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This Smart Mirror Floods Your Apartment With Natural Light

The “Lucy” robotic lamp reflects and adapts to sunlight all day long.

You Missed a Spot (and Made a Mural)

Powerwashing has transformed Poland’s Solina Dam into a work of art.

Almost Half of Americans Are at Risk From Earthquakes

That’s double a U.S. Geological Survey estimate made in 2006.

How Can Cities Get Renters to Use Less Water?

California's drought demands an answer, but as homeownership rates drop, the question has implications for the whole country.

The Beauty of Africa's Traditional Architecture, In One Big Database

It includes centuries-old buildings made with mud and entire cities built on stilts.

40 Finalist Designs for New Zealand's Next Flag

Kiwis face an important decision in two upcoming referendums.

America's Biggest Problem Is Concentrated Poverty, Not Inequality

Addressing income inequality is important, but worsening economic segregation has far more compounding effects.

Do Outdoor Smoking Bans Mostly Punish the Homeless?

Providence, Rhode Island, is considering banning smoking throughout its downtown business district. But critics worry it’s a pretext to force homeless people out of public parks and plazas.

Even Doubled, America's Gas Tax Would Be Low by World Standards

And yet opposition to raising it remains fixed and fierce.

When You Don't Have a Ride to the Doctor's Office

Many low income people in urban and suburban areas struggle to find reliable transportation. The result is missed appointments and poor illness management, even when care is readily available.

How Digital Tipping Could Make Us More Generous Customers

Or just develop a guilt complex.

Another Police Shooting in Ferguson

On the one-year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting, officers critically wounded another black man.

The Resurrection of America's Slums

After falling in the 1990s, the number of poor people living in high-poverty areas has been growing fast.

The Easiest Way to Navigate Municipal Websites: A Super Smart Computer

Turns out, IBM’s Watson is not just for beating humans at Jeopardy!

Turning Mud Huts Into Apartment Towers in Nairobi’s Biggest Slum

An upgrading program in Kibera has taken more than a decade, but is helping to change Africa's conversation about how to handle informal urban neighborhoods.

An Artist Is Turning a London Forest Into a Strange Zoo

“Phlegm” builds a different creature each day and posts them on his Instagram.

Is Your Smart Home Too Smart? Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the last seven days.

When Walking Was a Spectator Sport

A brief history of Pedestrianism.

In Rio, It's Still Full Speed Ahead for 2016

Hazardous water, displacement, and rising police violence still plague the city, but Mayor Paes insists Rio is already better off thanks to next year's Summer Olympics.