Charles Mostoller/Reuters

America's 'Big Sort' Is Only Getting Bigger

Political polarization in the U.S. mirrors its spatial divide.

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Uber's Latest Offer: Free Flu Shots

In 15 U.S. cities, users can get vaccines (and a subtle lobbying effort) delivered on demand.

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How to Pass a Soda Tax

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney shares his city’s experiences battling the sugary beverage industry.

Austin Police Department/AP

Austin's Police Chief Won't Tolerate Violence in His Ranks

Chief Art Acevedo has lambasted top brass over high-profile incidents of violence in his department. We need more of this.  

National Equity Atlas

This Atlas of Racial Equity Just Keeps Getting Better

Looking for neighborhood-level maps of our second Gilded Age? This is the place.

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When Refugees Can't Find Work

Earning a living in the U.S. is proving difficult for Minneapolis’s large Somali community.

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D.C. Mayor: 'We Cannot Grow With Gridlock'

What traffic congestion on city streets has in common with the U.S. Congress.

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At Habitat III, a Rethinking of the Urban Development Paradigm

The concept of “value capture” surfaces as a possible path to more equitable growth.

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Why Swedish Commuters Are Suing Their Own Government

A cautionary tale of the limitations of international metro areas.

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The Justice Department Corrects for a Use-of-Force Blind Spot

A new program might signal the feds’ readiness to get more involved in local policing practices.

Gerald Herbert/AP

In a Time of Crisis, We Need a New Language of Justice

Dr. Phillip A. Goff, the president and cofounder of the Center for Policing Equity, is developing a new vocabulary for racism and policing.

Colin Kaepernick Murals Pop Up in the Bay Area

The controversial 49ers quarterback gets some love from local artists.

Kerstin Jonsson/AP

The Fate of Hitler's Birthplace

This week brought mixed messages on plans for the site from the Austrian government.


The Paradox of a Global Urban Agenda Led by Nations, Not Cities

Why mayors and other leaders from 500 cities released a manifesto at the UN’s Habitat III summit in Quito.

Eugene Tanner/AP

Who Will Watch Trump's Vigilante Poll-Watchers?

Trump’s vague and reckless calls for supporters to “monitor” elections is voter intimidation, and it may be illegal under the Voting Rights Act.

Vivek Prakash/Reuters

The Human Challenge of Global Urban Development

Before Habitat III kicked off this week, the UN released a report on the advantages and drawbacks of rapid urbanization.

David McFadden/AP

How Overseas Accounts Can Fund U.S. Infrastructure

A new proposal could bring in billions of dollars from offshore accounts to solve the country’s infrastructure-spending gap.

Charles Platiau/Reuters

Three Mayors Make the Case for More Funds

In an open letter, the mayors of Paris, Madrid, and Barcelona argue that urban areas should get more federal resources—because they’re the ones getting things done.

Andy Wong/AP

What Can a Foreign Minister Do For a City?

If the international community is going to address the global challenges it so often speaks of, it must learn how to better work with and harness cities.