What If the Last Bookstore Closes?, A Photographer Makes the Toxic Gowanus Canal Look Beautiful, and more...

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Friday, October 24, 2014

What If the Last Bookstore Closes?

A fight to keep a Barnes & Noble alive in the Bronx points to the necessity of real bookstores—and to the struggle for the borough to get one in the first place.

Sarah Goodyear

A Photographer Makes the Toxic Gowanus Canal Look Beautiful

It sounds impossible, but these shots bring out an impressionist dreaminess.

John Metcalfe

How Racial Equity Can Make Cities Richer

The largest metros would have seen a 24 percent bump in economic growth in 2012 if racial employment disparities didn't exist.

Tanvi Misra

Why Do People Move: Jobs or Housing?

A new study finds a close connection between the two.

Richard Florida

Oakland Can Now Order Landlords to Evict Sex Workers

A revised city ordinance claims to protect tenants from "nuisance" and crime. But it opens a suspiciously short and strategic path to evicting sex workers with little evidence, notice, or recourse.  

Kriston Capps

Improving a City's Disaster Response–With Bikes

Organizers of San Francisco's first Disaster Relief Trials think cyclists can play a critical role in times of emergency.

Carrie Kirby