If Obamacare Dies, Cities Will Feel It, The Foreclosure King Faces His Critics , and more...

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Friday, January 20, 2017

If Obamacare Dies, Cities Will Feel It

The ACA directed millions of dollars to urban public health initiatives addressing everything from lead poisoning to healthcare access.

Laura Bliss

The Foreclosure King Faces His Critics

Steven Mnuchin, the president's nominee for Secretary of the Treasury, facilitated tens of thousands of foreclosures as chairman of OneWest. Where does he stand on homeowner protections?

Kriston Capps

What America's Small-Town Mayors Think About Trump

The local leaders are breaking from tradition to weigh in on presidential politics.

David Murray

New York's New Weapon in the Battle Against Subway Trash

The city hopes to declutter its 662 miles of track to prevent train-delaying debris fires.

John Metcalfe

A Green Light for Denver's Controversial Highway

The FHWA’s decision on ‘Central 70’ came on the eve of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, which is surely no coincidence.

Laura Bliss

New York's Early Skyscrapers, Transplanted to Paris

The Haussmanhattan blog shows what Manhattan-On-Seine might have looked like.

Feargus O'Sullivan

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