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The Most Hellish Design for Airplane Seating Yet

Another plan to satisfy airlines’ seemingly insatiable desire to squeeze more passengers onto an aircraft.

It's About to Get Easier For California Farmers to Conserve Water—And Sell It

One startup wants to fix California’s water market. But shouldn’t the state be doing more?

Ask CityLab: Why Do Sewer Systems Leak Noxious Waste in the Summer?

Caution: Dry heaving and a feces-filled river ahead.

4 Key Problems With Measuring EV Pollution vs. Gas Cars

For one thing, the electricity grid is getting cleaner every day.

When You Give a Tree an Email Address

The city of Melbourne assigned trees email addresses so citizens could report problems. Instead, people wrote thousands of love letters to their favorite trees.

South Carolina's Confederate Flag Finally Comes Down, But Its Legacy Will Die Hard

State legislator Harold Mitchell says he’s happy the flag is falling, but that the politics of its statehouse supporters will continue to affect poor minority communities.

All Hail San Francisco's Cable Car Bell-Ringing Champ

Warning: These videos will most definitely make your ears ring.

Who Knew a Video Game About Infrastructure Could Look So Cool?

Grab your flashlight and start fixing a dangerous, crumbling mining city in INFRA.

The Baltimore Police Union's Problem With Anthony Batts Was That He Followed Best Practices

The Fraternal Order of Police’s scathing report, issued hours before the commissioner was fired, suggests that Batts was following guidelines from the White House’s 21st Century Policing Task Force.

How Black Vernacular Architecture Is Changing Museums

The stoop and the porch are prominent features of two new museum designs.

The Russian Government Is Concerned About Your Selfies

They’ve issued a handy chart reminding you not to pose next to an enormous animal or while dangling from a building.

Apps Don't Need GPS Data to Know Where You Are

We’re creatures of habit. And for some third-party apps, that means we’re easy to find.

The Scapegoating of Sanctuary Cities

San Francisco has become an anti-immigration punching bag in the wake of a grisly killing. But there’s little evidence that the city’s sanctuary law was to blame.

A Look Back at 'The Baltimore Plan'

This 1953 film celebrates early efforts to fix up some of the city’s most distressed homes.

New York Wants Google Maps to Discourage Left Turns

The safety precaution would fit in with the city’s larger Vision Zero push.

This Stained Glass Window Harnesses Solar Energy to Charge Your Devices

But it looks like a cathedral.

Sometimes, Defaulting on a Mortgage Is a Smart Decision

During the recession, some families made a tough choice: lose a home but protect other finances.

Berlin's New Rent Control Laws Are Already Working

The “rental price brake,” introduced on June 1st, is the city’s most comprehensive tool to date for keeping rent affordable.

A Mountain Lion Is Spotted in San Francisco

“I think there’s a cougar in my backyard, and not the type that drinks Chardonnay.”