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Relive 'Batkid' Fever With the Trailer for 'Batkid Begins'

Everybody’s favorite feel-good story is getting a theatrical release.

A Grand Jury Returns Indictments Against 6 Officers in Freddie Gray's Death

On Thursday afternoon, the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City announced indictments against all six police officers involved in the April 12 arrest and subsequent death of Freddie Gray.

What Urban Design Can Actually Do to Address Police Violence

Leaders in the field discuss what design can—and can’t—accomplish in the service of communities like Baltimore and Ferguson.

In D.C., Homeless Filmmakers Tell Stories from the Street

A local nonprofit is giving Washington’s homeless the tools to film their experiences.

These 11 Cities Are Growing Faster Than San Francisco

The Sunbelt is where it’s at.

How Urban Beekeepers Safeguard Their Hives

Across the country, the fuzzy flyers are dying off or being snatched. Apiarists share their tips for keeping hives alive.

San Francisco May Put a Moratorium on New Development in the Mission

It’s a misguided idea that would only exacerbate the city’s housing and displacement crisis.

The Texas Legislature's Last-Minute Stealth Move to Block High-Speed Rail

Whether or not the budget rider will survive remains to be seen.

America's Aging Population Is Bad News for Women's Careers

Unless the U.S. can put policies in place to support family caretakers.

Why the Massive Air-Bag Recall Won't Make Driving Much Safer

Potentially deadly car parts shouldn’t be the least of everyone’s worries—but they shouldn’t be the most, either.

America Has Half as Many Hypersegregated Metros as It Did in 1970

That’s the good news. The bad: U.S. cities aren’t necessarily more integrated.

A Nifty Visualization of the 'Vicious Cycle' of Bus Bunching

See how small delays can lead to big commuting headaches in this interactive.

The 50 States of Highly Specific Food Cravings

A new map uses Foursquare data to reveal the most unique tastes in food or drink, state by state.

The Deep Roots of America's Housing Affordability Crisis

A new analysis finds that what we see today is basically “the current manifestation of a long-run trend.”

Why Worms Matter

A new study shows that the slimy creatures battle climate change. Here’s how to help.

The Top 6 Reasons to Be Wary of City Rankings, Ranked

A list-based guide to looking beyond the listicle.

Why Cities Need Great Transit All Day, Not Just for Rush-Hour

In three infographics.

On the Job With: An Urban Arborist

“No one needs to get hurt over a tree.”

Irregular Work Schedules Have the Biggest Impact on Women

A new report reveals who is hit hardest by erratic hours and unstable incomes.