What the Uber Employee Ruling Means for the Future of Work

The accountability gap between companies and contract workers may be slowly closing.

Cleveland Can't Handle a Beer Called 'Sweet Baby Jesus'

A grocery chain pulled the messianic brew after customer complaints.

Dear President Obama: Please Ban Plastic Bags

The administration has moved to ban trans fats. Single-use bags should be next.


In These Powerful Maps, Cities Fracture Along Racial Lines

An ongoing project visualizes segregation data in urban areas.

Class Warfare and the California Drought

Ultra-wealthy Californians refusing to conserve water may signal the beginning of a much bigger attitude crisis.

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Why the Bay Area's $6 Billion Bridge Is Already Defective: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the last seven days.

New York's War on Salt

The de Blasio administration has proposed a warning label on high-sodium menu items.


Photographing the U.S.-Mexico Border Fence

Ignacio Evangelista's "The Line on the Map" captures the stark, literal division between nations.

Buenos Aires Wants to Outlaw Street Harassment of Women

Officials in Argentina, and beyond, are finally taking catcalls more seriously.

The Slow Death of a Brutalist Vision for Buffalo

Architect Paul Rudolph had an ambitious plan for Buffalo's waterfront, but it was only ever partly realized. Today, proof of it is beginning to disappear.

Vintage Menus Show What It's Like 'To Live and Dine in L.A.'

A new anthology proves L.A.’s historic menus are also delicious cultural artifacts.

What a Battle Over Street Vending Says About the Future of L.A.

If the city is serious about improving sidewalk culture, it should decriminalize selling food there.

Why Toronto Should Tear Down Its Urban Expressway

Removing an elevated city highway doesn’t always make traffic worse—some cars just disappear.

Where There's Still a Middle Class

A new tool reveals cities in which the gap between the highest and lowest earners is smallest.

Race, the Supreme Court, and the McKinney Pool

A pending case will decide whether suburbs far beyond Texas can use income to bar poor, black residents from more than just their pools.

Unlocking the Potential in Toronto's Suburban Highrises

The Tower Renewal project combines green retrofits with an ambitious rezoning plan. Will it be enough?


Mapping the Surge in L.A.'s Homelessness Epidemic

Across L.A. County, more people are living on the streets today than in recent years.

The SCOTUS Case That Could Weaken Representation for Urban Latinos

Should voting-district lines be drawn based on the number of people living there or the number of voters? The answer will influence how urban communities are truly represented.