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How to Stop Misreading Homicide Statistics

Yes, some U.S. cities have experienced an uptick in murders this summer. Here’s what that doesn’t mean.

Nikki Haley's Vision for Racial Equality vs. Reality

The South Carolina Governor’s speech on equality is at odds with real life in a state facing some of the deepest racial divides.

What Surat Learned From a Preventable Flood

After a major flood, this Indian city decided it would not allow itself to become a disaster statistic once again.

L.A. Restaurants With New Fair-Pay Practices Stand Accused of Price Fixing

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against businesses that charge an extra 3 percent to cover employee healthcare.  

A Colorful Dot Map of America's Immigrants

How international is your city?

The Resurrection of a New Orleans High School Football Team

"We have a bunch of kids on this team where the community told them they'd probably never amount to anything."

This Cup Never Tippeth Over

Mighty Mug’s new barware stays upright even if you bump into it.

The Right Way to Rent a Car

Tips from travel pros to avoid being a chump.

Scrambling for High Ground in FEMA Flood Map Disputes

A complex cartographic process that affects flood insurance rates has stirred pushback in places like New York City and New Orleans.

Hunt for Nuclear Reactors in the First Global Antineutrino Map

The tiniest particles known to science are rocketing out of the earth and our energy facilities.

Forget Crosswalk Buttons, Pound the 'Walkbump'

The fist-shaped crosswalk activator begs you to give it some love.

London's Worst Building

The Walkie Talkie has been named the ugliest British structure completed in the last 12 months, but there are reasons beyond aesthetics to dislike it.

How Many Neighborhoods Is Too Many for One Map?

The lead cartographer for Mapbox answers the technological and philosophical questions of which ‘hoods make it onto a map.

Another Argument for a Minimum Wage Hike: It Could Reduce Smoking

A 10 percent pay bump leads to a 5 percent drop in smoking rates among men, a new study finds.

How to Actually Help the Refugees Flooding Into Europe

They don't need more clothes. But these contributions really do make a difference.

A Glimpse of Earth in 10,000 Years

Climate change means the end of our world, but the beginning of another—one with a new set of species and ecosystems.

Even Fake Traffic Is Bad for Birds

A clever experiment reveals how highway noise drives songbirds out of forests and harms the ones that stay behind.

Turning Toxic Algae Into Squishy Goods

A new company hopes to put record-breaking biomass blooms to more functional use in consumer goods.

We Are Living in the Era of Job Gentrification

Employers increasingly want Ivy League grads for minor-league jobs.