This 'Airbnb for the Elderly' Could Curb Loneliness in Cities

The Freebird Club hopes to form new networks among isolated older residents.

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

​​​​​​​Why Some People Find Crowded Cities Relaxing—And Others Don’t

Not everyone is invigorated by fleeing bustling sidewalks.

REUTERS/Robert Galbrait

Slapping a Reservation Fee on Public Park Space Will Never Work

The life and death of a pilot program in San Francisco’s Dolores Park shows that the cringeworthy idea was doomed from the start.

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Is Tourism Spoiling Iceland?

The island nation’s visitor boom is putting its infrastructure under heavy stress, but some answers are on the way.

Nicole Disser

The Many Faces of 'Regulars' in Brooklyn

A new book documents local characters and the places they love.

Mass Poetry

Boston's Secret Sidewalk Poems Add Some Cheer to Rainy Days

It’s the latest city to make something pretty out of dreary weather.

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Paris Museums Are Papering a Subway Station With Cheeky Recreations of Famous Art

A new campaign aims to help infrequent museum goers feel more inclined to pay a visit.

Sam Polcer

Portraits of Stylish Cyclists and Their Beloved Bikes

Sam Polcer’s portraits celebrate cool riders around the world.

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

How Badly Do New York City Subway Riders Actually Behave?

A new study finds manspreading and door-blocking are legitimate issues. Eating and pole-hogging, not so much.

Urban Confessional

In a Lonely City, This Group Is Here to Listen

Urban Confessional lends a helping ear to strangers on the street.

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This Is How Highway Officials Partied in 1936

They threw a shindig in the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Patrick T. Fallon / Reuters

Why Some Restaurants Are Walking Back Their No-Tipping Policies

A major chain and a high-profile New York spot have reversed course on a dining trend that’s come to be tied to workers’ welfare.

Courtesy of Erica Hauser

Making Art Out of Mid-Century Pitstops

Erica Hauser paints nostalgic snippets of roadside attractions and ephemera.

Courtesy of Kim Moloney

A Day in the Grueling Life of a New York City Bridge Welder

What it's like to be one of the few women maintaining New York's iconic bridges.

Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division/Mark Byrnes/CityLab

Eating My Way Through Israel

How a new kind of comfort food helped me settle in to life abroad.

Courtesy of Brandon Doman

How Writing Down Stories Brings Strangers Together

The Strangers Project makes city residents a little more connected, one handwritten page at a time.


The Best Thing About San Diego Is...Tijuana

Across the border, I found a vibrant scene that helped me appreciate California.

AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

Cities Have Been Trying to Curb Dog Poop for Centuries

Excrement: messing up city streets since the 1800s.