How East Coasters Kept Cool This Weekend

Turning urban infrastructure into de facto cooling equipment.

Summertime, the World Over

Gorgeous photos of kite fliers, beach bums, and men playing chess in their underwear.

Mermaids on Main Street

Pictures from the annual Coney Island parade.

After Elections, Tahrir Square Erupts Into a Party

A rare moment of celebration in Cairo.

In Bolivia, a Salute to the Sun

A winter solstice celebration gets Bolivia's Aymara Indians up before dawn to salute the first rays.

Times Square Becomes the City's Largest Yoga Studio

It's in celebration of the summer solstice.

Greece, Without the Tourists

Despite hopes, tourism hasn't pulled Greece out of its recession.

Summer Loving, City Style

Photos of kissing couples around the world.

The Forever Brides of Krasnoyarsk

In this Russian city, one opportunity to wear a wedding gown is just not enough.

Africa's High-Fashion City

Dakar's fashion scene is a powerful economic driver. Scenes from Fashion Week.

The Demise of a City

Scenes from Syria's Homs.

A Clever Second Life for Some Old Boats

A floating hotel created by a group of New York artists.

Scenes From Myanmar's Slums

Crushing poverty has fueled violence between the country's Muslims and Buddhist communities.

In Spain, a Festival to Ward Off Sea Monsters

Little girls dressed as angels celebrate the Festa da Coca.

What Peace Looks Like to Sana'a's Graffiti Artists

A new initiative encourages young people to paint for peace.

Guatemala City's Teacher Problems

Students call for reform to the pedagogical schools.

God Save the Queen

Scenes from the London-wide Jubilee celebration.

The (Flooded) City as Obstacle Course

Heavy rain has transformed even the most mundane urban tasks into a challenge.

A Citywide Party for the Queen's Jubilee

Londoners prepare for a weekend of festivities.