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What the Eurostar's Success Means for California HSR

A new study shows just how much high-speed rail dominates the Paris-to-London trip and concludes it would compete with air travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco

The Problem With Blaming Food Deserts

With less concentrated poverty, food access issues get more complex

The Most Powerful Constituency in the 2012 Campaign: The Suburbs

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have been getting most of their campaign contributions from the same place: the monied ‘burbs.

Height of the Day: 720 Meters

The size of the India Tower. It would, if built, be the second highest skyscraper in the world

Urban Growth Contaminating Lake Titicaca

Pollution mounts as cities grow and sewage infrastructure lags

The Evolution of England's First Planned Community

In 1901, a team of social do-gooders teamed up to build a clean, green city. A look at their legacy, more than a century later

In London, Brutalism and a Boat

A whimsical architecture firm installs a steamship on top of Queen Elizabeth Hall

Postcard From Lyon

Shoppers strip down to their skivvies for free clothes and other news

A Sculpture of Our Transportation Future

A new kinetic sculpture in Los Angeles envisions a city with smoothly flowing cars traveling at 240 mph

How To Make a City Healthy

A group outlines eight key pillars of sustainable communities

Vancouver's Gondola Dreams May Be Too Expensive To Come True

The Canadian city has good reason to want to install the somewhat novel transit option on Burnaby Mountain, but the numbers still don't add up

The Science of How We Walk

An emerging field of research is devoted to studying pedestrian behavior

Downtown Detroit's Big Booster

Native businessman Dan Gilbert is bringing business and development downtown

How Economic Development Helps the World's Women

Understanding the connection between women's opportunity and the world's development patterns

Metro Fare of the Day: 45 Cents

The cost of a ride on Almaty's brand new subway, only the second in Central Asia

D.C. Taxi Industry Already Irritated With Uber

The app-based luxury car service once again finds itself under fire after expanding to additional cities

It's Betting Season for America's Mayors

This football season, some go all in

Postcard From Toronto

It's diet time for the city's mayor and other news

Dubai's Enormous Man-Made Archipelago 'City'

The first of 300 islands, designed for the uber-rich, is set to open