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Mapping the Surge in L.A.'s Homelessness Epidemic

Across L.A. County, more people are living on the streets today than in recent years.

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The SCOTUS Case That Could Weaken Representation for Urban Latinos

Should voting-district lines be drawn based on the number of people living there or the number of voters? The answer will influence how urban communities are truly represented.

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Local Governments Will Need Support for Election Reforms

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has called for mandatory voter registration and early voting. True change will require more resources for local elections offices.

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The Biggest U.S. Population Gains Are In Drought-Stricken Counties

Smart planning will be crucial to sustainable growth.

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We Still Basically Have No Idea What Happened With the Amtrak 188 Derailment

Most notably: whether or not the engineer was using his cell phone.

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How Municipal ID Cards Make Cities More Inclusive

They’re sensitive to gender identity as well as immigration status.

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A Remarkably Simple, Low-Cost Way to Reduce Juvenile Crime: Thinking Slow

The intervention has been effective in Chicago schools and detention centers.

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St. Louis and Kansas City Join the Fight for a $15 Minimum Wage

The news comes just as Los Angeles finalizes its landmark increase.

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How a Pair of Game-Changing Mayors Could Transform Madrid and Barcelona

Former judge Manuela Carmena and activist Ada Colau are each ready for a fight in their respective hometowns.

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You Can Go to Jail For Having Very Noisy Sex

A British woman just learned the hard way: Your neighbors don’t share your happiness.

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When Children Can't Breathe

Cities must take measures to protect their young residents from air pollution—now.


In Portland, Eco-Friendly Policies Don't Benefit Everyone: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the last seven days.


Minneapolis Has Major Racial Disparities in Its Policing

A new ACLU report shows that arrests for low-level offenses in the city skew heavily toward blacks. Including arrests that don’t “fit any crime.”

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Once Upon a Time It Was Possible to Raise the Gas Tax

It’s been done before—by a Republican President, no less.

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A Lonely Life for Immigrants in America's Rust Belt

To be far from home in a major, diverse metropolis such as New York or Los Angeles is one thing. But those who have landed in small cities across the Midwest face a whole other sort of isolation.

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Here Comes Summer, There Goes Your Running Water

In Detroit and Baltimore, residents behind on water payments prepare to go without. Why aren’t utilities going after delinquent big companies first?

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The Case for Taxing Bottled Water

The public should be able to recoup some of the social, ethical, and environmental costs of bottled water.

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How to Revive America's Neglected Local Cemeteries

The living can transform a domain of the dead into a valued community asset.

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The Troubled Relationship Between Texas and FEMA

Texans don’t trust the federal government. But the state relies on federal disaster funds more than any other.