The Modern Urbanist's Guide to Life

What Makes a Great Bus Driver, According to the Best in the World

Past and present champions of the world’s premier bus-driving competition tell all.

Things That Go Boom In the Night

Pyrotechnic nuts share the craziest new firework trends.

Make a Print of Any Place on the Globe

For a custom map, just click, drag, and zoom.

The Bug-Eating Movement Is Coming for Your Milkshakes

This protein powder is like whey, but made out of crickets.

Story Time With Subway Strangers

One New York transplant documents reading riders on social media—and finds community in the process.

On the Job With: A Beach Lifeguard

“We aren’t Baywatch.”

How to Celebrate Gay Pride Without Being a Jerk

Etiquette rules don’t fly out the window just because everyone’s wearing feather boas. Here’s how to be respectful, even in your sequined finest.

Making Music Out of Traffic

Designers imagine ways to make electric cars safer—and symphonious.

Why We Pay a Premium for Whole Foods

The company’s overcharging scandal underscores our tendency to associate higher prices with higher quality.

How to Buy (Legal) Weed Without Being a Creep

Don’t be weird about it.

How to Stop Crooks From Stealing Your Bicycle Seat

Bike mechanics reveal the best tricks to frustrate would-be saddle thieves.

You're Probably Recycling Wrong

An expert explains how to do it smarter, and why some materials muck up the sorting process.

Avoid Email Faux Pas With the Take-Back Button

You’ve got 30 seconds to redeem yourself.

Ask CityLab: How Do I Wage War on Rats?

An urban rodentologist explains how to defeat the sneaky vermin.

The Secret to a Happier Ikea Trip: A Gluttonous Quantity of Candy

Finally, a purchase you won’t fight over.

On the Job With: A Dog Walker

She can tell the quality of your dog’s food from its poop.

McDonald's Begs You to Bike With a Big Mac

The fast food company is wooing millennials with a painfully earnest drive-thru concept.

The Best Ways to Throw Shade

Just in time for summer: three smart ways cities, and the people who live in them, deflect the sun’s rays.

NYC Frontiersmen Live in Swanky Rooftop Cottages

They’re not exactly roughing it.

How to Get Your Bearings When Exiting a Subway Station

Three wayfinding cures for that sense of disorientation at the top of the stairs.