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How to Keep Closing Prisons in a Trump Era

Despite the rhetoric from the president and the Justice Department, the movement to resist mass incarceration has a way forward.  

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President Trump's Border Wall Won't Be a Wall

The latest twist in the Homeland Security solicitation for a border wall: It doesn’t need to be a wall.

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Adapting 'Sanctuary Cities' to the Trump Era

Cities and immigration advocates are trying to figure out how to offer meaningful protection to undocumented immigrants.


Don't Forget About Ed Logue

Lurking in the background of today’s Jane Jacobs vs. Robert Moses stories is a man who had a little bit of both in his soul.

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The Fight to Close the Racial Health Gap Just Got Harder

Repealing the ACA could eliminate groundbreaking initiatives that ease urban health disparities. Bronx Health Reach is one.

Portland Anarchist Road Care

Portland Anarchists Want to Fix Your Street's Potholes

Meet the group devoted to abolishing capitalism, and also making streets super smooth.

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The Saudi City That's Shunning Oil

The world’s most petroleum-dependent country is building a city that will operate without revenue from it.    


Geert Wilders Didn't Take Over The Netherlands After All

European nations aren’t just dominoes waiting to fall to right-wing extremism.

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The Ghost Bosses

Private-equity firms have been rapidly buying and selling off companies for decades, and workers in Lancaster, Ohio, are living with the consequences.

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A Solar Bet to Recharge Buffalo

Andrew Cuomo and Elon Musk are the faces of a $750 million plan to revitalize Buffalo's economy with a factory for SolarCity. There’s little reason to believe in their vision so far.

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Red State/Blue City Isn't the Whole Story

Today’s reality begs for a more comprehensive understanding of the relations between states and localities.

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At the EPA, It's the End of an Era

Until he resigned, Mustafa Ali was the EPA’s most senior official on environmental and climate justice.

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Want to Gut Emission Rules? Prepare for War With California

The Golden State is ready for a fight—and it’s got a well-stocked arsenal.

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The Firm That Built the Border Fence Isn't Interested in the Border Wall

At least not yet.

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Dear Ben Carson: Start Making Sense

With major budget cuts looming for HUD, it’s time for the cabinet secretary to stand up for whatever it is he believes.

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An Artist Swapped 'If You See Something, Say Something' Subway Posters With Pleas for Civic Engagement

“It’s a call to be vigilant everywhere.”

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11 Percent of Voters Decided the Future of Los Angeles

L.A. rejected Measure S, a moratorium on new housing construction, by big margins. But it should never have been put to voters in the first place.

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No, Washington Is Not Built on a Swamp

It’s time to retire an old metaphor that has no basis in D.C.’s history.