It's Valentine's Day in China

Mass weddings, bears eating hearts, kissing contests and more.

This Is Your City on War

Scenes from Aleppo, Syria.

A Church That Looks Like a Giant Underground Labyrinth

Built in the 11th century, these rock stone monasteries are still in use today.

Eid, Around the World

Worshippers packed mosques and partied outside to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

City of Stunts

Photos of urban daredevils, the world over.

A Matrimonial First for Taiwan

Two women tie the knot in the country's first same-sex Buddhist wedding.

Kathmandu's Street Children

Performers struggle to make ends meet.

Meet the Newest Wonder of the World

You're probably already vaguely acquainted. 

Where India's Street Food Is Born

It's harvest time for the water chestnut.

Mexico's Boxcar Children

Life in an abandoned rail car outside of Monterrey.

Berlin's Plastic Wrap Art

See garbage and cling wrap molded into sculpture.

A Glowing Run Through Edinburgh

Hundreds of walkers get decked out in glowing lights and run over Arthur's Seat to illuminate the iconic landmark.

This House Can Sit, Stand, Even Roll Over

Outside of Prague, a home that is able to move up and down and rotate on its sides.

Hiroshima, 67 Years Later

Communities across the world remember and agitate for changes to nuclear regulations.

Moving? Move Your House Instead

A historic home is moved - by truck and boat - about 100 miles to Vancouver Island.

Happy Birthday Berlin! Here's a Giant Map

In honor of the city's 775th anniversary, a team of artists is painting a map on a central square.

Manila, Under Water

Days of rain have flooded giant swaths of the city.

China's Dirty Water

A third of industrial waste water is released, without treatment, into rivers and lakes.

What India's Massive Power Outage Looks Like

Due to a massive grid failure, half of India's population is without power.