The Modern Urbanist's Guide to Life

How Tech Helps Guide the Blind

New developments in accessible technology have made it easier than ever for the visually-impaired to connect.

The New Rules of Smartphone Etiquette

A Pew study reveals growing consensus—and points of contention—in the do’s and don’ts of cellphone use.

'Manspreading': Now Taking Up Space in the Oxford English Dictionary

It’s no longer just a subway horror.

Browsing New York's Most Treasured Interiors

A new book hopes to remind readers to look beyond buildings’ facades.

Turn Your Landline Into a Smartphone

For those of you who haven't ditched the home phone.

Squeeze Your Way Across Town With the 'Egg Map'

This rubberized guide doesn’t require folding or Wi-Fi, just a firm grip.

How to Stay Awake Without Coffee

Watch cat videos.

The Secret Rules of the Neighborhood Email List

Please do not invite everyone to your kid’s piano recital.

Go Solar Without Panels

SunPort lets you buy solar credits just by plugging into a socket.

Finally, An App That Keeps Track of the Parking Meter for You

A $9 device can save you from a $50 parking ticket.

How to Ride the Metro, According to Puppets

Delhi’s transit system just launched a series of ettiquette-focused puppet shows for kids.

Your Phone Could Help Make Airport Lines Shorter

New York’s JFK is tracking your location through your smartphone, streamlining the curb-to-cabin process.

The Quirkiest Free Fitness Classes in America

From trampolines to pickleball, these workout classes will help you get fit and get weird, without paying a cent.

Grocery Store Tomatoes Don't Have to Taste Bad

Scientists are developing processing methods that would retain more of the fruits’ flavor.

One Artist's Never-Ending Mission to Draw Every Person in New York

A new book collects 30,000 of Jason Polan’s gestural sketches. He’s got about 8 million to go.

How Not to Be a Tourist in Kyoto

A new etiquette guide grades visitors’ infractions using judgmental emoji.

So, We’ve Been Meaning to Tell You About Your Elevator Behavior

Six ways to avoid another awkward ride.

Can This 'Drinkable Book' Improve Public Health?

Each sheet of water-cleansing paper can purify up to 100 liters of contaminated drinking water.

Charge Your Phone the Lo-Fi Way

A tiny gadget called the Nipper uses AA batteries to give your phone a boost.

Vinylify Puts Your Favorite Songs on a Record

For all of your hipster mix tape needs.