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Courtesy of Megan Heeres

Turning Detroit's Invasive Plants Into Community-Building Art

Megan Heeres invites locals to pitch in to transform unwanted shrubs and grasses into paper.


This 'Airbnb for the Elderly' Could Curb Loneliness in Cities

The Freebird Club hopes to form new networks among isolated older residents.

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Getting Shoppers to Make Healthy Choices at Corner Stores Remains Elusive as Ever

Even with intense community outreach and education, making fresh food available doesn’t translate to consumption.

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Ryann Ford, "The Last Stop: Vanishing Rest Stops of the American Roadside," published by powerHouse Books.

The Fading Glory of America's Highway Rest Stops

A new photography book dollops heavy nostalgia on a disappearing roadside feature.

B Calkins/

Your Memorial Day Nemesis: The Wire Grill Brush

Hundreds of Americans have been hospitalized after accidentally eating some nasty bristles.

REUTERS/Robert Galbrait

Slapping a Reservation Fee on Public Park Space Will Never Work

The life and death of a pilot program in San Francisco’s Dolores Park shows that the cringeworthy idea was doomed from the start.

Daniel Knieper/Flickr

Is Tourism Spoiling Iceland?

The island nation’s visitor boom is putting its infrastructure under heavy stress, but some answers are on the way.

REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Visualizing 40 Years of the American Diet

Kale just recently landed a prime spot at the table.

Nicole Disser

The Many Faces of 'Regulars' in Brooklyn

A new book documents local characters and the places they love.

Mass Poetry

Boston's Secret Sidewalk Poems Add Some Cheer to Rainy Days

It’s the latest city to make something pretty out of dreary weather.

A New Bill Could Clear Up Some of That Confusion About Date Labels on Food Packaging

Legislation introduced this week calls upon federal agencies to standardize those perplexing stamps.

Lucio Zago

An Illustrator Turns Hellish Subway Commutes Into a Hilarious Graphic Novel

Williamsburg Shorts explores a rapidly changing neighborhood through the eyes of a stressed-out subway passenger.

Jessica Leigh Hester/CityLab

Can Hungry Goats Restore Urban Forests?

In Brooklyn, Prospect Park is enlisting a herd to eat up invasive species that have proliferated since Hurricane Sandy.

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Paris Museums Are Papering a Subway Station With Cheeky Recreations of Famous Art

A new campaign aims to help infrequent museum goers feel more inclined to pay a visit.

Philip Ashforth Coppola

One Man's Decades-Long Quest to Draw Every Subway Station in New York

Philip Ashforth Coppola documents the transit system’s oft-overlooked mosaics in painstaking detail.

REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

Celebrating the Remarkable Stories of Everyday Jobs

A new book from StoryCorps about loving work compiles interviews with referees, subway conductors, teachers, and more.

Sam Polcer

Portraits of Stylish Cyclists and Their Beloved Bikes

Sam Polcer’s portraits celebrate cool riders around the world.

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

How Badly Do New York City Subway Riders Actually Behave?

A new study finds manspreading and door-blocking are legitimate issues. Eating and pole-hogging, not so much.