Don Richards

Don't Believe the Hype About Selfie Rat

It just doesn’t add up.

Mark Byrnes/CityLab

America's Funniest Thanksgiving Google Searches

Turns out, leftovers aren’t big priorities on Thanksgiving Day. Hookah bars and beauty salons are.

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What Apple Farmers Really Think About People Who Pick Apples for Fun

Don’t treat the growers like they’re bumpkins.

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Monday Is Lovesick Day

According to a data viz of Craigslist’s ‘missed connections’ forum for urban romantics.


New Yorkers Do Not Hold Back on Yelp Reviews of Public Transit

“You will smell things that the nose was never meant to experience.”

Tim Brockley/Flickr

The Cuddliest Countries in Europe, Ranked

Some people really hate hugs, apparently.

Eduardo Munoz / REUTERS

Why We Wait in Line

And how to stand in a queue without losing your mind.


9 Annoying Things You Do in Cabs, According to a Cab Driver

Stop backseat driving.

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What You're Really Asking When You Ask 'Where Are You From?'

The loaded question comes with cultural baggage for many immigrants and people of color.

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It's Time to Ditch the Stigma of Doing Things Alone

Table for one, please.

Geoffrey Smith

How Not to Be a Restaurant Racist

For starters, maybe you shouldn’t call it “ethnic” food.


How Not to Ruin the Laundromat for Everyone

To start, don’t toss anyone’s clean skivvies on the floor.

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How to Hook Up in Public

Where you can (and where you really shouldn’t) get handsy.

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'Ze' or 'They'? A Guide to Using Gender-Neutral Pronouns

Rule No. 1: Don’t assume you know someone’s gender just by looking at them.


How to Quit Your Job and Keep Your Cool

Hint: Don’t throw things.

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Which Cities Hate Tourists the Most?

A tweet-based comparison.


Yes, Your Sidewalk Etiquette Could Be Better

A primer on the rules of the pedestrian road.

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The New Rules of Smartphone Etiquette

A Pew study reveals growing consensus—and points of contention—in the do’s and don’ts of cellphone use.