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Where the New York City Subway Doesn't Go

A map of “transit deserts” shows the plight of the outer boroughs.

Ask CityLab: How Do I Get Rid of Head Lice?

They multiply like bunnies. The sooner you spot them, the better.

In Mumbai, Taxis Are Transforming Into Works of Art

The Taxi Fabric project gives local designers a new vehicle to show off their work.

Turning Suburban Tysons Into a Walkable City Will Take Time

A year into the Silver Line era there have been some failings, but that doesn’t make the great planning experiment a failure.

Does Living in a Global City Make You More Globally Aware?

A new study examines Twitter data to find out.

A More Efficient Way to Use Your Airplane Tray Table

On cramped planes, you need every inch of space you can get.

How Many World War I Memorials Does One Park Need?

Preservationists think D.C.'s first national World War I memorial should be restored before another is added.

California's New Weapon Against Wildfires Is a Flame-Throwing 'Heli-Torch'

It contains the blaze by destroying tinder in areas firefighters have trouble reaching.

This Mural Starts in Malta, Ends 300 Miles Away in Italy

The sea-spanning artwork is a commentary on European migration.

Offices Aren't Designed for Women in General

It’s not just A/C: Despite women having made huge gains in the labor force, office infrastructure hasn’t caught up.

How to Build a City on the Moon

The new head of the European Space Agency wants to give it a try.

Austin NIMBYs Chase Smoke in the Heart of Texas BBQ Country

But the City Council has voted not to regulate commercial barbecue emissions—for now.

A Comprehensive Map Archive of Everything Amsterdam

The collection covers a range of topics from the city’s historical development to the nearest public barbecue spot.

How the Clean Power Plan Will Affect Low-Income and Minority Communities

A significant chunk of the plan focuses on “community involvement and environmental justice.” Here’s what that means.

A Super Fun Traffic Game That Belittles Human Drivers

Good luck keeping pace with the robots.

The Great Lakes Are Alive With Toxic Ooze

Predictions of a “severe” algae outbreak in 2015 look to be on track.

What If San Francisco Renamed Its Roads After Start-Ups?

Head straight on Dropbox Street, turn left on Aravo Solutions, and look for the Lyft Embarcadero.

This Umbrella Isn't a Drag When Wet

Kjaro’s patented design catches its own drips.

Talking to My Son About Street Harassment

Young women experience the problem early on. Young men should learn about it, too.