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Unsolicited Political Advice of the Day: Mitt for Mayor!

And other juicy tidbits.

Wikimedia Commons

In the past three days, we've been treated to three delightful cases of unsolicited political advice.

In ascending order of importance: today, Boston Globe columnist Joanna Weiss suggests Mitt Romney (of gas-pumping, Costco-shopping fame) get back into the political game and run for mayor of Boston. Without (presumably) any further political ambitions, Weiss writes, Romney could run the city with the non-partisan approach to problem solving that he's capable of.

Yesterday, the New York Times' Michael Barbaro broke the news the Mayor Michael Bloomberg had made a call several months ago to U.S. Secretary of State (and former New York Senator) Hillary Clinton, asking her to consider a run for mayor of New York City. The revelation was addressed somewhat awkwardly by Bloomberg at this morning's press conference -- he has privately said he would support City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in her mayoral bid next year.

Finally, the venerable Bob Woodward reported in the Washington Post, also yesterday, that in 2011, Fox News founder and chairman Roger Ailes had an emissary to Afghanistan -- Fox analyst Kathleen T. MacFarland -- try to convince former General David Petraeus to run for president if he was not appointed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Petraeus declined, opting to accept the post he was eventually offered as head of the C.I.A. His reasoning? The stress a presidential run might place on his marriage.

Top image: Wikimedia Commons.

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