Berlin's Holi, a Few Months Late

The city celebrates the festival of colors.

A London Bus That Does Push-Ups

Artist David Cerny calls it the "London Booster."

Hate Traffic? How About a Hug

Traffic Psychologists in Sao Paolo try to cheer up the city's drivers with signs, high fives, and physical affection.

'She Tells Everyone That Putin Put Mother in a Cage'

Europeans rally to free the Russian girl band Pussy Riot.

15 Years Later, Once War-Torn Srebrenica Rebuilds

Side-by-side photos of the city then and now.

Flying Above New York City

These riders swing through the air with the greatest of ease.

Romania Walls In Its Roma

The town of Baia Mare has relocated its Roma population to decrepit Communist-era buildings, and walled in their new home.

A Peek Inside America's Museum

Some intriguing scenes from the world's largest museum and research complex.

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's an Old Communist Bunker?

Tour a secret cave that once housed Chinese military leader Lin Biao.

The Barefoot Run Through Kathmandu

During the "Bol Bom" pilgrimage, the faithful chant the name of Lord Shiva while running some 9 miles.

How China Sleeps

Pictures of sleeping in strange places.

London's Secret Gardens

Dozens of quiet green spaces dot the city scape.

A Day in the Life of Lagos

Photos from around Africa's new most populous city.

A Proper Burial, 17 Years Later

A new memorial, opening today, pays tribute to Muslims massacred during the Bosnian War.

When Bulls Tear Through a City's Streets

Photos from the running of the bulls.

Scenes of Devastation From Russia's Floods

"We were screaming for help," residents told reporters.

What It Looks Like to Clean the Top of the World

Wild shots of window washers.

Gay Pride Parades Around the World

Costumes, flags, floats and other scenes from cities.

Cockfighting in Cuba

One of Havana's most popular past times.