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The Slow Death of a Brutalist Vision for Buffalo

Architect Paul Rudolph had an ambitious plan for Buffalo's waterfront, but it was only ever partly realized. Today, proof of it is beginning to disappear.

Vintage Menus Show What It's Like 'To Live and Dine in L.A.'

A new anthology proves L.A.’s historic menus are also delicious cultural artifacts.

On the Job With: A Barista

Please make eye contact and speak in complete sentences.

California Is Sinking, and It's Getting Worse

New details highlight just how severe it has become and how little the government has done to monitor it.

2,220 Reasons Your Next Car Should Brake for You

That’s how many lives would have been saved in 2011-12, according to a new federal report.

What a Battle Over Street Vending Says About the Future of L.A.

If the city is serious about improving sidewalk culture, it should decriminalize selling food there.

Long Commutes Are Awful, Especially for the Poor

Yet another consequence of gentrification.

Let's Shame the Jerks Who Won't Give Up Their Seats for Pregnant Ladies

Baby bump on board.

The Incredible Shrinking Carry-On Bag

IATA just announced a new size guideline that’s smaller than most U.S. airlines’.

Why Toronto Should Tear Down Its Urban Expressway

Removing an elevated city highway doesn’t always make traffic worse—some cars just disappear.

Portland Debuts Rain-Themed 'Creative Crosswalks'

It’s not just being weird this time—there’s a safety value to the new crossings.

A Giant Horde of Bees Visits a British Beer Garden

There were “thousands and thousands and thousands.”

Finding Happiness in Creative Destruction

A new study finds that people living in the midst of disruptive technological change may be happier and more optimistic than you think.

The Latest Trend in Manhattan: Blocky Buildings

A new Bjarke Ingels design for 2 World Trade Center rounds out the complex with hard edges that still blend in.  

Where There's Still a Middle Class

A new tool reveals cities in which the gap between the highest and lowest earners is smallest.

The Nap Parlor of Your Dreams

Why head out for a coffee run when you could snooze with a bunch of strangers?

Every Film Shoot in New York, Mapped

Metrocosm plotted film permit data across the five boroughs.

D.C.'s Polluted Rivers Are Getting a Green Makeover

But will all residents reap the same benefits?

How Poverty Alters the Young Brain

New research reveals a strong connection between income and the surface area of several key neural regions.