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'Show Me a Hero': Welcome to Yonkers

The HBO miniseries from The Wire creator David Simon follows an embattled city resisting efforts to build public housing.


The Courage of Julian Bond

His long career in public office began with a battle for recognition, and the audacity to believe he might actually prevail.

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Why Candidates Flock to the Iowa State Fair: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the past seven days.


Junk Food Companies Want Black and Latino Consumers the Most

Soda and snack companies spend more of their budgets and time marketing to people of color, which may explain public-health disparities.

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L.A.'s New Mobility Plan Envisions a Different Kind of City

Its car-reliant reputation might become a thing of the past.

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The Murder Case That's Shaping the GOP Race

Since the July 1 killing of Kathryn Steinle, anti-immigrant sentiment has defined the Republican primary.

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The Legacy of 'Rumor Control,' From Watts to Ferguson

How rumors have shaped indelible events of civil unrest in America.

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'Transportation Armageddon' Is Coming to the Northeast Rail Corridor

Metro New York is being held hostage by political vanity, and the region’s economic health is at stake.

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A Black Man's Journey Through 'Whitopia'

In a TED talk, author Rich Benjamin shares his eye-opening stay in America’s whitest communities.

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How to Pay for a New L.A. River

Frank Gehry’s involvement in the river’s revitalization could compromise public funding.

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How Can Cities Get Renters to Use Less Water?

California's drought demands an answer, but as homeownership rates drop, the question has implications for the whole country.

New Zealand

40 Finalist Designs for New Zealand's Next Flag

Kiwis face an important decision in two upcoming referendums.


Even Doubled, America's Gas Tax Would Be Low by World Standards

And yet opposition to raising it remains fixed and fierce.

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In Rio, It's Still Full Speed Ahead for 2016

Hazardous water, displacement, and rising police violence still plague the city, but Mayor Paes insists Rio is already better off thanks to next year's Summer Olympics.

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What L.A. County Is Doing to Make Voting Suck Less

The county is on the cusp of unveiling new voting technology that might actually convince more people to show up at the polls.

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Cleveland Won the First GOP Debate

The city is taking the opportunity to make changes large and small.

Orbital Mechanics

A Grim Animation of All the Nuclear Explosions in History

Watch the Atomic Age evolve from 1945 to 2013.

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Your Vacation Destination Really Does Reflect Your Personality

New research shows introverts do, in fact, prefer the mountains.

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Nearly Every Major U.S. City Has Beef With Donald Trump

Even Cleveland, where he will star in tonight’s Republican Party presidential debate.