Training the Community to Respond to Cardiac Arrest, Home Sweet Home for LGBT Seniors, and more...

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Training the Community to Respond to Cardiac Arrest

How crowdsourcing is boosting bystander CPR rates.

Eillie Anzilotti

Home Sweet Home for LGBT Seniors

Elderly LGBT individuals often have trouble finding affordable housing. Two new buildings in New York City could change that.

Jessica Leigh Hester

The Uncertain Future of a Middle-Class Stronghold

As incomes fall across the nation, even better-off areas like Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, are faltering.

Alana Semuels

Charting the Disparity in U.S. Hourly Wages

By and large, white men still lead in median hourly wages, a new study reveals.

Tanvi Misra

How Libraries Can Help Map the History of Rural America

With a grant from the Knight Foundation’s News Challenge, Historypin will help libraries weave together the history of rural American communities.

Linda Poon

Where America Sees Rain on the Fourth of July

Crunching the historic numbers shows Florida and New England like it moist.

John Metcalfe

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