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In Rio, It's Still Full Speed Ahead for 2016

Hazardous water, displacement, and rising police violence still plague the city, but Mayor Paes insists Rio is already better off thanks to next year's Summer Olympics.

A Classic L.A. Taco Stand Has Beef With Cyclists

On the eve of the car-free festival CicLAvia, Tito's Tacos is on the wrong side of history.

What L.A. County Is Doing to Make Voting Suck Less

The county is on the cusp of unveiling new voting technology that might actually convince more people to show up at the polls.

Cleveland Won the First GOP Debate

The city is taking the opportunity to make changes large and small.

This Umbrella Doubles as a Self-Defense Weapon for Women

Go for the jugular.

Why Baltimore Leaders Are Fighting Over a Milwaukee-Inspired Homicide Commission

A similar program has been credited with reducing gun violence in Wisconsin, but Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby has been accused of effectively killing it.

How Not to Get the Plague

News reports of humans contracting the infamous disease are alarming, but it's still very rare.

Coming Soon to America: One Fare Card for All Transit

It’s working in other parts of the world, so what’s the holdup in the U.S.?

Its Streetcar Nixed, Fort Worth Still Awaits a Better Bus

Five years after the trolley plan died, some locals are frustrated that other transit improvements haven’t emerged.

The Racial Gaps in America's Recovery

The national unemployment rate continues to improve, but progress has been much slower for blacks and Hispanics.

A Grim Animation of All the Nuclear Explosions in History

Watch the Atomic Age evolve from 1945 to 2013.

Compton, Revisited

Dr. Dre pledges proceeds from his new album, Compton, to building a performing arts center in the city that catapulted him to stardom.

A Gorgeous New Weather Model of the World

NOAA’s weatherView animates real-time wind and even shows city lights at night.

Your Vacation Destination Really Does Reflect Your Personality

New research shows introverts do, in fact, prefer the mountains.

Nearly Every Major U.S. City Has Beef With Donald Trump

Even Cleveland, where he will star in tonight’s Republican Party presidential debate.

California's Devastating Fire Season Is the New Normal

The state is a deadly "tinderbox."

The Murder of Kitty Genovese and the Myth of the Heartless City

The crime could have endured as a tale of urban activism rather than one of apathy.

13 Tips to Make Moving Slightly Less Hellish

How to escape with at least a shred of dignity.

On the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, There's Not a Lot to Celebrate

An onslaught of recent local elections laws have made it more difficult for Americans of color to vote.