Las Hijas de Violencia / Vimeo

Fighting Street Harassment in Mexico City With Punk Rock, Performance Art, and Confetti

A conversation with Las Hijas de Violencia.


In Search of 'Authentic' City Tour Guides

This site pairs locals up with travelers for guided strolls.


Your Barista Might Hold the Key to Your Next Apartment

Why low-tech personal networks still help us find housing.

James Beard/Flickr

You Know More People Than You Think You Do

New research suggests that our social networks are a lot wider than we realize.

Flickr/Thorsten Krienke

Even Silent Discos Are Too Loud for This Swiss City

Lausanne, the party capital of Switzerland, turns it down.

Angela Kim

An Artist Strikes Back Against Foul Subway Smells

One scratch-and-sniff sticker at a time.

Courtesy of the CTA

A Brief History of Subway Etiquette Campaigns

We’ve always been pretty bad at being nice in transit.

Courtesy of Jordan Zaslow

What Happened When New Yorkers Scribbled Their Biggest Regrets on a Blackboard

So many things that could’ve been, aired to the public in colorful chalk.

AP Photo/Richard Drew

The Secret Life of Stuff We Lose on Subways

A tale of underground lost and found.


This App Is the Tinder for Female Friendships

There are lots of benefits to friends-without-benefits.

Army of Lovers

These Strangers Just Really Want to Give You a Valentine

And they’re hoping you won’t yell at them for stopping you in the street.

Olivia Harris/Reuters

An Ode to the U.K.'s Red Phone Boxes

Before cell phones, these booths were places for making collect calls and collective memories.

Klara Geller/Flickr

A Brief History of the 24-Hour Convenience Store

Remembering a time when bacon, egg, and cheeses were not available round-the-clock.

Ted S. Warren / AP

Why Most Americans Still Aren't Ready to Give Up Tipping

But there’s a chance that today’s experiments on the fringes of dining could one day infiltrate mainstream food culture.


It Takes a Community to Abolish the 'Tampon Tax'

Lawmakers who listened to local efforts are behind the slew of newly proposed bills aimed at easing access to feminine hygiene products.

REUTERS/Carlo Allegr

Why Some Neighborhoods Get So Much Nicer During Snowstorms

A snowman in Hell’s Kitchen is a litmus test for post-storm friendliness.

Blair Kay/Flickr

All the Weird, Wonderful Ways People React to Being Alone on the Train

“Was it something I said?”

Brandon Lockfoot

Photographing the Bike Messenger Boom

Brandon Lockfoot cycled 4,000 miles to document urban couriers.