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Here to There: An Animated History of Transportation

From the canoe, to the carriage, to the self-driving car.

Mapping the U.S. by Property Value Instead of Land Area

Troubling inequities are revealed when you look at the country by total property values.

The Panama Canal Is About To Become an Even Bigger 'Big Ditch'

The soon-to-open expanded canal will—finally—accommodate the world’s gigantic freight ships. For now.

Ford Tries to Figure Out Bicycles

The company’s Info Cycle project aims to improve the understanding of how urban streets work for cars and bikes alike.

More Immigration Means Higher Wages for All Workers

As diversity increases, both at the city and the workplace level, so does productivity.

A Drone Tour of Mumbai's Largest Bedroom Community

Navi Mumbai was supposed to be a fully functioning satellite city, but in practice it’s more like suburban sprawl.

Downtown Pittsburgh's Promising Plan to Give Streets Back to the People

Could the city become a national leader in “shared space”?

A Huge Smoke Wave Makes the Pacific Northwest Smell Like 'Burnt Toast'

Watch it swoop over the horizon with this time-lapse footage.

A New Species Is Found in New Jersey (and It May Already Be in Trouble)

The F. whitcombi leafhopper depends upon a type of grass that’s endangered.

Weed Growers Are a Drag on Denver's Energy Supply

The flowering reefer industry is sucking up energy, and the city has no efficiency plans in place to mitigate the problem.

The Problem With an Invisible Tower in Paris

Developers of the first skyscraper to go up in 40 years are selling it as a shard of luminous crystal, not a looming tower.

Why Memorializing America's History of Racism Matters

A project to place historical markers at sites where African Americans were lynched is “slow-going,” but necessary.

From Ocean Garbage to Sporty Sneakers

Deep-sea waste makes waves in a new design collaboration.

On the Job With: A Bartender

Don’t expect a wine list at a down-home dive.

Why This Iowa Town Is Raffling Off the Chance to Tase a Public Official

A police chief explains.

Affordable Housing, Always

Gentrification is pushing long-term residents out of urban neighborhoods. Can collective land ownership keep prices down permanently?

All Aboard This Flaming Bus

Rush hour in Ukraine gets livened up by a rolling, burning bus.

'Jengaform' Architecture Is Everywhere

Cities are becoming chock-a-block with blocky-looking buildings.

The National Building Museum Built a Giant Ball-Pit 'Beach'

The D.C. museum has got the big, fun, dumb, summer thing down.