Mao Makes a Comeback

Images of the former Chinese leader have been popping up around the country.

A Balancing Act for France's Muslims

Keeping belief alive in a country with a strong tradition of secularism.

In Kathmandu, a Festival for Women

A ten-day festival for purity and happy marriages.

Climbing Buildings, the World Over

Parkour around the globe.

Happy Birthday, Occupy Wall Street!

The protesters reunite one year later.

Protests Erupt at Embassies Across the Middle East

Violent clashes spread to almost a dozen countries.

Messages of Protest: Reactions to the Embassy Turmoil

"Anything but our prophet," "America supports all faiths," and other signs from the protests in the Middle East.

Intimate Scenes on the Streets of Quito

The capital of Ecuador has one of the best-preserved city centers in Latin America.

We Remember: September 11, Eleven Years Later

Private moments at public gatherings in New York and Washington.

Giant Head Sees All on the Beaches of Rio

Great public art, or the setup for a hilarious jet-ski accident? You be the judge.

Turning 100,000 Unwanted Toys Into Art

In Tokyo, an artist creates sculpture with old toys, plastic and wire.

The World's Most Beautiful Light Pollution

Striking images of Auroras.

The Hidden Wonders of Beijing

The city is filled with art, if you know where to look.

Is This the Most Beautiful City Parade?

Mind-blowing costumes, amazing music at the West Indian Day parade in Brooklyn.

Labor Day, in Pictures

Scenes from around the country.

Burning Man, in Pictures

Scenes from the desert art festival.

Tampa's Two Conventions

A look at the Republican National Convention and the protesters outside.

Louisiana Preps for Hurricane Isaac

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu tells residents "the best part of wisdom is to prepare for the worst and to hope for the best."

In Port-au-Prince, Isaac Intensifies the City's Suffering

The tropical storm left at least 19 people dead, causing flooding and mudslides.