Two Years After an Earthquake, a Stand-Off Over a Shanty Town

A group of Tibetan earthquake victims in China say they're being threaten with removal to make way for an eco-tourism center.

Greek Cities Gear Up for a Contentious Election

A far-right party gains a foothold.

In Paris, a Car Tries To Ride the Metro

Perhaps it wanted to go green.

In Berlin, a Parade of Protest Taxis

At the city's new airport, which opens in June, drivers are expected to pay a higher fee.

The World's Cleanest Flash Mob

Bubble-blowers gather in St. Petersburg.

The Tricky Politics of Breaking a Record for Wearing the Most Bees

The world record holder is hotly contested.

Siberia's Ice Floaters

The winter swim club of Krasnoyarsk gets in one last hurrah before the spring comes.

Barcelona Without Its Bulls

Is one of Spain's most famous traditions fading away?

Occupy Wall Street Gears Up for Round Two

Banned from a park, New York Occupiers take to camping on the sidewalks.

How Preservationists Won the Day in Kiev

Protesters stopped Ukraine's richest man from "spitting on the soul" of the city by demolishing buildings in a historic site.

Who Wants To Be...The Next Mr. Mumbai

The city's oldest and most prestigious body building competition takes place this week.

Postcard From Belfast

Rebuilding one of the city's most famous sites.

Postcard From Kathmandu

Water to cure what ails you.

Postcard From Brussels

Asylum-seekers sew their lips together as part of a hunger strike.

Postcard From Seville

The city's eerie, beautiful Easter Week marches.

Postcard From Louisville

A former bookkeeper embezzled more than $300,000 from nuns and other news.

Postcard From Rio de Janiero

Love in the shadows of World Bike Day, and other news.

Postcard From Dongyang

Urine-soaked eggs as afternoon snack.

Postcard From Raleigh

The skyline gets a new addition, and more news.