The Modern Urbanist's Guide to Life

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In Cider Season, Detroit's Donuts Reign Supreme

The perfect autumnal snack salutes Michigan’s other big industry.

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Why Londoners Bristled at the Invitation to Chat on the Tube

Small talk isn’t universal.

Heidrum Henke

The Vienna Orchestra That Makes Music With Vegetables

First songs, then soup.

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Why This Weird Little Rubber Stamp Shop Leaves a Lasting Impression

J.C. Casey treats his store like a pub.

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An Ode to Urban Forests

A new book unpacks the indelible relationship between city dwellers and trees.

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What Would You Pay for an Empty Room?

A new app allows users to summon empty spaces on demand—but only elites can afford its rates.

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A Peek Inside Brazilian 'Love Motels'

These sanctuaries for the sex-deprived shed light on the various ways people find space for intimacy.  


7 Documentaries About Cities Streaming Now

More profiles of cities, their residents, and their dramas.

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How an Old-World Bakery Stays Relevant

The 100-year-old Orwashers in New York City takes a creative approach to sourcing locally.

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American Voters, in Their Own Words

A new podcast tries to tease out why voters are really lining up behind each candidate.

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Underwater With the Fisherwomen of Japan

Meet the ama keeping an ancient profession alive.

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Why Free Museums Matter

Gratis admission is just one way museums are trying to shed their forbidding veneer.

Todd Hartman

In Defense of Embarrassing Yourself in Public

A performance series and podcast builds community around cringe-worthy moments.

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At the Wheel With Delhi's Lone Woman Bus Driver

Riders can't help but notice Vankadarath Saritha.

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The Ultimate Travel Guide for Armchair Explorers

Atlas Obscura’s new book catalogs 700 marvelous sights across all seven continents.

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The Crew Bringing Recycling to Tunis

Meet the volunteers working to curb the city’s teeming garbage problem.


New York City Slang Heads to Oxford

“Fuhgeddaboudit” snags a spot in the Oxford English Dictionary.

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5 Apps We Wish Existed to Solve Roommate Nightmares



Warm Your Apartment with a Compact, Candle-Powered Heater

The Egloo is made of terracotta and needs just four tea lights to heat a whole room.