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The Oroville Dam Crisis Exposes the Flaws in Trump's Infrastructure Plan

A near-disaster in California probably wouldn’t be averted by the kind of privatized investment that the president has in mind.

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Venice Fights Back

The world's most beautiful city has never been more threatened. But a passionate movement of locals is determined to keep it alive.

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Employers Are Making Baby Steps on Paid Leave Policies

The U.S. still lags far behind other developed countries in allowing paid leave to new parents, but companies that have invested in more generous policies say the return is worth it.


Where Do Undocumented Immigrants Live?

A new Pew report estimates the undocumented immigrant population in cities throughout the U.S. and finds that just 20 metros are home to 60 percent of them.

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Attention, State Government Watchdogs: You Might Need This

A new search engine called Digital Democracy can comb through videos, transcripts, and records of what goes on in America’s statehouses.

Taylor Blake

The (Still) Conservative States of America

As the ideological sorting of American voters continues, liberals find themselves outnumbered in four out of five states.

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The Suburbs Are Split Over Donald Trump

A new poll reveals a sharp divide between rural and urban populations over President Trump, yet it’s the suburbs that are torn down the middle.

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A Controversial Plan to Expand Warsaw

It could make the city bigger than New York—and smash its liberal vote.

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A Florida Mayor Beat the Gun Lobby, but Battle With the State Still Looms

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum took on the gun lobby—and won—in a case whose stakes were ultimately narrow.

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Is Beijing Using Smog Cover as an Excuse to Crack Down on Rural Migrants?

A new police taskforce will target open-air barbecues, burning trash, and dusty roads—minor pollution sources associated with the city’s most marginalized residents.

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Where Is the Real 'Homegrown Terrorism' Coming From?

A New Jersey domestic terrorism threat level assessment now places black separatists in the same category as ISIS.


The People Power Behind Mexico City’s New Constitution

Mexico City’s new constitution, Carta Magna, first emerged from a Change.org petition.

Still from Horse Day. Copyright: ADAGP Mohamed Bourouissa ...

An 'Experimental Western' Captures Philadelphia's Riding Culture

A look at the work of French-Algerian artist Mohamed Bourouissa, including his 2013 film, Horse Day.

Stephan Schmitz

Red State, Blue City

The United States is coming to resemble two countries, one rural and one urban. What happens when they go to war?

Pew Research Center

What Defines National Identity?

A new report finds that language matters more than religion.


For Muslim Americans, a Call to Public Service

A political action group is launching a campaign to encourage more Muslims to run for office, offering guidance and a community organizing playbook to help them get started.

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Cleveland's Mayor is Keeping Buses Out of Public Square

Against most wishes, Frank Jackson is refusing to open the dedicated bus lanes that run through the celebrated space.

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'It Would Be an Alternative Fact to Say That It's Not a Muslim Ban'

A 16-year-old Jordanian visa-holder was detained in Houston and transferred to a detention facility in Chicago, prompting confusion about how far the travel ban goes.