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A New Species of Ocean Pillbug Was Discovered in Los Angeles

The critter was found kickin’ it on a “dirty, little, rocky beach” near the city’s port.

15 Seconds of Pure Parkour Terror

A free-runner laughs at death by leaping across the side of a Dubai tower.

The Debate Over Rail Safety May Never Be the Same

It’s time for Congress to think about infrastructure spending in a more urgent light.

'The Last Black Man in San Francisco' Searches for Home in a Fast-Changing City

Now fundraising on Kickstarter, a film by two S.F. natives will grapple with race, class, displacement, and the importance of friendship.

Obama to Police: Less Call of Duty Weapons, More Call of Data

The White House is pushing police departments to share more information on officer behavior.

Why It Won't Do Any Good to Add Seatbelts on Trains

In some cases they might add to the death toll of a crash.

What If Everybody Didn't Have to Work to Get Paid?

Advocates say that a guaranteed basic income can lead to more creative, fulfilling work. The question is how to fund it.

Ask CityLab: Can I Bike With My Baby?

Here’s how to safely take your little one for a spin.

The Skyscraper of the Future

The push to build a new kind of tower has begun.

The Urban Housing Crunch Costs the U.S. Economy About $1.6 Trillion a Year

For the first time, economists have put a price tag on restrictive urban land use policies.

A Robot to Help Visually Impaired Passengers Navigate Public Transit

Technology has the potential to improve accessibility by offering directions and guidance, but some remain skeptical.

The World Is About to Lose a 10,000-Year-Old Ice Shelf

That could accelerate the rise of sea levels, says NASA.

Stranded: How America's Failing Public Transportation Increases Inequality

The nation’s crumbling infrastructure makes it hard for those living in poverty to access jobs, quality groceries, and good schools.

Apparently, Young People Are Moving to Brooklyn: Best #Cityreads of the Week

A roundup of the best stories on cities and urbanism we've come across in the last seven days.

Why Oscar Grant's Mother Still Celebrates His Birthday

“The hardest part is Oscar not being here with us to see that, you know what, his life mattered.”

Dzokhar Tsarnaev Gets the Death Penalty

On Friday, a federal jury applied six of the 17 capital counts to the surviving Boston Marathon bomber.

What You Can Learn Watching the Movements of an Entire Public Transportation System

An open-source, animated map features 249 global mass transit networks.

Contaminated and Unregulated: A Worrying New 'Water Atlas' of L.A. County

75 percent of the county’s 228 water systems are vulnerable in some way.

How a New App Could Make It Easier to Break Your Lease

But first, it will have to navigate a complex set of real estate laws.