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The Gentrification of Sitcoms

How the future ‘Living Single’ reboot can reclaim the urban narrative ‘Friends’ ran off with.

Lady Allen of Hurtwood Archives, Coventry, U.K.

Can We Bring Back Riskier Playgrounds?

Until the 1980s, playgrounds were spaces of adventure and art.

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What Made Coffeehouse Culture Go Boom?

A not-exactly-empirical analysis of how the cafe became a trademark of almost every city neighborhood.

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Suburbia at a Crossroads in '20th Century Women'

The new film portrays 1979 as a moment when Americans might have gone down a different path.

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Curating Symbols of a Country in Turmoil

Museums and libraries are collecting ephemera that encapsulates social upheaval.

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Using Tinder in Your Hometown Is Like Visiting an Alternate Reality

Surfing the app on a trip back home can be a way of imagining what life would be like if you never left.

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The Wearable Tech That Could Save Babies' Lives in India

A startup debuted a bracelet to protect newborns from hypothermia.


Super Mario Just Moved to NYC

In the video game ‘Super Mario Odyssey,’ he’s ready to leap around the Big Mushroom.

Brentin Mock/CityLab

The Hidden Fences of August Wilson's Birthplace

The structures both define and devalue a fabled Pittsburgh neighborhood.

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The Guatemalan Towns Plastered With Icons of America

When workers emigrate to the U.S., the regions they leave behind often adopt identities that straddle borders.

Alexander McBride Wilson

The Phone Booth for Japanese Mourners

On the outskirts of Otsuchi, a town battered by the 2011 tsunami, a rotary phone is a gathering place for people to recall loved ones lost.


How Teachers Learn to Discuss Racism

Urban-education programs prepare them for imperative contemporary conversations with students.

Oscar Boyson

A Globetrotting Filmmaker, Seeking Answers About Our Urban Future

Oscar Boyson’s documentary is a jet-setting look at problems and solutions in cities centers across the world.

Ynon Lan

A Flip-Book Tour of New York City

This short film paints an intimate portrait in less than two minutes.

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What Kids Can Learn From Urban Planning

In some schools, “design thinking” has become a buzzword emphasizing critical thinking and problem solving.

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Finding Joy in Urban Winters

The Danish concept of hygge, or coziness, offers a blueprint.

Wellcome Library

The Case for the Commons

Private property is a relatively new invention. What’s the future of sharing stuff and services?

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, ...

Understanding Cities Through Urban Gastronomy

“Activating the City,” a new exhibition in Seoul, looks at how the distribution and consumption of food shapes urban areas across the globe.

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The Chicago Chefs Making Fancy Cuisine Approachable

Saturday night dinners at El Ideas include a handful of bone-marrow breadcrumbs.