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Traffic in London Is Still Out of Control. Now What?

The U.K. capital was a global leader in taming congestion 13 years ago. But the traffic has come back, with a vengeance.

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Take a Smell Tour of San Francisco's Presidio Park

This weekend, sensory explorers can huff the park’s trees, dirt, “yeast,” and “wet cement.”

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How the Half-Smoke Links a Changing D.C.

The iconic sausage is a delicious constant in a city in flux.

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A Brief History of Women's Housing in Los Angeles

Today, there are few services devoted to their particular needs.

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Prepare to Have Your Vote Challenged in These Battleground States

Much of the damage done by self-appointed “poll watchers” will be hidden from the public, and will happen before Election Day.

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Free Mental Health Care, on Demand

A city-run hotline connects New Yorkers with local counselors.

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A Region That Sees Racism as a Threat to Its Economy

Minnesota’s Twin Cities, one of the most prosperous areas in the nation, is reckoning with its inequities.

It Follows, From Inner-City Detroit to the Suburbs

What urban myths tell us about racial fears.

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Why Are European Cities So Dense?

It’s not just because they’re old.

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America's Class-Divided Electorate

The 2016 presidential campaign is unique in many ways, but it still reinforces the basic divides of American society.


This Saturday, Watch Part of the Old Bay Bridge Implode

A relic of the old San Francisco-Oakland span has a date with the reaper.

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A Spellbinding Tour of America's Haunted Places

In Colin Dickey’s new book, Ghostland, ghost stories reveal history’s unspeakable truths.

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The Female-Hairdo Bike Helmet That Never Really Caught On

Can anybody explain why this wig-topped, heavy-plaster helmet didn’t last?

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The City of Brotherly Love Has Little for Trump

To black voters in Philadelphia, the Republican nominee seems detached from reality, and voting for him is an idea they won’t even entertain.

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How the Recession 'Upskilled' Your Job

During the economic downturn, employers ratcheted up their pre-reqs within specific jobs—and they still haven’t stopped.


To Map Crisis Zones, Humanitarian Groups Turn to the Crowd

With a smartphone app and some idle time, you can help groups like the Red Cross navigate areas in need.

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In 'The Stepford Wives,' Community Kills

The 1975 thriller riffed on the anxieties of suburban life.


Mapping the Streets of Havana in 3D

By crowdsourcing more than 65,000 photos, Mapillary and a team of Cuban mapmakers are creating the first “street views” of the capital city.