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This May Day, Restaurant Workers Have Reasons to Celebrate

There's still a long way to go, but a nationwide movement for better pay is making progress.

Mapping Where Americans Google the N-Word

There's a disturbing connection with black mortality.

Baltimore's Police Union Chief Calls for a Special Prosecutor in Gray Case

In an open letter, Gene S. Ryan cites concerns over "conflicts of interest" with Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby. But Mosby comes from a long line of police.

The Inequality of India's Queer Spaces

"Space is power, right? We don't have a lot of it."

An Interview With Wanksy, Penis Doodler and Pothole Avenger

How an English construction worker is fighting for better road infrastructure by scribbling on the streets like a third-grader.

The Paint Job That Enraged London's Super-Rich

How this brightly striped Kensington mews house became the talk of the fanciest part of town.

How One Australian City Revitalized Itself Through 'Placemaking'

Any dead street in Adelaide is fair game for an experiment in bringing it to life.

'We Have Probable Cause to File Criminal Charges'

A statement of arrest has been issued for officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray.

Hungry Sea Lion Pups Are Showing Up on San Francisco Streets

The creatures appear to be desperately in need of food.

1968 and the Invention of the American Police State

Baltimore's 1968 Holy Week Uprising was quite different from the events of this week. But the response to it helped set the stage for Freddie Gray.

Protesters In Milan Really Don't Want the World Expo

On Thursday, members of the "No Expo" movement took to the streets. Tens of thousands more are expected to march against the event Friday.

Ask CityLab: Why Can't I Recycle a Pizza Box?

The short answer: cheese grease is ruining everything.

Uber India's Updated SOS Button Puts Riders In Instant Communication With Police

Will the new feature keep passengers safer?

After Nearly a Century, Redlining Still Divides Baltimore

A powerful new map of the city shows how its current poverty rates match up to racist mortgage policies of the past.

California's Fire Season Is Shaping Up to Be a 'Disaster'

It's already looking bad, and it's going to get worse.

Win a Date With Your Favorite Starchitect!

Bid on time with artists, curators, and others in the design field at the Van Alen Institute's "experience auction" fundraiser.

7 Benefits and 1 Huge Problem With a World of Driverless Taxis

Perhaps the biggest win: no more on-street parking.

New Docu-Series Paints a Complicated Picture of Life in a Fracking Town

'BOOMTOWNERS' examines how American communities weather rapid transformation in the thick of an oil boom.

A Sixth of the World's Species Could Risk Extinction From Global Warming

Losses will accelerate the hotter the planet gets, according to new research.