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'If Elected, I Promise I Will Just Get Publicly Drunk'

But this 'candidate' for Toronto mayor says he won't threaten to kill anyone! In a city run by Rob Ford, that's progress.

For anyone somehow unaware of Rob Ford, these new campaign billboards might cause a serious amount of concern for Toronto's political talent pool.

The ads (and candidates) are fake of course, and they poke fun at some of Ford's more egregious sins while in office. They were created by "No Ford Nation," a non-profit group that says they're independent of any actual mayoral campaign.

They simply think pretty much anyone is better suited for the mayor's office. The group has also put together a Rob Ford cartoon series on their website, animating his most infamous moments with actual audio from each event, like his drunken rambling in Jamaican Creole earlier this year:

With just under seven months left before election day, the Ford-related campaign jokes have only begun.

H/T AdWeek

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