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Indy (Gently) Nudges Developers Away From Parking, Toward Transit

The Indy Rezone plan gives breaks to buildings that provide bike, car-share, or bus access.

Textile Plants Are Dhaka’s Water Problem—and Also Its Solution

Workplace safety in garment mills gets most of the attention, but the industry's environmental impacts are also a huge concern.

The Lovely Sand on Your Favorite Beach Is Also Flecked With Feces

Beachgoers who play in the sand are at risk for gastrointestinal distress.

How Libraries Can Compete With Google and Amazon

The one population that libraries can serve better than anyone else is low-income Americans.

7 Transportation Plot Lines Better Than the High-Speed Rail Scheme in 'True Detective'

Can you say: Monorail?

Is Urban Planning Having an Identity Crisis?

Some planners are calling for a shift away from rigid, conventional approaches toward more complex, flexible ones.

There's Somehow Still an Enormous Snow Pile in Buffalo

It’s up to 20 feet high, is filthy, and reportedly is growing grass on the top.

Restaurants Are Googling You

And weirdly, most diners don’t seem to mind.

Meet WNYC's Newest Reporter: This Old Pay Phone

It’s asking New Yorkers, “What does Eric Garner mean to you?”

Get Ready for the Awesome Power of the 'Milwaukee Ripple Effect'

The era of the publicly financed stadium lives on.

In Vivid Animation, the Shapes and Sounds of Planet Earth

Crop fields are computer chips and rivers are lightning bolts in this new short film.

How Fair Housing Will Turn Liberal Cities Conservative

The zoning arguments and policies that will win over liberal white homeowners won’t mention race or class directly. But they will restrict the density that makes sense for affordable housing.

One Major Missing Link to Solving Youth Unemployment: Corporations

With a pledge to hire 100,000 young people, Starbucks and a slew of other business giants are taking up an important torch.

These Maps of Which Cities Instagram Certain Foods Don't Mean Much, But They're Still Fun

Churros are a hit in Seoul and Singapore; Québécois take lots of photos of poutine.

Forget Tiny Houses—It's Time for Tiny Artist Studios

It may also be the future of affordable creative workspace in big cities.

A Portable Printer for Your Smartphone

The droPrinter can make a hard copy of anything on your screen.

Private Homeless Shelters Are Exactly as Awful as You’d Think

New York City’s privately run, publicly funded shelters leave the homeless in squalor.

Why Police Can't Be Trusted to Decide If Video Should Be Public

The killing of an unarmed man in Gardena, California, and the weak rationale for suppressing dashboard cam footage of the encounter.

Show Your New York Love With a Poster of Every Subway Station

Why? “Because … subway!”