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Why Universal Childcare Isn't a Perfect Solution

An experiment in universal childcare in Quebec has been mostly a disaster. Here’s what could work for U.S. kids instead.

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How Boston Gives Youth Control Over Part of the City Budget

City residents aged 12 to 25 divvy up $1 million in capital improvements annually.


I'm Obsessed With San Francisco's Bunk-Bed Craigslist Ads

The horror show that is acceptable SF living speaks to the real effects of the city’s extreme housing shortage.

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The Harrowing Conditions of U.S. Immigrant Detention Centers

A new government report details the rights violations in government-run and private facilities.

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One Thing HUD Can Do To Save Trailer Parks

If the agency required localities to provide data on mobile home parks and their closing, scholars could begin to understand “the social and spacial pressures that under-gird them."

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Objecting to Bike Lanes as 'Paint Stripe Pollution'

Residents of Coronado, California, marched out a series of absurd anti-bike arguments that somehow won the day.

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A High School Where College Is Not the Goal

At Randolph Technical High School in Philadelphia, students are learning about carpentry, culinary arts, and auto repair. Has the system given up on them, or has it saved them?


What I Learned From Talking With My Neighbors About Gentrification

How conversation helped me connect with longtime residents in my rapidly changing neighborhood.

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The Immigrant Roots of Nativist Donald Trump

How the grandson of Friedrich Trump from Kallstadt, Germany, became the voice of U.S. anti-immigration policy.


A Joyously Dorky Guide to America's Energy Infrastructure

Explore nuclear and wind facilities, the movement of petroleum, and steamy geothermal fields in this mapping tool.

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Victimhood Language and the Fight Against Affordable Housing

Communities actively working against affordable housing are being disingenuous—and setting themselves up for a legal fall.

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Pondering How Long You Have Left to Live Has Never Been So Much Fun

Surprisingly, your chances of living to your next birthday don’t always decline as you age.

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The Study That Brought Down Volkswagen

A closer look at the West Virginia report at the center of the VW emissions scandal.


How to Spy on Your Pet at Home

The new PetBot gadget lets you check up on your four-legged companion via alerts and animal selfies.

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In L.A., Homeless Advocates Are Unimpressed With Their City's 'State of Emergency'

"Right now we have a Hollywood moment.”

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Meet the Artist Who's Turning Soda Into Candy

A new series by photographer Henry Hargreaves explores consumers’ relationship to sugary drinks.

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The Senior Ballerinas of Buenos Aires

For 20 years, members of Ballet 40/90 have entertained audiences in Argentina’s capital, rediscovering a passion many assumed they had outgrown.

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How London and Berlin's Daily Travel Habits Compare to the U.S.

Major European cities may use cars less, but they still have a long way to go.

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NASA's Mission to Bring Data From Space to the Developing World

The agency’s satellites have a unique vantage point that can help countries prepare for climate change.