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The Weather Service Warns Seattle of a Potential Historic Fire

Conditions are “quite similar” to those during the Great Seattle Fire of 1889.

Mapping the Connections Between Cities, Inequality, and Creative Economies

Some of the world’s most powerful creative economies are doing economic development wrong. It doesn’t need to be that way.

Housing Choices for Poor Families Were Bad Before Katrina, and Still Are

A new study shows that vouchers for low-income families in post-Katrina New Orleans haven’t helped integrate or improve neighborhoods.

A Map of Neighborhood Noise Pollution You Can Actually Use

Now in L.A. and soon for all of North America: Punch in an address to find out how loud the location is and why.

These Are the Saddest Amtrak Stations in America

Some of the nation’s train stations don’t make a great impression. That won’t change until Congress truly funds passenger rail.

Iowa Makes a Bold Admission: We Need Fewer Roads

The state’s DOT chief recently predicted the road system “is going to shrink.”

Barcelona's Fight Against Bar Crawls

It’s all part of the city’s struggle with its role as a tourism hotspot.

Los Angeles Eyes a More Frequent Bus Network for No New Cost

The tradeoffs would include more crowded buses and some service cuts.

Psychedelic Maps Made With Google's 'DeepDream' Code

When you apply Google’s artificial neural networks to cartography, the hills literally have eyes.

A Chinese Beach City Welcomes Its Annual Algae Bloom

The arrival of a million tons of green biomass to the beaches of Qingdao has become a summer rite of passage.

Access New York's Cleanest Bathrooms For $25 a Month

One bathroom key to rule them all.

Your Commute, Graded By Emojis

Will it be a smiley-face or crying-face kind of day?

Getting Rid of Bosses

Can a company succeed if no one is in charge?

Power Your Car With a Biofuel Made From Beer

“Brewtroleum” is reportedly the first-ever fuel produced from used yeast.

Reusable Shopping Bags May Make You Buy More Junk Food

A new study says people who use the bags believe they deserve more indulgences.

How Yelp Is Giving You Bad Advice

The science of why crowdsourced reviews can be so misleading.

Turn Your Conventional Car Into a Driverless One for 10 Grand

Cruise Automation’s RP-1 conversion system is now being tested on California highways.

A Wide-Reaching Plan to Give More Solar Power to the People

The Obama administration announced plans Tuesday to make solar energy more affordable for renters and those living in federally subsidized housing.

Would You Use an App to Pick Up Your Trash?

Here’s what Uber-for-garbage plans to do for the dirty world of waste management.