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When It Comes to School Choices, It's a Privilege to Have Fewer

While a range of options might seem like a plus, there are costs.

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An Unusual Objection to Less Parking: It Will Make Our City Too Nice

Opposition to Champaign’s new relaxed parking requirement is actually a powerful case in its favor.

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Burgers Are For Boys and Salads Are For Girls

Your lunch is packaged with gender-based assumptions.


Comparing Bay Area Housing Prices to the World's Most Gorgeous Places

For what it costs to live in San Francisco, you might as well relocate to an unbelievably stunning Mediterranean island.

When Neighborhood Schools Get Shuttered: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the past seven days


Inside New Orleans' 'Debtors' Prison' System

City courts have been banking on fines levied against defendants who can’t afford to pay them. A federal class-action lawsuit calls this illegal.

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Obama's Message to Immigrants: Citizenship Leads to Better Jobs

A new White House PSA touts the benefits of becoming naturalized.

The Simplicity of the Walking School Bus

Or, why we had to invent a name for a group of children walking to school with one or more adults.

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Should People With Criminal Histories Be Banned From Public Housing?

HUD Secretary Juliàn Castro says the agency is reconsidering rules that make it difficult for ex-offenders to access public housing.

Christopher Herwig

A Book That Celebrates the Enduring Charm of Soviet-Era Bus Stops

Christopher Herwig snapped incredible photos of Eastern Europe and Central Asia’s architectural underdogs.

In Limbo Embassy

In Amsterdam, an 'Embassy' Where Migrants Connect With Locals

The interactive art project utilizes the only right the refugees have in the Netherlands: free expression.

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They Finally Built George Costanza's Sleeper Desk

They say power naps are good for productivity, right?

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Portland Ranks First Among Major U.S. Cities for Biking to Work

The city’s rate of cycle commuting is the highest it’s ever been.

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What It's Like to Be Hearing Impaired in a Big, Dense City

An artist tackles the challenges of navigating dense urban areas with hearing loss.

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Taking Inclusionary Zoning All the Way to SCOTUS

A challenge by California developers got smacked down by the state’s supreme court. Now they’re taking their fight to the next level.

Transport for London

Do You Want Your Subway Map to Look Pretty, or to Reflect Reality?

Londoners recently got the chance to find out.

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What a City's 'Soundscape' Reveals About Its Character

Researchers at MIT are asking people to record the sounds of their streets, which can reveal the social and economic dynamics of a place.

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Flushing the Toilet Has Never Been Riskier

Some of today’s sewers were built before bathrooms as we know them existed. It’s time to upgrade.

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At the New Broad Museum, the Architecture Rivals the Art

A new institution with a striking design opens in the burgeoning arts district of downtown Los Angeles.