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China Wants to Build a Rail Tunnel to Nepal Under Mount Everest

Drilling through the world's tallest mountain would be an engineering feat.

Downtown Athens Isn't Dead, But It Could Still Use a Revamp

The city center, which isn't in great condition, is about to undergo a major transformation. Will people miss the way it is now?

Copycat Architecture Is Still Booming in China

The nation loves its Eiffel Tower, Great Sphinx, and White House. The reason is more complicated than you might think.

A Geography of Street Music

Street Music Map presents a lively mosaic of the world's finest buskers.

The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Municipal Mascot

The country is cracking down on these cute and cuddly characters.

An Interactive Map of Shakespeare's London

The project brings 16th century London into the present.  

The National Building Museum Is Bringing the Beach Indoors This Summer

It's more like a fancy, adult ball pit.

What Your Upstairs Neighbors Are Really Doing

Are they assembling furniture? Bowling? Partying on a weeknight? A new video reveals the truth.

The California Drought Inspires a Contest for San Francisco's 'Ugliest Yard'

"Ugly" here means beautiful yards with well-watered plants.

Hanover's Bald Eagle Webcam Is Really Addictive

Gaze in wonder at Liberty and Freedom, their babies, and piles of gory fish.

What Googling 'Ralph Lauren' Has to Do With Income Inequality

A new study finds that more people search online for luxury goods in states with higher income gaps.

Why You Should Reconsider Your Hatred of Transit Transfers, in 2 Infographics

A brief lesson on how bus and rail connections save time.

Seattle's Radical Approach to Drug Crimes Is Working

New research shows the city's experimental Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program, or LEAD, has helped dramatically reduce recidivism among participants.

Will California's Golf Courses Survive the Drought?

Long a symbol of water profligacy, some courses have been conserving for years. Others have not.

What the Shootings in Ferguson and North Charleston Do and Don't Have in Common

A new report shows Ferguson is an outlier among U.S. cities with its predatory court fees—but the racial disparities between its police force and the public are not so different.

It's Always Been About the Death Penalty

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev already admitted to his role in planning and executing the Boston Marathon bombing. Today's guilty verdict is just a prelude to his sentencing trial.

Mapping the World's Startup Activity

Take a look at the startup scenes of Portugal, Toronto, Tel Aviv, and elsewhere with this new mapping tool.

What Rahm Emanuel's Win Means for the Left

The Chicago Mayor secured a second term Tuesday, but grassroots progressives in the Windy City still see opportunity. Are they right?

The New York Car Service That Charges (Almost) Transit Prices

Via hopes to marry the convenience of a taxi with the cost of a bus.