The Legacy of Rails to Trails, 6 Lessons From Rebuilding Haiti's Capital, and more...

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Friday, July 3, 2015

The Legacy of Rails to Trails

The High Line made a huge splash when it opened in Manhattan in 2009. But the underlying concept behind it is rooted in decades of history.

6 Lessons From Rebuilding Haiti's Capital

After a devastating earthquake, some innovative urban development work is going on in Port-au-Prince.

Flavie Halais

Swipe to Find Your Dream Apartment

HomeSwipe is the Tinder of apartment hunting.

Vicky Gan

NYC Wants to Convert a Former Youth Jail into Housing

The city is looking for backers to convert a former roach-infested youth jail into a mixed-use affordable housing complex.

Brentin Mock

Ka-Pow! Developers Are Using Comic Books to Sell Condos

A one-act play about a comic book about a condominium development.

Kriston Capps

How to Find a Place to Store Your Bags When You're Not a Hotel Guest

Taking a trip over the long weekend? Here’s how to avoid dragging your luggage with you if you don’t have a place to crash.

Jessica Leigh Hester

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