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What the MoMA Worker Protest Says About the Future of Museums

As museums balance pleasing donors and serving the public, where do employees fit in?

A Remarkably Simple, Low-Cost Way to Reduce Juvenile Crime: Thinking Slow

The intervention has been effective in Chicago schools and detention centers.

Airport Security: Astoundingly Expensive and 95 Percent Ineffective

A recent leaked report on the TSA revealed glaring failures by the agency. But screenings aren’t worth the cost even in the best of circumstances.

Pinterest's New Push Makes Buying as Simple as Pinning

And the site won’t just sell twee gingham pennants and mason jars.

The Potholes in Panama City Are Tweeting Their Own Repair Requests

The potholes have been fitted with motion-sensitive devices. When a car runs over one of them, a tweet is sent automatically to the account of the Ministry of Public Works.

St. Louis and Kansas City Join the Fight for a $15 Minimum Wage

The news comes just as Los Angeles finalizes its landmark increase.

Why the U.K.'s Tower Blocks Deserve a Vast, Visual Archive

There’s long been a polarized debate surrounding this type of housing, but that’s finally starting to change.

How Uber's Driverless Cars Could Make Pittsburgh America's Next Great Tech Hub

The ride-hailing giant has built a development facility there, luring away some talented Carnegie Mellon researchers.

On the Job With: A Museum Guard

Comfy shoes are a must.

How a Pair of Game-Changing Mayors Could Transform Madrid and Barcelona

Former judge Manuela Carmena and activist Ada Colau are each ready for a fight in their respective hometowns.

Watch 210 Years of Manhattan Densification in 2 Minutes

This visualization shows density peak in 1910, slip in the 20th century, then creep upward after 1980.

This Huge Work of Street Art Looks Like a Hole to the Center of Earth

There’s a new portal to hell in Paris.

Newark Isn't the Only Prime Spot for Sewer Fishing

Texas has a leg up on New Jersey when it comes to casting lines in urban waterways.

'San Andreas' and America's Infrastructure Crisis

It’s ridiculous disaster-porn, but with a surprisingly subtle statement on the structures that deserve our love.

A New App Brings Custom Tailoring to Your Door

An on-demand tailoring service from the Men’s Warehouse founder adds to the litany of things you can do without leaving your house.

Mapping Your City's Smells

Data scientists at the University of Cambridge explore how urban odors can guide better city design.

A 24/7 Mailbox Keeps Your Packages Safe While You're Out

Never have a delivery stolen or rained on again.

Paying People Not To Be Violent

A city program in Richmond, California, gives its most violent offenders a stipend to keep their noses clean. Could it work in Baltimore?

The New London Tube Map Is Getting Some Serious Hate

The folks at CityMetric, at least, are far from pleased.