The Modern Urbanist's Guide to Life

The Case for Free Public Sunscreen

In a brilliant public health campaign, Boston and Miami installed sunscreen stations near parks, pools, and beaches.

Mapping the Hottest Subway Stations on the Hottest Day in NYC

Underground temperatures can soar as high as 106 degrees.

A New Way to Mute Distractions

This device pauses all of the tech clamoring for your attention.

Does Washington's Drought Spell Doom for Hoppy Beers?

Keep calm and drink on.

You Can 'Catch' Rudeness

Another reason to play nice with your co-workers.

This Heat-Sensitive Map Changes With the Weather

Know where to huddle for shelter from the elements, or find a park when it’s sunny.

Can the Drinking Fountain Make a Comeback?

How new innovations could resuscitate the crumbling infrastructure.

The High-Tech Way to Avoid Long Lines

Check foot traffic in real time before you head out the door.

Yes, It's Possible to Make a Living Crafting Balloon Animals

Lea Winfield is no clown.

The Murky Etiquette of Ride-Hailing Services

Lyft and Uber are somewhere in between cruising with your pals and a chauffeur. How do you navigate the social norms of the on-demand driving economy?

New York Stores: Stop Pumping Frigid Air Onto the Sidewalks

Wasted air conditioning has major environmental impacts and can make consumers hotter and more miserable.

Google Is Tracking Your Movements, and Now You Can See Exactly How

A new feature called “Your Timeline” visualizes all of your pit stops.

There's a Mad Rush to Buy Earthquake Survival Kits in Seattle

But to really prepare the Pacific Northwest for the Big One, much more needs to be done.

For the Traveling BBQ Chef, Here's a Suitcase Grill

Be prepared to cook meat wherever you go with the stylish Mon Oncle cooker.

What It's Really Like to Haul Tourists Around in a Pedicab

It helps to be a free-wheeling maverick.

There's a Vending Machine for Ramen Now

Introducing the world’s saddest desk lunch.

A Jacket With Pockets for Anything You Can Think Of

Even a built-in neck pillow and eye mask.

Teaching Hipsters About Safety

A new social media-driven safety campaign targets Brooklyn’s millennials.

This Sleek Thermostat Is Designed to Be Ignored

Yves Béhar's deceptively high-tech device blends in with its surroundings.

This Solar Panel Is the Size of a $1 Bill

Power up your phone with a solar charger you can stash in your pocket.