The Modern Urbanist's Guide to Life

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What Burglars Can Teach Architects

A new book uncovers what breaking and entering can reveal about buildings.

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The Ultimate Party for Literary Nerds

Across the U.S. and Canada, rallies are celebrating independent booksellers.

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Meet the Woman Coaching Drivers Through Roadside Crises

Letisha Ghanbari has talked people through lock-outs and childbirth.

Daniel Avila / NYC Parks

Playgrounds for All

The success of “joint use” programs in San Francisco and New York shows the benefits of opening schoolyards up to the local community.

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Scenes From the American Railroad

A photographer travels the U.S. on Amtrak to document the lives of the passengers on board.


Up Close and Personal With Urban Wildlife

The new book Unseen City makes a case for staring pigeons in the eye.

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Your Newest Reminder of the Wage Gap Is an Alarm Clock

The 79% Work Clock chimes to alert employees of the persistent pay gap in the U.S.

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Finding a Familiar Shore

Wandering along New York’s waterfronts helped me adjust to life in the city.

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At Home Among the Stacks

How seeking out used bookstores helped me find my way through unfamiliar cities.

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Tiny Treehouses for Your Houseplants

An artist creates whimsical worlds for apartment flora.

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This Is What Your Dessert Options Will Look Like if Pollinators Go Extinct

A diminished Whole Foods aisle shows just how sad our world would look without bee and butterfly populations.

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Introducing a Slim Water Bottle to Reduce Consumer Waste

It fits easily in a laptop bag or pants pocket.

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A New Perspective on 'Ethnic' Urban Restaurants

A recent book examines food and cuisine through the experiences of the people who produce it.

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What the 'Freedom' of a Car Means to Me in a City Where Everyone Drives

Compared to the subway I was used to, driving in Seattle was freeing—but it was also lonely.

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This Plucky Little Strawberry Illustrates the Food Waste Crisis

A new PSA follows fruit from field to trash can.

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Turns Out, Growing Weed Is Really Bad for the Environment

The plants use up tons of water and dirty fossil fuels.

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Tour the 'World's Most Stunning Restrooms'

Here’s the guidebook intrepid travelers never knew they needed.

Minnow Park

Scamper Up the New Bouldering Wall Beneath the Brooklyn Bridge

The largest outdoor bouldering facility in North America is open for business—and part of a national trend of fusing recreation and public health.

Sandra Korn

How a Simple Graphic Poster Takes a Stand Against Islamophobia

Signs bearing the message “Refugees Are Welcome Here” have sprung up in cities across the country.