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Life After 'The New Jim Crow'

A conversation with the civil rights law scholar Michelle Alexander on how to dismantle the mass incarceration crisis in the U.S.

Andrea Comas/Reuters

A Blueprint for Keeping Homeless Kids in School

Across the country, states and districts are hatching new ways to implement federal provisions coming into effect this fall.

Bill Haber/AP

The Fight to Remove the Andrew Jackson Monument in New Orleans

Activists say they can’t wait for a court decision when it comes to the legacy of white supremacy.

Violet Kim

Seoul's Fight For a Better River

The latest renewal plan hopes to see the Han become a cultural icon similar to the Thames or the Seine. But can shopping and sightseeing ferries fix the waterway’s deeper problems?

Courtesy of Mi Familia Vota

In Houston, Taco Trucks Serve Up Voter Registration

Texas joins the growing movement to get food-truck customers to vote.

Elihu Rubin

Making a Better City Out of 'Model City'

In New Haven, a student-driven signage project and a government-led redevelopment take different approaches to addressing mistakes made decades ago.

Reuters/Pat Markey

Why Colombia's Peace Agreement Is an Opportunity for Cities

Fifty years of conflict spurred chaotic urbanization in Colombia, but peace offers hope for a new future in the country’s urban centers.

Jan Banning

What the Criminal Justice System Looks Like Across the Globe

In Law & Order, Jan Banning photographs jails in Uganda, France, Colombia, and the United States.

Gary Cameron/Reuters

Ford's Twitter Beef With Trump, Explained

Yes, the automaker is building more small cars in Mexico. Get used to it.

Thomas Hartwell/AP

Riding Public Transit in Cairo After the Revolution

Truly addressing the Egyptian capital’s transportation issues means empowering the masses to move around more easily. That's not something President Abdel Fattah El Sisi (nor those invested in him) can afford.

Jessica Leigh Hester/CityLab

Federal Dollars for Urban Farms

A new agriculture bill could help city growers expand their operations.

Mike Segar/Reuters

American Voters, in Their Own Words

A new podcast tries to tease out why voters are really lining up behind each candidate.

Carlo Allegri/Reuters

A Pre-Debate Cheat Sheet for Fact-Checking Trump's Urban Whoppers

Let’s make telling the truth great again.

Christopher Maier

What Makes Reading Terminal Market So Special to Philadelphians?

Open for over 120 years, it’s as vibrant as it has ever been—and a magnet for every kind of local.

David Goldman/AP

Donald Trump Is Wrong About Stop-and-Frisk

Stop-and-frisk has not been going “incredibly well” in New York City, as Trump says—or in any other city.

Gerry Broome/AP

The Farm-To-Table Movement and Rural Gentrification

As the food trend spreads, its impact and limitations on actual, real-life farms and farming communities becomes more visible.

Rebecca Blackwell/AP

Rethinking the Refugee Camp

As displacement rises from crises around the globe, the need to provide meaningful and sustainable communities for migrants grows.

Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters

The Unequal Burden on Cities in Germany's Refugee Crisis

A new report nonetheless finds much to praise in their response.