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What Scientists Are Learning From Video Game-Playing Pigeons

The birds can learn to classify and "name" a range of objects from city life.


The Best Public Transportation Advertisement Ever?

A Danish company is hellbent on making the bus seem cool.


Build Your Own Brutalist Playground in Paper Cut-Outs

A London-inspired set piece for the concrete apologist.

An Infographic Power Ranking of California's Start-Up Cities

Two MIT social scientists have developed a better way of mapping entrepreneurial quality.

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No One's Quite Sure How São Paulo Will Survive Its Drought

With severe water rationing measures looming, the mega-city is set to enter uncharted territory.

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

The Rich Get Richer—and More Educated

Wealthy Americans have seen major growth when it comes to educational attainment, but the poorest Americans still struggle to graduate.

The Impending Rise of the Mini-Chipotle

Chipotle believes it can penetrate the market further with a new, scaled-down format.

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Is Your Neighborhood Changing? It Might Be Youthification, Not Gentrification

One urban planning professor has defined this as a process that occurs in discrete stages.

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No, Suburbs Aren't All the Same. The Suburbiest Ones Are Growing Fastest

An analysis of population trends in urban vs. suburban style U.S. communities.

North Drinkware

These Oregon Beer Lovers Have Reinvented the Pint Glass

Finally, a beer glass with a 3D Mount Hood at the bottom!

Nuart/Jordan Seilers

Here Are the Tools to Hack into Your City's Public Advertising

But you probably shouldn't do that, says the artist making them.

Anthony Flint

What I Learned From a Poverty Simulation

To start, it was a far more sobering experience than I expected.


Was 2014 Really the Warmest Year? Here's Why It Doesn't Matter

Focus on the trend, not the year.


A Soundtrack of Income Inequality Along the New York City Subway

As the 2 train runs through neighborhoods of varying income, this musical data viz changes its tune and tempo.

David Ryder/Reuters

Seattle Now Has a Pot Vending Machine

The machine is the result not just of changing laws, but of technological progress.

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All the Ways Germany Is Less Car-Reliant Than the U.S., in 1 Chart

There are rather a lot of ways, as it turns out.

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Why Istanbul Is Building the Largest Monorail Network in Europe

The system will boost the efforts of Turkey's largest city to stitch together a coherent transit network.

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Searching for the Culinary Soul of Los Angeles

From taquerias to haute cuisine, a new documentary tracks a famed food critic as he lives and dines in L.A.

Georgetown BID

Does D.C. Need a Gondola?

The historic retail district of Georgetown will remain cut off from Washington's Metro system for decades. Is it time to embrace a loftier alternative?