What To Do When There's No Water

In Dhaka, severe shortages have forced residents to get resourceful.

What Memorial Day Looks Like

Scenes from around America.

Remember the Fallen

An annual ritual at Arlington National Cemetery.

New York as Flyover Country

U.S. Navy Blue Angels soar above the World Trade Center as part of Fleet Week.

Election Day in Cairo

A city celebrates its first free election in 30 years.

A Weekend Rodeo Commemorates World War I

Some 357 cowboys will compete for $45,000 in prizes at the annual Falkland Stampede.

Beirut's 'Big Dance'

A dance initiative that encourages fitness and international connections.

Charlie Chaplin Goes to the Beach

The 65th annual Cannes Film Festival is now underway.

A Queen's Reign, Through Exhibit

At London's National Portrait Gallery, the Queen gets her close-up many times over.

Havana's International Art Draw

Cuba's capital celebrates its 11th art biennial. 

A Celebration of Steampunk

A festival transforms Waltham, Massachusetts, into a place worthy of Jules Verne's admiration.

Montana Horses' Last Cowboys

In Montana, a way of life comes to an end for one ranch.

In Jerusalem, a Celebration Worthy of a Haircut

Orthodox Jews celebrate Lag Ba-Omer with bonfires and haircuts for three-year-olds boys.

A Robot Grows in Tokyo

The life-size sculpture is an advertisement for a new theme park.

Someone Built This House Upside Down

Austria's newest tourist trap.

New Orleans' Bustling Monthlong Party

The city's spring festivals are booming.

Ancient Weddings in an Ancient City

Dozens of couples partook in traditional Han wedding ceremonies.

In Aksu, Buildings That Went Up Must Come Down

China tightens its real estate lending practices in the Uighur Autonomous Region.

The Most Democratic Town in the World

One Swiss town takes democracy to a new level.