Postcard From Detroit

The abandoned book depository.

Postcard From Tashkent

Officials terrified residents of one neighborhood when they staged a mock terrorist attack, and other news.

Postcard From Warsaw

A monument to 22,000 massacred Poles is looking for a new home, and other news.

Postcard From Pass Christian

A Gulf Coast community rebuilds four years after Katrina.

Postcard From New Orleans

Investigators foil a murder-for-hire and other news.


Postcard From Cobija

Heavy flooding inundated the city, making transportation virtually impossible.

Postcard From Barcelona

Protests, new hotels and more news.

Postcard From Patna

The city renovates its zoo, and other news.

Postcard From Billings

Gas prices are up by 7 cents this week and other news.

Postcard From Eugene

Here, citizens police themselves, at least as far as speeding is concerned.

Postcard From Vancouver

Looking for the most expensive office space in the world? Look no further than downtown Vancouver.

Postcard From Fraser Valley

The case of some missing auctioned goats.

Postcard From Portland, Oregon

A lecture on the Portland Zoo's breeding programs just in time for Valentine's Day.

Postcard From Seattle

ABC News tracked down the couple that inspired the movie Sleepless in Seattle, and more news.

Postcard From Cologne

Locks for love.

Postcard From Venice

Frozen canals, a fake holy water racket, and more news from the "City of Water."

Postcard From London

A free job to the person who can come up with the best tour of Great Britian, and more news.

Postcard From Philadelphia

A Charles Dickens birthday party at a bootleg statue and other news.

Postcard From Paris

The city's mayor launches Paris Tourist Day to convince residents to treat visitors a little more cordially, and other news.