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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Admits to Doing Non-Crack Drugs

He smoked a lot of pot.


It's been quite a busy year for Toronto mayor Rob Ford. Back in May, rumors surfaced on Gawker and in The Toronto Star that Ford had been caught on camera smoking crack cocaine. Despite a successful "crackstarter" fundraiser by Gawker to purchase the evidence, the video's source vanished into thin air. Still, the rumors were enough to focus intense speculation on the straight-talkin', hard-drinkin' Ford, who was last seen going "over the top" with former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan.

And so we arrive at the next chapter in the seemingly endlessly Rob Ford saga. Following Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne's admission that she smoked marijuana before entering politics, Ford was asked whether he smoked pot. His response, per the BBC:

"Oh yeah, I won't deny that," Mr Ford said with a laugh when asked if he had smoked marijuana. "I've smoked a lot of it."

What a fun mayor! Sometimes he smokes a lot of pot, sometimes he definitely doesn't smoke crack. Sometimes he's up, sometimes he's down. Always keeps you guessing, this one.

Ford's weed admission, as pointed out by The Toronto Star, wasn't new knowledge. He was previously arrested in Florida in 1999 for possession, though the charges were later dropped. Ford told the media in 2010 that he had stopped smoking marijuana, although this week he did not answer questions about how long it had been since he last partook.

This post originally appeared on The Atlantic Wire.

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