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This Swingin' Bus Stop Is 'Pittsburgh’s Smallest Jazz Club'

Commuters can now decompress to the beboppin’ sounds of a big band.

The Chesapeake Bay Is Turning Into Plastic Soup

Microplastics contaminate the water on a massive scale.

Inside the Georgia Town Where Guns Are the Law

In Kennesaw, since 1982, each head of household must own a working firearm with ammunition.

Teaching Hipsters About Safety

A new social media-driven safety campaign targets Brooklyn’s millennials.

Why Every Art Museum Should Launch a Pop-Up Satellite

In Los Angeles, MOCA is modeling how institutions with huge collections should be thinking: Move artworks into underserved communities.

Who Wants Disposable Plastic Water Bottles in National Parks?

The bottled water industry is lobbying hard to overturn waste-reducing bans in parks, claiming concerns about dehydration and health.

Peeing Is Not a Crime

Don't waste money policing public urinators—invest in public restrooms instead.

This Sleek Thermostat Is Designed to Be Ignored

Yves Béhar's deceptively high-tech device blends in with its surroundings.

Pope Francis the Urbanist

Mayors from around the world are gathering this week at the Vatican, which has quietly put together a record of urban innovation both inside its walls and across Rome.

Sandra Bland and the Long History of Racism in Waller County, Texas

The place where the young Chicago woman was found dead in a jail cell has seen more than a century of racial violence and oppression.

North Carolina's Famed Truck-Scalping Bridge Nears 100 Recorded Crashes

The real number of thunderous accidents is probably much higher.

Sydney Declutters Parking Signs With E-Ink

The solar-powered signs post different restrictions based on the time of day.

Why You Don't Really Care About the Next 'Big One'

Terrible natural disasters will come someday, but most people have a hard time worrying about stuff that isn’t imminent.

How Slavery Built Charleston

Two historians are trying to memorialize locations in the city where slaves were openly sold and auctioned. And they’re everywhere.

New York's Luxury Airport Terminal for Animals Is Bonkers

The ARK will make your experience look sorry by comparison.

Yes, Rats Are Being Trained to Sniff Out Land Mines

All they’re asking for in return are some treats and a bit of love.

A Migrant's Trek Through Macedonia

A stressful but critical step in the journey for many Syrians and Iraqis on their way north through Europe.

The Environmentalist Case Against 100% Renewable Energy Plans

It might be technically feasible, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best plan to pursue.

This Solar Panel Is the Size of a $1 Bill

Power up your phone with a solar charger you can stash in your pocket.