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One Way Forward for Ferguson Is Clear—And Still Impossible

The Ferguson Commission’s new report makes the simple case for consolidating the municipalities that make up St. Louis County.

Next Economy
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When the Poor Oppose a Redistribution of Wealth

As inequality spreads, support for sharing economic gains should increase. So why is it fading?


America Is Going Crazy for Donald Trump (Piñatas)

From L.A. to New York to Mexico, people love beating the stuffing out of the GOP candidate.

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The Never-Ending Stadium Boondoggle

You and I continue to foot a large part of the bill for America’s billionaire sports owners.

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14 Years Later, Here's What We Know About 9/11 and Cancer

The link has become increasingly clear—just as victim funding is set to expire.

The Megacity Initiative

Rio's Olympic Inequality Problem, in Pictures

Those in greatest need of basic amenities are nowhere near the biggest infrastructure investments happening in preparation for the 2016 Games.

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How a Public Bus System in Johannesburg Saved South Africa $890 Million

Dedicated lanes and low-sulfur diesel cut down on traffic time and greenhouse gas emissions.

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How Should We Prepare for a Rapidly Aging Global Population?

By 2100, the number of people aged 60 and over will reach 3.2 billion.

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Market Crashes Threaten African Cities More Than Natural Disasters

Rapidly urbanizing cities could stand to lose around $1 trillion annually due to market crashes.

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Nikki Haley's Vision for Racial Equality vs. Reality

The South Carolina Governor’s speech on equality is at odds with real life in a state facing some of the deepest racial divides.

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What Surat Learned From a Preventable Flood

After a major flood, this Indian city decided it would not allow itself to become a disaster statistic once again.

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L.A. Restaurants With New Fair-Pay Practices Stand Accused of Price Fixing

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against businesses that charge an extra 3 percent to cover employee healthcare.  

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Scrambling for High Ground in FEMA Flood Map Disputes

A complex cartographic process that affects flood insurance rates has stirred pushback in places like New York City and New Orleans.

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Another Argument for a Minimum Wage Hike: It Could Reduce Smoking

A 10 percent pay bump leads to a 5 percent drop in smoking rates among men, a new study finds.

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California's 'Katrina' Could Be Coming to Sacramento

You don’t need a hurricane to have a catastrophic flood.

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Why We Say 'Car Accident,' and Why We Need to Stop

The term suggests fatal crashes are inevitable and beyond our control—they're not.

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When Fresno Was 'A City Reborn'

A 1968 film by Victor Gruen and Associates celebrates a revitalized downtown and a pedestrian mall that won’t be around much longer.


'Show Me a Hero': Home At Last

The HBO miniseries’ tragic final act concludes with residents moving into their new homes.

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Brain Gain in the Rustbelt

Cities like Pittsburgh and Detroit are attracting more highly educated people.