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When Cycling and Storytelling Mingle

Detroit’s Pedal to Porch project hopes neighbors will slow down and meet each other.

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Delhi's Dumpling Divide

Tibetan “momos” are all over the Indian city, but the immigrants who make them still struggle for acceptance.

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The Artist Who Made Sanitation Workers Worthy of a Museum

A retrospective of Mierle Laderman Ukeles’s work argues that maintenance should be valued as art.

Off the Rails movie

Loving Transit, Breaking the Law

A new documentary explores how a man’s obsession with New York’s MTA lands him in a legal gray area.

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An LGBT Rally Tests the Limits of Singapore's Free-Speech Park

In response, the government has made organizing protests that much harder.  

Philippa Hughes

Encouraging Neighbors to See Eye to Eye

A creative placemaking project in Washington, D.C., puts residents’ faces front and center.

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The St. Louis Accent: An Explainer

So many dialects intersect in this one Midwestern city.

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One Man Scours San Francisco for the Traces of Film Noir

Brian Hollins has spent the last 16 years on the trail of movie locations all over the city.

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The Food That Makes Your City Feel Like Home

The winners of our CityEats contest told us about the must-try restaurants and dishes for visitors and locals.

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A Quarter Century at an Urban Carousel

Lucio Schiavone has spent 26 years with the gilded menagerie at this Brooklyn merry-go-round.

Mike Reddy

On Being Latina a Long Way From Home

Moving from L.A. to D.C. taught me a lot about losing and rebuilding my identity.

Courtesy Andrew Rowat

The Sweet, Bitter, and Complex History of Chinese Food in America

A new exhibition dives in to the relationship between identity and cuisine in Chinese cooking.

What Saturday Night Tastes Like in New Orleans

The city’s rich nightlife is fueled by daiquiris.

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The Devil's Hair Dryer

Hell is other people, with leaf blowers.

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A New TV Show Puts a Personal Story at the Center of the Deportation Debate

An upcoming series based on actor Diane Guerrero’s memoir will illuminate the lives of undocumented residents.

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The Treat That Defines L.A.'s Day of the Dead

This Mexican holiday—and its foods—are anchors of tradition and identity across the border.  

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Confronting the Cambodian Genocide Through Oral History

In Phnom Penh, a new exhibit uses video interviews to expose the country’s youth to events they’d rather not believe.

'Psycho' and the Anxiety of the Interstate Highway System

The slasher flick is an essay about the greatest infrastructure project in modern times.