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Market Crashes Threaten African Cities More Than Natural Disasters

Rapidly urbanizing cities could stand to lose around $1 trillion annually due to market crashes.

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The Complicated Link Between Gentrification and Displacement

Gentrification can push residents out of their neighborhoods, but the ultimate effects of displacement are less clear.

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

How San Francisco Got Its New Rider-Friendly Transit Map

The design uses weighted lines to show which buses come more often than others.

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Are Half of America's Immigrants Really on Welfare?

A new report says yes. Here's why it's wrong.

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The Subtle Shifts in Retirement Community Designs

Del Webb, the country’s biggest builder of “active adult” housing, is changing its formula to appeal to Baby Boomers.

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Urban Trees Enhance Children’s Brains, Too

Even wee ones need a break from the city bustle.

Hiroshima Tourism Board

A Cat's-Eye View of Japan

Let a feline guide show you around the city of Onomichi.

NOAA SOS Explorer

NOAA Just Released the Ultimate Desktop Model of Earth

Gloriously popping graphics show CO2 transport, real-time earthquakes, space trash, and tons of other neat stuff.

Erwin Zwart / The Ocean Cleanup

Could A 62-Mile Floating Wall Clean Up the Ocean?

The system would capture plastic garbage making up the Pacific Ocean’s “vortex” of trash.


GPS May Be Eroding Our Navigation Skills: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the past seven days.

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Why There's a Mobile Stoop Roving Around Washington, D.C.

One artist is taking neighborliness on the road.

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Meet the Man Who Saved Camden Yards' Old Warehouse

Not even the Baltimore Orioles wanted to keep the neglected B&O Warehouse—until Eric Moss came to town in 1987.


A Guy Rode The Longest NYC Subway Route So You Don't Have To

It took a reporter 14 hours (and 54 transfers) to cover the 155-mile ride.

Degenkolb Engineers

A New San Francisco Hospital Is Using Goo to Prepare for Earthquakes

It’s the first U.S. building to implement technology that Japan has been using for more than 20 years.

This July 30, 2015 picture shows a blighted home in west Baltimore. Murders are spiking in Baltimore—but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a trend.

How to Stop Misreading Homicide Statistics

Yes, some U.S. cities have experienced an uptick in murders this summer. Here’s what that doesn’t mean.

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Nikki Haley's Vision for Racial Equality vs. Reality

The South Carolina Governor’s speech on equality is at odds with real life in a state facing some of the deepest racial divides.

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What Surat Learned From a Preventable Flood

After a major flood, this Indian city decided it would not allow itself to become a disaster statistic once again.

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L.A. Restaurants With New Fair-Pay Practices Stand Accused of Price Fixing

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against businesses that charge an extra 3 percent to cover employee healthcare.  

Kyle Walker, Texas Christian University

A Colorful Dot Map of America's Immigrants

How international is your city?