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A Ghost Tsunami Looms Over the Jersey Shore

Time to get off the beach?

New Docu-Series Offers a Crash Course in Urban Homesteading

Once you get a taste of your own pickles, it will be hard to turn back!”

America Is Enjoying a Patio Boom

For all the growth in cities, new housing still looks incredibly suburban.

You Can Go to Jail For Having Very Noisy Sex

A British woman just learned the hard way: Your neighbors don’t share your happiness.

Charting the Emotions of Every Room in the House

There’s “romance” in the master bedroom … and in the master bath.

When Children Can't Breathe

Cities must take measures to protect their young residents from air pollution—now.

In Charleston, Historic Black Park Space Is Losing to Luxury Homes

The South Carolina city handed over protected park space to private developers under dubious terms. Now, residents are fighting back.

An Imaginary City, 50 Years in the Mapping

Jerry Gretzinger has been working on his 1,500-square-foot map for much of his life.

An Experiment in Space-Saving Furniture

Half the time, these artsy seats don’t even touch the ground.

Soon You'll Need a Parking Spot Before You Can Buy a Car in Beijing

Officials expect the plan to reduce congestion in the crowded city.

Public Art That Isn’t Garbage, but Collects It

Washington's experiments in community art haven’t always been great. But a new project with the city’s public-works trucks reflects the real D.C.

Paris Has Had Enough of Your Love Destroying Its Bridges

Starting today, the city will begin removing “love locks” from the Pont des Arts, a bridge near the Tuileries garden.

A Gorgeous Visualization of Future Wind Patterns

Will it be still as a crypt tomorrow or gusty as a typhoon?

In Portland, Eco-Friendly Policies Don't Benefit Everyone: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the last seven days.

Manhattanhenge Is Upon Us. Is Your Soul Prepared?

Our predictions for this weekend. May God save New York City.

Workplace Safety, as Demonstrated by Buster Keaton

Just months before his death, the silent film star starred in a gag-filled project for the Construction Safety Association of Ontario.

Travel Times Between European Countries, Mapped

Here’s how long it takes to travel from Vienna to other cities using only trains and your comfortable walking shoes.

Minneapolis Has Major Racial Disparities in Its Policing

A new ACLU report shows that arrests for low-level offenses in the city skew heavily toward blacks. Including arrests that don’t “fit any crime.”

Once Upon a Time It Was Possible to Raise the Gas Tax

It’s been done before—by a Republican President, no less.