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A Case Study in Reviving a Dying Downtown

Marcus Westbury’s new book, Creating Cities, describes the small-scale fixes that helped Newcastle, Australia.

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Where Not to Be Old and Jobless

Hidden by the steady, optimistic jobs reports in recent months is the fact that unemployment rates for Americans 55 and older have been increasing.

Mass Incarceration, Visualized

Sociologist Bruce Western explains why the rate of incarceration is so high for young black men in the U.S.

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China's Best-Performing Cities

Despite the nation’s recent financial setbacks, these metros will contribute to future global prosperity.

California High-Speed Rail Authority

There's an Awful Lot of Parking Near This California High-Speed Rail Station

If a goal of the train is to reduce car-reliance, why does a new rendering show a big surface lot?

MIT AgeLab

Prototyping the Age-Ready City

At MIT’s AgeLab, researchers work on autonomous wheelchairs, neighborhood design for the cognitively impaired, and a host of other strategies to prepare for the “silver tsunami.”


This Glowing Water Bottle Doubles As a Bike Light

The $30 Candea bottle glimmers as if filled with nuclear waste.


The Explosive Growth of Eastern China, as Seen From Space

The Pearl River Delta has gone from mostly rural to the world’s largest urban area in three decades.

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The Number of 'Anchor Babies' in the U.S. Is Actually Decreasing

A Pew report estimates 295,000 babies born to unauthorized immigrants in 2013—much lower than the Trump campaign suggests.

Portraits of the Unseen Domestic Laborers Behind L.A.'s Mansions

Artist Ramiro Gomez showcases the meaningful work of gardeners, nannies, and housekeepers.

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One Way Forward for Ferguson Is Clear—And Still Impossible

The Ferguson Commission’s new report makes the simple case for consolidating the municipalities that make up St. Louis County.

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Chinese Pilots Are in High Demand—For Drones

With skilled pilots needed in an increasing number of industries, students hope to enter a potentially lucrative occupation.

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Where to Buy a Safe Couch

Flame retardants are potentially harmful to human health. Here’s where to find couches that don’t contain them.

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How Modern Furniture Endangers Firefighters

Consumer goods are increasingly made of synthetic materials and coatings. The carcinogens they give off when they burn could be driving high cancer rates among first responders.

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How to Take a Better Work Break

You don’t need to zone out in front of YouTube and drink stale coffee.

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What Makes a Restaurant 'Authentic'?

Customers have more say than you might expect.


California's Snow Hasn't Been This Depleted in 500 Years

A majorly diminished Sierra Nevada snowpack is something we should get used to, say researchers.

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Where America's Poverty Has Shifted

Rural-to-urban population moves have changed the landscape of the poor in the last 50 years.

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Yelp Reviews Reveal Life Behind Bars: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the past seven days.