The Modern Urbanist's Guide to Life

New York Restoration Project

A Community Garden Became an Alternative to Juvenile Detention

A small green space in Queens helps court-involved youths turn their lives around.

Mark Havens

The Lonely Grandeur of Beachfront Motels

The photographer Mark Havens spent a decade photographing mid-century architecture along the New Jersey coast.

Gordon Parks/The Gordon Parks Foundation

Mid-Century Harlem, in Text and Images

An exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago highlights collaborations between Ralph Ellison and Gordon Parks.


An App for Runners Bitten by the Travel Bug

RunGo uses turn-by-turn navigation and pre-charted routes to help runners explore the local gems in a new city.

Angel City Press

Photographing the Gorgeous Neon Lights of Old Los Angeles

A new book documents the city’s 20th-century obsession with glitz and glow.

From Panamanian Gang Members to City Tour Guides

Insiders show tourists around Panama City’s areas formally known for drug trafficking and murder.

Ruben's Elevator/Dress Code

The Last Elevator Operator in Los Angeles

A short film pays tribute to 75-year-old Ruben Pardo, who drives the elevator up and down a Wilshire Boulevard building six days a week.

Stephan Savoia/AP

A New Dictionary Down Under

Australia officially updates its lingo for the first time in nearly three decades.

AP Photo/David Goldman

It Looks Like the Soda Tax Paid Off in Berkeley

Consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks dipped 21 percent after a tax was enacted, a new study finds.

Tony Gentile/Reuters

Italy's Birthday Present to 18-Year-Olds: €500

To be used for the culturally enriching activities of their choice.

The Florida Retirement Community Designed for Indians

This is what you do when you can't grow old in your homeland.

Melisa Cardona/Last Call

Keeping the Legacy of New Orleans' Lesbian Bars Alive

The spaces have all shuttered, but an oral history project is creating a new community through retelling stories from the 1980s bar scene.


Staying Cool and Connected During Hajj Under a Solar-Powered Umbrella

This “smart” umbrella turns the sun’s rays into electricity to power its built-in flashlight, fan, and GPS system.

Leighton Kelly/Heyday Books

Foraging in the Northern California Waterways

A new book makes the case for environmental reverence through ethical fishing.

Rabbitland Cafe/Youtube

Hong Kong's First Bunny Cafe Comes With a Note of Caution

It takes a lot of work—and a good amount of space—to own a rabbit in one of the world’s densest cities, but this pseudo-petting-zoo fills the void.

Claire Nelson

A Real-Life Forum for Real Urban Issues

Urban Consulate aims to encourage uncomfortable—and inspiring—conversations in Detroit, Philly, and NOLA.

Courtesy of Janne Saario

How to Build a Better Skatepark

A Finnish skateboarder and landscape architect rethinks these historically community-aggravating youth spaces.

Wikimedia Commons/Bain News Service

Mapping Jewish Culture Through 200 Years of Cookbooks

A new exhibition looks to recipes to highlight shifting traditions.

Jorge Gonzalez/Flickr

You Can't 'Open' a Dive Bar

Hole-in-the-wall spots need time to evolve.