The Controversial Business of Hustling Recyclables in West Oakland

A documentary profiles residents who scavenge for metals and plastics.

Neil Hall/Reuters Pictures

U.K. Predicts a Population Boom in London

Over 1 million new Londoners will arrive within a decade—while some northern cities shrink.

Clodagh Kilcoyne/Reuters

The Dublin Property Boom and Its Disappearing Artists

“Up to a few years ago we literally had a surplus of suitable buildings in the city, but now rents have doubled, if not tripled.”

Daniel Knieper/Flickr

Is Tourism Spoiling Iceland?

The island nation’s visitor boom is putting its infrastructure under heavy stress, but some answers are on the way.

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Robert Galbraith / Reuters

Geographic Inequality Is Swallowing the Recovery

The geography of business formation and job growth is concentrated in less than two dozen counties across the nation.

Patrick Semansky / AP

The First Verdict in the Freddie Gray Case

Police officer Edward Nero has been acquitted of all four charges against him.

Guillermo Buelna

The Patron Saint of Mexican Migrants

“I prayed and he got me to the other side.”

AP Photo/John Minchillo

Why Kids Go Hungry in the Summer

Throughout the U.S., policies around providing meals for low-income children fail to reach 85 percent of those in need.


Inside Detroit's Failing Public Schools

How did the school district decline so dramatically?

REUTERS/David Gray

4.2 Million More American Workers Are Now Guaranteed Overtime Pay

The Department of Labor just finalized a new rule extending income-based overtime protections for the first time since 2004.

REUTERS/Mike Blake

America's Road to Economic Opportunity Is Paved With Infrastructure Jobs

With millions of jobs in transportation, water, and energy opening up over the next decade, workforce development programs are essential, a new report finds.

Hannah Mckay/Reuters

How Donald Trump Is Helping London's New Mayor

In all the ways that matter, Sadiq Khan’s battle to prove a Muslim has every right to oversee the U.K. capital is already won.

Ne Davimo Beograd

How an Entire Street Gets Illegally Knocked Down Overnight

Police in Belgrade colluded in plans to make way for a controversial new waterfront development, says Serbia’s ombudsman.

AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis

Why a Mississippi City Is Just Now Being Forced to Desegregate Its Schools

A federal judge says Cleveland, Mississippi, must finally comply with a historic ruling the U.S. Supreme Court made more than 60 years ago.

Guillaume Baviere/Flickr

Paris Declares War on 'Ghettoes for the Rich'

The city will build public housing in its wealthiest neighborhoods.

Ron Miriello/Soviet Poster Show

Posters of City Life in a Fading USSR

A traveling design show toured the U.S. 25 years ago to shed light on Soviet city life under a failing but reforming government.

Reuters/Danny Moloshok

A New Wave of Deportations Shows Obama's Double-Talk on Immigration

The administration’s system for protecting asylum-seekers and other immigrants has major flaws, ones that have led to deaths following deportations.

Orlin Wagner / AP

The Show-Me-Your-Voter-ID State?

Missouri voters will decide on a constitutional amendment that would require photo identification in order to participate in elections.

Jonathan Drake / Reuters

Feds Put Schools on Notice to Respect Transgender Rights

In a letter sent Friday, federal officials warn local districts not to discriminate against students using restrooms.