Don't Panic About the French Elections , The Invisible Network That Makes Cities Work, and more...

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

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Don't Panic About the French Elections

Not yet, at least. Despite the abundant parallels between Trumpism and the populist rage powering Marine Le Pen, the French contender isn’t a mirror image of the American president—and she’s not likely to prevail in next month’s run-off.  

Feargus O'Sullivan

The Invisible Network That Makes Cities Work

Despite fears of declining social capital and lack of faith in civic institutions, the “new trust economy” is thriving in urban areas.

Ian Klaus

Cities Can't Fix the New Urban Crisis

Not on their own, at least. To address the ever-more-complex problems afflicting cities, we’ll need a regional approach.

Amy Liu

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Anatomy of the 7 Train

How the most diverse subway line in America forges a shared urban identity, according to a new book.

Tanvi Misra

The Hopes and Fears Around Ben Carson's Favorite Public Housing Program

HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration program tries to save public housing units by transferring them to the private sector. It’s earned bipartisan support, but some housing advocates worry about accountability.

Rachel Cohen

This Magic Dutch Traffic Light Helps Bicyclists Avoid Stopping

A system called “Flo” system uses cute creatures to tell cyclists to speed up or slow down to catch a green light.

John Metcalfe

Life in the Bike Lane

Join our new Facebook community for urban cyclists!