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How to Hook Up in Public

Where you can (and where you really shouldn’t) get handsy.

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'Ze' or 'They'? A Guide to Using Gender-Neutral Pronouns

Rule No. 1: Don’t assume you know someone’s gender just by looking at them.


How to Quit Your Job and Keep Your Cool

Hint: Don’t throw things.

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Which Cities Hate Tourists the Most?

A tweet-based comparison.


Yes, Your Sidewalk Etiquette Could Be Better

A primer on the rules of the pedestrian road.

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The New Rules of Smartphone Etiquette

A Pew study reveals growing consensus—and points of contention—in the do’s and don’ts of cellphone use.


'Manspreading': Now Taking Up Space in the Oxford English Dictionary

It’s no longer just a subway horror.


The Secret Rules of the Neighborhood Email List

Please do not invite everyone to your kid’s piano recital.

How to Ride the Metro, According to Puppets

Delhi’s transit system just launched a series of ettiquette-focused puppet shows for kids.

Kyoto Convention and Visitors Bureau

How Not to Be a Tourist in Kyoto

A new etiquette guide grades visitors’ infractions using judgmental emoji.

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So, We’ve Been Meaning to Tell You About Your Elevator Behavior

Six ways to avoid another awkward ride.

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How Digital Tipping Could Make Us More Generous Customers

Or just develop a guilt complex.

Anna Furman

Meet One of the World's Happiest Garbage Collectors

The days of finding jewelry and watches in the trash are long gone.

Do Your Park

Clever Magnets Let You Give Sloppy Drivers a Piece of Your Mind

Here’s one way to express your anger at the guy who took up two parking spots.

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You Can 'Catch' Rudeness

Another reason to play nice with your co-workers.

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Yes, It's Possible to Make a Living Crafting Balloon Animals

Lea Winfield is no clown.


The Murky Etiquette of Ride-Hailing Services

Lyft and Uber are somewhere in between cruising with your pals and a chauffeur. How do you navigate the social norms of the on-demand driving economy?

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New York Stores: Stop Pumping Frigid Air Onto the Sidewalks

Wasted air conditioning has major environmental impacts and can make consumers hotter and more miserable.

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What It's Really Like to Haul Tourists Around in a Pedicab

It helps to be a free-wheeling maverick.