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Portland's Answer to Climate Denial? Local Action

Mayor Charlie Hales talks to CityLab about regulating fossil fuels at the local level and organizing cities to take meaningful climate action on their own.

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The Luxury Resort Sweeping Away Beirut's Last Public Beach

A lack of public space makes the development of the Ramlet el-Bayda beach particularly painful for the poorer residents of Lebanon’s capital city.

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How U.S. Metro Area Votes Changed Between 2012 and 2016

Trump’s vote share increased in half of all metro areas compared to Romney.


London Will Double Its Spending on Cycling Infrastructure

That money will pay for more bike lanes and bridges. Can it also buy a genuine cultural change?

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What It’s Like to Be an Immigration Attorney Just Before Trump Takes Office

One lawyer says that she’s seen a tenfold increase in calls, emails, and inquiries to her firm since the election.

The Global Parliament of Mayors

A Governance Alternative to Faltering Nation-States

Why a Global Parliament of Mayors matters now more than ever.

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Save More Diverse Places

Our American landscape needs to tell the full American story.

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It's Not Necessarily a Bad Idea to Have a Health Expert Lead HUD, Though

Maybe Dr. Ben Carson is not the best choice for HUD secretary, but the link between housing and health makes a medical professional a good pick for this Cabinet position.

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What's the Future for Education and Civil Rights in the Trump Era?

Experts with varying opinions weigh in on what the arm of the Department of Education could look like under the new administration.

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The Winners of the C40 Cities Awards for Climate Change

The top cities mass-produce compost, use landfill gas to heat a stadium, and “deconstruct” rather than demolish homes.

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Mayors Set a Tight Deadline to Initiate Climate Action

The next four years will decide if the world can deliver on the Paris agreement, and cities are tasked with an ambitious call to jumpstart the effort.

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For the Undocumented, Life Looks Different Outside a Sanctuary City

Mere miles from New York City, immigrant families struggle to get by without the support sanctuary policies would offer them.

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The New 'Good Jobs'

Jobs that pay well but don’t require a bachelor’s degree are what many Americans want—and these days, they’re not found on an assembly line.

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Mapping How America's Metro Areas Voted

The geography of the 2016 election is spiky.

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Paris's Groundbreaking Car Bans Face a Backlash

Mayors of neighboring cities say they’re suffering from plans to turn a major roadway into a car-free zone.

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The Mayor Who Wouldn't Let Art Ruin His Olympics

In a stunning act of censorship, Corridart was dismantled on orders from Jean Drapeau just before the ‘76 Summer Games.

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Teach-Ins in the Time of Trump

After the election, universities are positioning themselves as sources of information about immigration rights.

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4 Questions About the Incoming Secretary of Transportation

Former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao’s connections to Congress will likely prove useful.

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How America's Metro Areas Voted

Large metros voted for Clinton. Everywhere else went for Trump.