The Modern Urbanist's Guide to Life

Courtesy of the CTA

A Brief History of Subway Etiquette Campaigns

We’ve always been pretty bad at being nice in transit.

Angela Kim

An Artist Strikes Back Against Foul Subway Smells

One scratch-and-sniff sticker at a time.

REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

How to Stay Calm on Public Transit

Even in a crisis, it doesn’t pay to freak out.

Russell Lee/Library of Congress

The Psychological Upside of Becoming a Regular at a Bar

Asking for “the usual, please” might actually be good for you.

Recycle by City

This Online Guide Will Teach You How to Recycle, Once and for All

No, it’s not just you—it really is very confusing.

Anastasia Savinova

Capturing the Spirit of a Place Through Collage

Anastasia Savinova’s surreal composite structures piece together the essential fragments of a city.

Jen Gallardo/Flickr

We Are One Step Closer to Destroying Bedbugs Forever

Go out and hug a scientist: They’ve sequenced our enemy’s genome.

Courtesy of Jordan Zaslow

What Happened When New Yorkers Scribbled Their Biggest Regrets on a Blackboard

So many things that could’ve been, aired to the public in colorful chalk.

AP Photo/Richard Drew

The Secret Life of Stuff We Lose on Subways

A tale of underground lost and found.


This App Is the Tinder for Female Friendships

There are lots of benefits to friends-without-benefits.

Army of Lovers

These Strangers Just Really Want to Give You a Valentine

And they’re hoping you won’t yell at them for stopping you in the street.

Byron Company, New York, NY. From the Collections of the Museum of the City of New York.

America's Obsession With Restaurant Food Safety Dates Back to 1889

Victorian diners loved white tile, too.

Olivia Harris/Reuters

An Ode to the U.K.'s Red Phone Boxes

Before cell phones, these booths were places for making collect calls and collective memories.

Suck UK

Plot Your World Travels on This Cork Globe

Or just throw a dart at it to decide where you’re going next.


An Itsy, Plastic Version of Your City, Block by Block

Play King Kong from your desk.

AP / Richard Vogel

This App Hopes to Help You Outsmart L.A. Traffic Jams

GoLA links all your transit options together and tells you which one works best.

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

The Urban Family's Guide to Living Car-Free

You can do it.

Klara Geller/Flickr

A Brief History of the 24-Hour Convenience Store

Remembering a time when bacon, egg, and cheeses were not available round-the-clock.

Akihiro Yoshida

Designing a More Architectural Sticky Note

For the aesthetics nerd in the cubicle next door.