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What's Next For Criminal Justice Reform?

Supporters of the Department of Justice’s efforts to address discriminatory practices in urban policing may be watching the end of an era as prospective Attorney General Jeff Sessions prepares for his confirmation hearing.

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A Florida Mayor Fights the Gun Lobby

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is taking on the state government over a “super preemption law” he calls a threat to democracy.

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Prosperity, Not Upward Mobility, Is What Matters

There’s too much focus on whether Americans can move up the economic ladder, and not enough on the basic question of their quality of life.

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How Do Mayors Think About Inequality?

About half of U.S. mayors say they want to combat inequality, but they are less sure about redistribution.

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Madrid Will Ban Cars From Its Main Street

Gran Vía should be car-free within three years.

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Mark Zuckerberg Is Touring America. He Should Start With San Francisco

The Facebook founder wants to get out and see more of America in 2017. He should think more carefully about his own back yard.

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The Growing Urban-Rural Divide Around the World

How politics pits demographic groups against each other.

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This Month in Urbanism

A sampling of city-focused events around the world. This month: housing policy, innovations in design and technology, urban watersheds, and more.

Year in Review
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L.A. Is the 'Vanguard' for Immigrants' Rights

The chief of the city’s Office of Immigrant Affairs talks about what to expect in the Trump administration.

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The Best Cityreads of 2016

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we’ve come across in the past 365 days.

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London Assures the World It's Open and Diverse

Since the Brexit vote, an ad campaign has been reaffirming the British capital’s character as a multi-ethnic hub.

Year in Review
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'They’re Not Going to Be Able to Ignore This Entire City Standing Together'

Activists in Flint, Standing Rock, and California’s Central Valley reflect on the year in water protests.

Year in Review
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Enlisting Cities in the War on Food Waste

Metropolitan regions are “really important players in this whole picture,” says Dana Gunders of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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A Deep Dive Into China's 'Toilet Revolutions'

A $290 billion investment aims to upgrade public restrooms in its Rust Belt region to boost tourism. But locals need it as much as visitors.

Year in Review

The Fight to Save Copenhagen's Urban Trees

As rapid growth changes the Danish capital, one group is making sure the city understands why it needs its plant life.

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For London, 2017 Could Be the Year That Makes or Breaks the City's Future

The U.K. capital debates the impact of Brexit—and much more.

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How Badly Could Trump Hurt Sanctuary Cities?

The federal funds under threat could amount to more than 20 percent of a city budget, or less than 1 percent. Either way, cities could well end up hurting.

Year in Review
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Beyond Trump, The Next Big Climate Issue of 2017

As food and inequality play a larger part in climate politics, C40 Executive Director Mark Watts feels more positive than ever that cities hold the solutions.