fantastic Cities is filled with intricate urban worlds.

The Complete Guide to Fighting Seasonal Allergies Where You Live

There's a lot you can do if you're an allergy sufferer, but your city needs to play its part as well.

An Easy Way to Add Outlets Everywhere

A new power system called Thread adds outlets to any room without construction.

How to Say Goodbye to Mad Men? Why With a Smarty-Pants Viewing Party, Of Course

11 ideas to impress your superfan friends.

Organize Your Office Supplies Into a Cityscape

The Deskstructure set has compartments for pens, paper clips, and more.

How to Stop Getting a Previous Tenant's Mail Over and Over Again

If you're suffering from "loop mail," the barcode is the most likely culprit.

Assault on the Subway: What Can a Bystander Do?

There are ways to intervene that don't involve putting yourself in danger.

To Find a Bus Stop, Just Hold Up Your Smartphone

Departures NYC just won grand prize in the MTA's "best consumer/transit rider app" category.

Why You're Free to BYOB in Philly, But in Boston It's Complicated

The Boston City Council is finally considering allowing diners to bring their own alcohol to local restaurants. Here's why this is even a debate.