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Mark Havens

The Lonely Grandeur of Beachfront Motels

The photographer Mark Havens spent a decade photographing mid-century architecture along the New Jersey coast.

Mark Lennihan/AP Photo

How Brooklyn Could Survive the L Train Shutdown

A new report urges: Keep calm and get on the gondola.

Brennan Linsley/AP

The U.S. National Park Service Grapples With Its Racist Origins

At its milestone centennial, the National Park Service wrestles with how to diversify its visitors and workforce.

Jeff Topping/Reuters

California Pushes to End Private-Prison Managment of Immigrant Detention Centers

The centers have become notorious for their dangerous conditions across the state.

Gordon Parks/The Gordon Parks Foundation

Mid-Century Harlem, in Text and Images

An exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago highlights collaborations between Ralph Ellison and Gordon Parks.

Pat Scola/Miramax and Roadside Attractions

Chicago is the Third Wheel on the Obamas' First Date

The writer and director of Southside With You talks about the city behind the future First Couple.

Matamoros Planning Commission

A Plan for a Bike Trail Across the U.S.-Mexico Border

The bi-national path would connect Matamoros and Brownsville.

(China Daily/Reuters)

The World's Longest Glass Bridge Opens in China

The 1,410-foot-long structure hovers like a celestial aqueduct above a verdant gorge.

Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters

And Now, Habitat III, the Olympics of Urbanization

The UN summit, coming in October, happens only every 20 years and aims to chart the path of global cities in the 21st Century.

Washington DNR

The American West Is So Dry That a Fire Broke Out in a River

Somebody call the fireboat?

The Urban Institute

Got an Affordable Housing Crisis? Save the Cheap Housing You Already Have.

Researchers at the Urban Institute make the case for preservation instead of construction.

Amy Harris/AP

No Prison for Big Freedia Over Housing Voucher Fraud

The New Orleans Bounce music legend has been caught in the crosshairs of the city’s complicated housing policies.


An App for Runners Bitten by the Travel Bug

RunGo uses turn-by-turn navigation and pre-charted routes to help runners explore the local gems in a new city.

New York Restoration Project

A Community Garden Became an Alternative to Juvenile Detention

A small green space in Queens helps court-involved youths turn their lives around.

Angel City Press

Photographing the Gorgeous Neon Lights of Old Los Angeles

A new book documents the city’s 20th-century obsession with glitz and glow.

Andrew Nelles/Reuters

Chicago's 'Predictive Policing' List Isn't Preventing Violence

A new study finds that the program has failed to prevent gun violence, but has helped identify perpetrators retroactively.

Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Why Millennials Aren't Buying Houses

Some are putting their careers before babies and homes. Others haven't left home in the first place.

Marcos Brindicci/Reuters

The U.S. Cities With the Most Olympic Medals

If L.A. were a country, it would rank ninth in the world.