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How a New App Could Make It Easier to Break Your Lease

But first, it will have to navigate a complex set of real estate laws.

Santa Monica Just Outlawed 80 Percent of Its Airbnb Rentals

One of the most aggressive moves yet in the online rental battle seems virtually impossible to enforce.

A Dutch City Makes Room for Its River and a New Identity

Nijmegen is turning a flood-control project on the River Waal into an opportunity to redevelop its inner core.

What It's Like to Drone Over Buenos Aires

Zip through the skies of the Argentine capital with this new short film.

San Francisco Says Airbnb Is Making Its Housing Crisis Worse

Between 925 and 1,960 housing units in the city are sitting vacant so they can be rented out through the service, says a new report.

Most Millennials Don't Live Downtown

They’re living in cities, but they’re also priced out of central areas.

Berkeley Goes All 'Berkeley' With Cell Phone Warnings

The city wants retailers to caution consumers about RF radiation.

Let's All Live in a Giant, Retrofitted Oil Tanker

Architects dream of the days when “Hello” becomes “Ahoy!”

Google's New Self-Driving Car Is About to Hit the Streets

Here’s everything you need to know about Prototype.

The Case for Riding the Subway to the Last Stop

Amy Plitt, co-author of To the End of the Line, explains why you should take a long ride (and pack your own toilet paper).

There Are No Urban Design Courses on Race and Justice, So We Made Our Own Syllabus

Black students at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design say there are no design courses that consider race and justice. Here’s an outline for one.

Mapping New York's Irrepressible Gay Nightlife

The interactive project OUTgoing aims to map the history of New York City’s queer bars.

It's Too Damn Hard to Convict Awful Cops

The latest outrageous acquittal, this time in Philadelphia.

Is the Future of Work Really the 'Jobbatical'?

A new employment site aims to give teleworkers a drastic change of scenery.

Pinpointing Ride-Hail Customers to Within Just a Few Feet

A London-based geocoding startup has developed a better way for e-hail drivers and riders to communicate with each other.

Brutal Parodies of Amazon's 'Life in Seattle' Recruitment Video

One line: “I can't imagine what this place must have been like before all the new money, colorful condos, and Ferris wheels.”

A Smell Test for Graffiti

Sydney’s rail system uses high-tech sensors to detect tagging in progress.

In the Twin Cities, Commute Times Vary Dramatically by Race

People of color spend nearly 160 additional hours a year commuting on transit compared to whites who drive to work alone.

L.A.'s 'Sunken City' May Reopen to the Public

You may soon be able to (legally) explore part of Los Angeles that began sliding into the sea in the 1920s.