The City With the World's Toughest Anti-Airbnb Laws, New York City Cracks Down On Steam Heating, and more...

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

The City With the World's Toughest Anti-Airbnb Laws

Months after passing tight restrictions, Berlin still has plenty of vacation apartments available. But the tide could be turning.

Feargus O'Sullivan

New York City Cracks Down On Steam Heating

Upgrading cranky, ancient systems could be one of the largest single opportunities to cut building emissions.

Laura Bliss

Mayors Set a Tight Deadline to Initiate Climate Action

The next four years will decide if the world can deliver on the Paris agreement, and cities are tasked with an ambitious call to jumpstart the effort.

Linda Poon

4 Major Cities Agree to Ban Diesel Vehicles

They hope to reduce the roughly 3 million yearly deaths tied to outdoor air pollution.

John Metcalfe

How Sacramento Rolled Out a Mobile Restroom for the Homeless ​​​​​​​

The Pit Stop project hired restroom attendants who can empathize with the population they’re trying to reach.

Mimi Kirk

Behold This Huge Interactive Map of D.C.'s Historic Buildings

It took the city’s office of historic preservation more than 15 years to make, covers 127,000 buildings, and it’s still not quite finished.

David Dudley

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