What Squatting Can Teach Us About Wasted Space, How to Uproot a 'Tree of Death', and more...

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Monday, February 20, 2017

What Squatting Can Teach Us About Wasted Space

In an era of extreme housing precariousness, a new book looks at the history of a radical alternative.

Laura Bliss

How to Uproot a 'Tree of Death'

Predictive tools can now track how a single shooting incident triggers a lethal cascade of gunshot violence—and predict who will be targeted next.

Michael Friedrich

Is Detroit Really Making a Comeback?

Though it is back from the brink of bankruptcy, the city’s reality isn’t as rosy as the popular narrative suggests.

Laura A. Reese and Gary Sands

The Best Thing About Bicycle Commuting Is the Rage

Do you enjoy shrieking at strangers in public? You should get on a bike.

David Dudley

Epic Boondoggles, Ranked

It’s not the Big Dig or the Second Avenue Subway. America’s biggest infrastructure quagmires are much, much larger than that.

Kriston Capps

The Cities That Have Risen From Ruins

Whether they’ve been leveled by wars or earthquakes, cities don’t tend to stay wastelands forever.

Linda Poon

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