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Is Innovation to Blame for Inequality?

The evidence suggests innovation does contribute to the wealth of the one percent—but it also increases social mobility.

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The Startup That's Restoring Louisiana's Coast

Two scientists believe their method of planting cypress and tupelo trees—in special rodent-resistant pods—can revive the region’s disappearing marshes.

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This Helsinki Suburb Is Offering Millennials Cheap Rent to Live in a Senior Center

The youth get a housing deal, the elderly get companionship—it’s win-win.

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Brazil's Garbage Pickers Get a Funky Makeover for Their Carts

An important step toward visibility for some of Brazil’s most important—but unappreciated—workers.

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Malaysia's Giant Shooting Star Sculpture Is Trapped in a Building

The immense, glowing artwork is meant to bring life to an industrial neighborhood.

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A Most Unusual Way of Preventing Litter

Researchers say images of angry, watching eyes reduce littering by as much as two-thirds.

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The Planned Parenthood Shooting Prompted the Colorado Police Union to Attack 'Black Lives Matter'

A statement attacked a “national lie rooted in the Michael Brown incident,” among other non sequiturs.

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‘People Next Door Have Been Attacked’

A Muslim woman who lives in America witnessed the Paris terrorist attacks from a nearby restaurant. She reflects on those harrowing hours, and the Islamophobia that’s followed.

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The Housing Boom Is Not a Bubble

A housing bubble brought on the Great Recession, but the current boom may not be a prelude to another. Yet.

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Will the Paris Talks Lead to Climate 'Reparations' for Poor Countries?

COP21’s success hinges on an agreement between the haves and have-nots.


A Tiny Town in South Dakota Is Back on the Market

The tale of Swett shows both the risk and appeal of being your own mayor.


A Toronto Subway Station Gets Its Old Tiles Back, for Now


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Mexico City Looks to Gondolas to Relieve Traffic Congestion

Gliding at 15 km per hour, the proposed elevated transportation system could be a lower cost option in many corridors.

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What to Expect at the Paris Climate Talks

Fairness, finances, and local action will all play a part in the COP21 talks.

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Bad Drivers Are Forcing an English Town to Paint Its Ponies

Reflective paint is part of the latest plan to save the animals’ lives.

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How the Fight Against Urban Renewal Shaped 1970s Houston

A case study in local infrastructure, racial inequality, and civic activism.

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This Map Tracks the Satellites Whizzing Over Your House

Zoom out to watch them all orbit Earth at once.

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Why Laws Banning Cyclists From Wearing Headphones Miss the Point

They may actually work against city goals to encourage more riding.