How Atlanta Is Combatting an Alarming Rate of HIV Infections

An increasing number of African Americans in the city are living with HIV and AIDS. Here’s how Atlanta plans to reduce those numbers.

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The Devastating Link Between Wildfire and Sprawl

Suburban development along forest fringes puts people directly at risk—and contributes to climate change.


Will Ousting Chicago's Police Chief Change Its Culture of Violence?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel claims he’s addressing police failures in the killing of Laquan McDonald. But real change will require more than just cleaning house.


A Tiny Town in South Dakota Is Back on the Market

The tale of Swett shows both the risk and appeal of being your own mayor.

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What to Expect at the Paris Climate Talks

Fairness, finances, and local action will all play a part in the COP21 talks.

Texas Department of Transportation via Kinder Institute

How the Fight Against Urban Renewal Shaped 1970s Houston

A case study in local infrastructure, racial inequality, and civic activism.

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Police Video Is Never Enough

Would body cameras have made justice speedier for Laquan McDonald? Not without new laws.

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How Zoning Laws Exacerbate Inequality

Such laws aren’t just a headache for developers, economists believe. They’re bad for (nearly) everyone.

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Why Cities Are Key to Success at the Paris Climate Talks

Local transit and energy initiatives can scale up to significant carbon savings.

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Study: North Carolina's Black Voters Live in a State of 'Electoral Apartheid'

For one, the distance black voters must travel to the polls has increased since 2012.

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

A Majority of Black D.C. Residents Say Redevelopment Has Mostly Been a Bad Thing

Affordable housing is a major concern in a new survey of District residents by The Washington Post.


In a City of Immigrants, Rotterdam's Muslim Mayor Leads by Example

Ahmed Aboutaleb is never afraid to speak his mind as he works to make Rotterdam more prosperous and culturally integrated.

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A 3-Day, 30-Mile Traffic Jam Stalls Kenya

Travelers have been stranded without water or food, miles from any shops.


The Jonestown Massacre And the Seduction of the 'Racial Utopia'

The 37th anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre this week invites an examination of what the people it attracted were running from in the first place.


Wheelchair Users Are More Likely to Be Killed in Traffic Than Other Pedestrians

A new study raises concerns about street design and city accessibility.

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New York City Closed 29 High Schools. What Happened to the Students?

A new report shows Bloomberg’s controversial closures have had some positive effects, contrary to popular opinion.

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Rand Paul's Call to Deny Housing Assistance to Syrian Refugees Violates the Fair Housing Act

The senator gets a lot wrong in his amendment to exclude Syrian refugees from federal housing assistance.

Mark Byrnes/CityLab

Governors Don't Want Syrian Refugees. Mayors Are Asking for Even More

Your state might oppose Syrian refugee resettlement, but odds are your city feels the opposite.

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Scallops, Tuck Shops, and Bubblers: Mapping the Australian Lexicon

The country may not have dramatic regional accents, but variants in vocabulary abound.