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How Zoning Laws Exacerbate Inequality

Such laws aren’t just a headache for developers, economists believe. They’re bad for (nearly) everyone.

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Should Computers Decide Who Gets Hired?

When it comes to reviewing job applications, humans are relatively bad at selecting the best humans.

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Being White Makes It a Lot Easier to Get a Home Loan in Baltimore

That's a problem in a city where 63 percent of residents are black.

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Are Hispanic Immigrants Finding a Better Life in the U.S.?

Compared to other immigrant groups? No. Compared to their parents? Yes.

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The Refugees Who Come Alone

Thousands have arrived in Syracuse, New York, without family, friends, or more than a handful of English words.

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Dorms for Grownups

Are “microunits” with shared spaces for cooking, eating, and hanging out a good solution for lonely Millennials?

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Borrowing While Poor

Upcoming regulation won't fix the underlying problem of payday loans: a lack of access to credit.

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For Some Americans, the Mortgage Crisis Isn't Over

About 7.5 million people still owe more than their homes are worth. And in some counties, numbers are climbing.

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Working From Home: Awesome or Awful?

Telecommuting can increase employee satisfaction and decrease turnover. It can also be lonely.

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Ghost Towns of the 21st Century

After factories close, can one-time manufacturing hubs ever recover?

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Free Tuition Is Not Enough

The Tennessee Promise has boosted enrollment at the state’s community colleges. But will those students graduate?

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Black Americans Would've Been Better Off Renting Than Buying

Since the start of the century, the net worth of African Americans would have increased more without a mortgage.

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Black Workers Really Do Need to Be Twice as Good

African American employees tend to receive more scrutiny from their bosses than their white colleagues, which over time leads to worse performance reviews and lower wages.

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Housing Boom, Schooling Bust

Why does a strong real-estate market push people to forgo getting an education?

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Explaining Chinese Restaurants, Korean Dry Cleaning, and Indian Motels

A combination of social networks, skills, and circumstance can lead to ethnic groups clustering around a single industry.

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A Small Boost in Family Income Makes a Big Difference for Kids

A new study finds more cash can significantly improve long-term outcomes for poor children. Especially those with emotional or behavioral problems.

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A High School Where College Is Not the Goal

At Randolph Technical High School in Philadelphia, students are learning about carpentry, culinary arts, and auto repair. Has the system given up on them, or has it saved them?

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The Real Power of Public Housing

“The story of American public housing is one of quiet successes drowned out by loud failures,” writes the historian Ed Goetz.